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Text of HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (2017-18) CLASS - – VIII / Pg. No. 1 HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (2017-18) CLASS - VIII...

  • Class VIII / Pg. No. 1

    HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (2017-18)


    Long awaited Holidays are here,

    Fun and joy is awaiting there.

    Hope you have a blissful holiday,

    See you after a short break!!

    Dear Students,

    At last, summer vacations are finally

    here. Months of fun, relaxation will

    make you feel Happy Days are here again. Most of you must have planned outing to

    your dream destination with your parents. While you get a well-deserved break from the

    classroom, it doesnt mean that you need to stop learning. So, lets welcome the summer

    vacations with open arms and use them in the most effective manner.



    1. All the work should be done neatly.

    2. While doing activities collect pictures from old books, magazines, newspapers or


    3. Due importance should be given to Holiday Homework as well as activities as they will

    be graded.

    Date of submission of Holiday Homework:

    03/7/17 MONDAY SCIENCE



    06/7/17 THURSDAY HINDI

    07/7/17 FRIDAY ENGLISH


    The school will remain closed from 15/5/17 (Monday) to 30/6/17 (Friday) and will reopen

    on 01/7/17 (Saturday)

  • Class VIII / Pg. No. 2


    1. Design an English magazine which should cover the following topics:

    An attractive cover page Name of the magazine An article on Importance of English


    A small story

    Jokes English Riddles Idioms and Proverbs Crosswords/puzzles Famous saying of eminent personalities

    2. Make a beautiful bookmark for your Literature reader. Decorate it and write an inspirational

    quotation which inspires you. Get the bookmark laminated.

    3. Read the book Adventure of Tom Sawyers by Mark Twain.

    Write a short summary of the story and name the main characters. Choose 10 interesting words from the book and find their meanings. Find one synonym and one antonym for all the 10 words. Present your work creatively.

    Note: Prepare a file compiling A4 size sheets for Q1 &Q 3

    4. Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to grow the habit of newspaper


    5. You went to see the IPL match where your favourite team won the match and entered into

    the semi-finals. Write the diary entry expressing your feelings.

    Note: Do the Q4 & Q5 in your Grammar notebook.


    NOTE:- Do all the following questions in A4 Sized sheets

    Q1. Solve for x:- (a) = 10 (b) =1-

    Q2. An article is sold for 1,498 and the seller gains 7% on it. Find the cost price of the


    Q3. A number consists of two digits whose sum is 8. If 18 is subtracted from the original

    number , the digits are interchanged. Find the number.

    Q4. Vijay is older than his sister Seema by 12 years. Four years ago, Vijay was 4 times as old

    as his sister. Find their present ages.

  • Class VIII / Pg. No. 3

    Q5. Rearrange suitably and find the sum: + +( )+( )

    Q6. If x = , y = verify that - (x + y) = (-x) + (-y)

    Q7. Find 4 rational numbers between and

    Q8. What rational number should be added to -7 to get the sum ?

    Q9. The width of a rectangle is two-thirds of its length. If the perimeter of the rectangle is

    135cm. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

    Q10. The denominator of a rational number is greater than its numerator by 8. If the numerator is

    increased by 17 and the denominator is decreased by 1, the new rational number is 3

    2 . Find

    the original rational number.

    Q11. Simplify by using suitable property:-

    (a) ( ) x + ( ) x b) x - x

    Q12. Plot the rational numbers on number line ,

    Prepare for the upcoming Unit Test

    Chapter1 Rational Numbers Chapter 2 Linear Equations in One Variable

    Creative Work

    Prepare a project on the topic: Application of Rational Numbers in our daily life.


    Q1. Make coluorful charts on the following topics according to your Roll Numbers.

    A. Different types of microbes (Roll No. 1-15) B. Life history of Robert Hooke/Alexander Fleming (Roll No. 16 - 30) C. Structure of Human Eye (Roll No. 31 onwards)

    Q2. Prepare Project Reports on the topic according to the mentioned Roll Numbers.

    1. Defects Found in Human Eye. (Roll No. 1-10) 2. How Taj Mahal has become a matter of concern? (Roll No. 11-20) 3. Yamuna Action Plan (Roll No. 21-30) 4. Role of any two hormones in our body (Roll No. 31 onwards)

  • Class VIII / Pg. No. 4

    Q3. Answer the following questions:

    Do question no. 1 and 2 in Chemistry Notebook and question no. 3 to 6 in Physics Notebook.

    Q1. Why are plastic articles more popular than the ones made of metals?

    Q2. What is meant by tensile strength? How is this property utilized in certain applications?

    Q3. Two tiny holes are made in a plastic bucket, one near the middle part and the other just

    above the bottom. When this bucket is filled with water, the water rushes out from the

    bottom hole much faster than the upper hole. What conclusion do you get from this


    Q4. What is common in the working of the devices such as: Drinking cold drink with a

    straw, A syringe , a dropper , and a rubber sucker?

    Q5. A rocket has been fired upwards to launch a satellite in its orbit. Name the two forces

    acting on the rocket immediately after leaving the launching pad?

    Q6. One student says that water exerts pressure on the bottom of the bucket but another

    student says that water exerts pressure on the walls of the bucket. What would you

    like to say?


    Assignment based on unit test chapters:

    Q1. Classify resources on the basis of their renewability. Give examples.

    Q2. What do you mean by sustainable development? Why it is important and how can we

    achieve it?

    Q3. Uranium deposits of the Ladakh are a potential resource. Justify.

    Q4. Name few minerals that can be recycled.

    Q5. Briefly trace the formation of the Indian constitution.

    Q6. Why is the preamble so important to the constitution?

    Q7. How does the constitution safeguard social, political and economic justice for the

    citizens of India?

    Q8. Why do we think colonisation accompanied modernisation? What was its impact on the


    Q9. What is periodisation? Why is it useful?

    Q10. Why are surveys important in history?

  • Class VIII / Pg. No. 5

    Read chapter 3 (Civics) Our Fundamental Rights and Duties.

    Attempt the following questions in your notebook (civics)

    Q1. Why the fundamental rights are considered essential?

    Q2. How the right against exploitation does protect child workers?

    Q3. Why has our constitution allowed special benefits to be given to some section of the


    Q4. Mention any 2 kinds of restrictions on the right to freedom.

    Q5. How do our fundamental rights uphold secularism?

    Q6. Why are the fundamental rights said to be guaranteed?

    Q7. How many types of fundamental rights are listed by the Indian constitution?

    Q8. What rights does a person arrested by the police have?

    Q9. Right to religion reflects the secular nature of the Indian constitution. Comment.

    Q10. Write a brief note on the fundamental duties in the Indian constitution.


    Prepare a poster and a slogan on A3 size sheet according to the Roll numbers.

    (1) Exploitation of labour (Roll No. 1-5)

    (2) Women empowerment (Roll No.6-10)

    (3) Save water (Roll No. 11-15)

    (4) Unity in Diversity (Roll No. 16-20)

    (5) Rising trend of urbanisation (Roll No. 21-25)

    (6) Plantation drive (save your environment) (Roll No. 26-30)

    (7) Sustainable development (Roll No. 31-35)

    (8) Demonetisation (Roll No. 36-40)

    (9) Importance of election in democracy (Roll No. 41 onwards)

    Learn question answers of chapters done in the month of April and May.

  • Class VIII / Pg. No. 6

  • Class VIII / Pg. No. 7