Hero or Villain?.  Think about what it is you know about Andrew Jackson as of now…  Do you like him?

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Text of Hero or Villain?.  Think about what it is you know about Andrew Jackson as of now…  Do you...

Andrew Jackson

Andrew JacksonHero or Villain?

Think about what it is you know about Andrew Jackson as of nowDo you like him?Do Now

Andrew Jackson, as described by James Parton.Description of Andrew Jackson

We are going to view portraits of Jackson that were painted throughout the course of his life.

With each image, write two words that you feel embody the EMOTION of the piece or DESCRIBE Jackson himself.

Portraits of Andrew Jackson

Images of JacksonUnit 7, Journal # 4-

"Who was Andrew Jackson?"

Use the video to help you construct your response.


Video- Who was Andrew Jackson?Andrew Jackson considered himself a spokesperson for the common man.

The first six Presidents were from the same mold: wealthy, educated, and from the east. Jackson was a self-made man who declared education an unnecessary requirement for political leadership.

As a military hero, a frontiersman, and a populist*, Jackson enchanted the common people and alarmed the political, social and economic elite. A Man of the People would now govern the nation*A member or adherent of a political party that represents the interests of ordinary people.

THE COMMON MANWhat powers does the President have today?

The president is elected by all the peopleIs considered "the head" of the governmentCan veto legislationIs the leader of his political party

Reinventing the Presidency, Part 1Reinventing the Presidency, Part 2

Reinventing the Presidency


During Jackson's presidency, the United States was going through an economic shift from an agrarian-based economy to a manufacturing-based economy. Jackson strongly idolized the individual farmers and craftsmen who worked for themselves, dying breeds within the growing industrialization of America and the rise of corporations.

When you control all the money, you control all aspects of society threaten the power of the American government.Corporations

Bank Wars

Public dislikes the Bank of the U.S.

Jackson felt that the National Bank symbolized wealth and power; agent of the wealthy whose members cared nothing for Jacksons common peopleMakes the rich richer

Threat to American democracyFinancial strength, influence on the economyCould bribe officials and buy electionsBank WarsNullification, Part 1Nullification, Part 2

John C. Calhouns theory that acted as a response to Jacksons Tariff of Abominations, or the Tariff of 1828.Favored the Northern economy over the South

Each state should have the right to determine the constitutionality of federal laws, and should be able to nullify them if necessary.

NullificationFINAL QUESTION:

Is Andrew Jackson someone that you admire or someone that you despise? Was he a hero or a villain?

SoWho is Andrew Jackson?