HJMS Summer Reading 2015. Required Summer Reading Students entering 7th Grade must: Read at least 500 pages Students entering 8 th Grade must: Read at

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Text of HJMS Summer Reading 2015. Required Summer Reading Students entering 7th Grade must: Read at least...

HJMS Summer Reading

HJMS Summer Reading2015

All incoming 7th and 8th grade students are expected to read and log their books electronically on the SimsburyPublic Librarys website.Required Summer Reading Students entering 7th Grade must:Read at least 500 pages

Students entering 8th Grade must:Read at least 2 grade appropriate texts

All students must:Log your reading into the Governor's Summer Reading Program on the Simsbury Public Library's websitePrint your booklist and bring it with you on the first day of school

All your books will be logged into the SPL websiteAll the information about summer reading will be sent to the Governor's office from the SPL

The Henry James Library Media Center Page.


The Simsbury Public Library Teen Page.

Locating the Summer Reading LogNavigate to HJMS LMC pageFind info about summer readingClick on the Beneath the Sea Summer Reading link.Sign Me UpAll students will log in as new students. Last years registrations have been removed.

If you have any problems logging in or recording your books, see Ms. Ray, the librarian, at the Simsbury Public Library.Registering for Summer ReadingComplete this form. You are not required to have your own email account. You may use your parents account, as this email is only to retrieve a forgotten password.

You need to fill in all of the information with an *If you have an email address, or you know your family's (or parent's) email address, please put it in.Email addresses are helpful if you forget your username or password. You can also go to the Simsbury Public Library to reset your password.You do not need a public library card to use this program.Navigating the PageClick here to log in booktitles and write reviews.Click here to go to the Simsbury Public Librarys Teen Page.Click here to change your password.The SPL stands for Simsbury Public LibraryAdd/View Log is where you will go to log your booksMy info is where you will go to make changes to your profile, if need be.

Check Out the ReviewsReviews are found at thebottom of the main Loginpage.You are NOT required to write a review this year. Reviews are monitored by the librarian at the Simsbury Public Library, therefore they will not show up immediately. No names will be attached to these reviews.Found at the bottom of the page.

Adding a Book to Your ListClick on You are required to add your books to your list. Click on Add/View Log and fill in the required information. Please fill in the quantity. It will always be one.

Quantity is going to be 1, but you need to fill it in so the database can count the books for the Governor's reading challengeReviewsThese are moderated. Therefore, they will not post immediately.Reviews don't have to be long.

Your name will not be posted with your review, so only the Simsbury public librarian will know who wrote the review.How to Print Your Book ListAt the bottom of the you will find a print button. Sort by Log Date/Time and click print.There are several options as to how to print. Select Log Date/Time.Click the print button and your page will print. Do not expect to print this at school on the first day. Your school log in wont be ready and therefore, you will not be able to access our school computers. Print from home or the Simsbury Public Library.Great Prizes @ SPL

Great Prizes @ SPL