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History of ASME NQA-1

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History of ASME NQA-1

Text of History of ASME NQA-1

  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1


  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1


    An Act For the development and control of

    atomic energy. The Atomic Energy Act of 1946(McMahon Act) ruled that nuclear weapondevelopment and nuclear power managementwould be under civilian, rather than militarycontrol, and it established the United StatesAtomic Energy Commission for this purpose.

    In 1954 - The Atomic Energy Act of 1954amended the Atomic Energy Act of 1946,established and defined the Atomic EnergyCommission function.

    The ASME Committee on Nuclear QualityAssurance was constituted on October 3, 1975,and began operating under the ASME Proceduresfor Nuclear Projects.

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  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1


    969: AEC regulatory function proposed for

    public comment 18 quality assurance criteriaas Appendix B to 10 CFR Part 50 for licensingnuclear power plants, and

    Representatives of the AEC and the nuclearindustry met to begin developing N45.2

    standards on quality assurance programrequirements and guidance for nuclear powerplants

  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1


    In May 1969 the American NationalStandards Committee N45

    established an Ad Hoc Committeeon Quality AssuranceRequirements(N45.2-3). The purpose of this committee was to

    prepare a standard for general industryuse that would among other thingssatisfy the intent and amplify therequirements of the AEC qualityassurance regulations and a basis forthe development of detailed qualityassurance practices and procedures.

    The standard was developed under

    sponsorship of The AmericanSociety of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) as an effort by the AmericanNational Standards Committee N45originally issued 1971 andsubsequently revised and issued in


  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1


    To develop, manage, and/or coordinate qualityassurance and quality assurance related codes andstandards applicable to siting, design,construction, operation, and decommissioning ofnuclear power plants and nuclear fuel cyclefacilities.

    Mission Statement: The Vision of the NQACommittee is that: "NQA-1 to be globallyrecognized as the world class quality standardthat organizations want to adopt because using it

    gives them a competitive advantage in theachievement of quality results."

  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1


    This Committee preparedANSI/ASME NQA-1, QualityAssurance Programrequirements for Nuclear

    Power Plants, and ANSI/ASMENQA-2, Quality Assurancerequirements for NuclearPower Plants, which were first

    issued in 1979 and 1983,respectively, as AmericanNational Standards

  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1


    EDITIONS: 1979, 1983, 1986, 1989, 1994,

    1997, 2000, 2004, and 2008.

    From its initial publication in 1979, theStandard has retained the 18-criteriastructure of 10 CFR 50 Appendix B in a

    portion of the document.

  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1


    Code Power Plants committed to NQA-1 intheir Licensing Documents. Others remainedwith ANSI N45.2 and daughter standards.

    NRC in Regulatory Guide 1.28 Rev 3established NQA-1c 1989 ED 1992 Add as asatisfactory means to implement App B, andRev 4 established NQA-1a 2008 ED 2009 Add

    DOE in O 414.1 D as a satisfactory means toimplement NQA-1 2008Ed 2009 Addenda.

  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1


    Executive Committee Chairman of each Subcommittee & NRC Representative

    Main Committee 36 voting Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary

    Affirmed members at large per Balance of Interest

    Subcommittees Applications Assessment & Verification

    Engineering & Procurement Processes Interface & Administration Program Management Processes

    Software Quality Assurance

    Waste Management

  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1


    Manufacturers Manufacturers of Materials


    Constructors Designers

    Regulatory Bodies

    Inspection Agencies

    Laboratories General

  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1


    Develop a Part II document that appliesrisk informed requirements for NONSafety related SSCs that are significantcontributors to plant safety.

    Software (Real-time & non real-time);Developed vs Dedicated

    Suspect, counterfeit or fraudulent items

    Use of Commercial Calibration ServicesILAC/MRA

  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1


    NQA-1b 2011, not endorsed by the NRC or

    DOE. Planned by 2014.

    The Standard after the 2012 Addenda will beissued Bi-Annually starting in 2013 withoutAddenda, only interpretations.

  • 5/20/2018 History of ASME NQA-1