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  • 1. VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP INTO REALITY A Remediation RoadTrip 21st Century Standard Skills 1.1.1- Follow an inquiry based process in seeking knowledge in curricular subjects, and make real world connection for using this process in own life. 1.2.1- Display initiative and engagement by posing questions and investigating the answers beyond the collection of superficial facts. 2.1.3-Use strategies to draw conclusions from information and apply knowledge to curricular areas, real-world situations, and further investigations. 2.3.1- Connect understanding to the real world.

2. (No parental permission required!) 3. For each slide, I want us to say the word (or words) together, and then you, as a class will say them. At any point on this trip, if there are issues- we will stop where we are and help each other with the speed bump. Are there any questions at this time? 4. To find your way around 5. To share an address 6. . 7. In case you need help! 8. For your civic duty 9. For banking purposes 10. even when youre in a hurry! 11. Advertising Real Estate 12. To know when a busines 13. or closed! 14. Whats the price? 15. For Financing a Loa 16. For those brushes with the law 17. In case youre ever lost 18. When youre hungry 19. or need flowers 20. Its important to know how to read! 21. Now YOU go out and find some important signs in your area to share with the class! Take pictures/photographs and bring them back so we can produce your own Power Point to share with the class that shows the importance of good reading skills.