Hillsborough County Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

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Hillsborough MPO Interactive TIP Tool

Hillsborough MPOInteractive TIP Tool

Hillsborough CountyTransportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Information on transportation projects in the Hillsborough County Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is now available through an agency web mapping application.1Our website Plan Hillsboroughhttp://www.planhillsborough.org/

The Plan Hillsborough website is designed to serve all of the citizens of Hillsborough County, in terms of providing a single place to find out about long-range planning projects, plans, and identify opportunities to get involved.

Plan HillsboroughAgency Website PresenceA website presence with web mapping capabilities is now a very common feature for government organizations. Information on transportation projects in the Hillsborough County Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is now available through an agency web mapping application. This is a new feature added to an existing web application - The Planning Commissions Planning Information Mapping Application (PIMA).2A transportation planning agency with two key responsibilities

Long Range Transportation Plan - LRTP20 years, updated every 5 years

Transportation Improvement Program TIP5 years, updated annuallyMPOMetropolitan Planning Organization for TransportationHillsborough County

Our agency is a consolidation of three separate organizations: Hillsborough County City County Planning Commission (The Planning Commission, or TPC), Metropolitan Organization for Transportation (MPO), and the Hillsborough River Inter local Planning Board.

3Five Year Plan

Identifies, Prioritizes and Allocates Funding

Updated Annually

Continuous Process - involving agency staff and public involvementTIP Transportation Improvement Program

Prior to adoption of the TIP in June, the MPO Board also adopts priorities the preceding September. Both of these decisions are made during an advertised public meeting with opportunity for comment.

4PIMA http://gis.tpcmaps.org/apps/Production/pima/

PIMA is the agency Web Mapping ApplicationUse the Help section and video tutorial

Interactive TIP Tool is a new functionality added to PIMAFind information on transportation projects in the TIPPrint reports and mapsDiscover relationships to other features

PIMAThe Planning Information Map AppThe Planning Information Map App (PIMA) is an interactive, web-based mapping application geared to planners and citizens for viewing land use, transportation, environmental, and other planning-related map layers and data. It provides the ability to zoom in on areas of interest, search for specific properties, view parcel and land use information, search for transportation projects, and print maps. It now includes the Interactive TIP Tool.

5Two Technical Components

Data Processing and ReportingAccess database

GIS MappingESRIs ArcGIS Desktop, Model Builder, and ArcGIS ServerEdits via ArcMapERISs JavaScript API

The TIP SystemTechnical SummaryTechnical SummaryThe MPO's TIP system is comprised of two technical components. The first component is used for processing the TIP data and generating reports. The second component is used for updating the TIP map layer and providing data access to web mapping applications.The "data processing" component utilizes an Access 2010 database for importing the annual TIP data and updating the detailed project information throughout the year. The database contains customized forms, queries, macros, and reports used to automate the data processing and report generation. It also contains various "look-up" tables for categorizing specific fields into broader groupings. Any needed manual data entry is handled via the custom forms.The "GIS mapping" component utilizes ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop, Model Builder, and ArcGIS Server software. The TIP spatial data is stored in a feature class in a file geodatabase and is edited via ArcMap. Customized models are used to process the feature class and create "summary" tables containing project information. The ArcMap document containing the data tables and feature class is published as a "map service" to ArcGIS Server. The "map service" is consumed by a custom web mapping application developed using ESRI's JavaScript API.

6DemonstrationTake a Tour - http://gis.tpcmaps.org/apps/Production/pima/

Demonstrate the Interactive TIP Tool.7Key Point Value Added Through CollaborationThe process of mapping the FDOT work program projects - the majority of map features in the TIP - is greatly simplified by having access to a work program geodatabase provided to the MPO by FDOT.Value added to an existing enterprise resourceReduced development and maintenance costsEstablish new business relationships

CollaborationJoe Price pricej@plancom.org

Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization for Transportation601 E. Kennedy Blvd. 18th FloorTampa, Florida 33602813-273-3774 ext. 362

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