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Heavy Equipment


The CompanyLarsen & Toubro Limited is a leading engineering, construction and technology company with global operations, and turnover exceeding USD 4 billion. Its interests also cover end-to-end solutions in Information Technology. The Company's operations are characterized by its customerfocussed approach, an obsession with quality, and strong international linkages. L&T has a global spread of offices and works closely with leading international consultants, process licensors, technology partners and quality certification agencies. The Company has exported critical heavy engineering equipment to over 45 countries including U.S.A., U.K., France, China and Australia. Engineering and construction projects have been executed in the Middle East, Africa, the sub-continent and South East Asia. In the domestic market, L&T has established dominant leadership in most of its major businesses. With design and manufacturing bases in major cities, a countrywide network of offices supplemented by a tier of dealers, the Company enjoys an image and equity in virtually every district of India.

The evolution of Larsen & Toubro Limited is one of the most remarkable success stories in industry. The Company owes its name, origin and history of achievements to two Danish engineers, Henning Holck-Larsen and Soren Toubro. They came to India and in 1938 set up a small partnership firm in south Mumbai. Adopting international standards in its operations and value systems, the Company grew rapidly to become a leading engineering and construction organization. Today, L&T has offices around the world, including Copenhagen, Denmark, the city from where Holck-Larsen and Soren Toubro set off on their journey to the east.

HEAVY ENGINEERING L&T's Heavy Engineering Division (HED) has established a reputation for quality products in the global market with its strong engineering capabilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The Division manufactures and supplies precision, custom-engineered critical static process plant equipment & systems such as reactors, gasifiers, pressure vessels, columns, high-pressure exchangers to core sector industries like Fertilizer, Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Power, Aerospace, and allied Strategic sectors. The Divisions manufacturing facilities are located at Mumbai in Maharashtra, and near Surat & Baroda in Gujarat. The Division has achieved a 'preferred supplier' relationship with major EPC contractors and has been recognised as the 'Most Valuable Supplier' by Fluor Corporation of USA, a major EPC contractor. Key customers have recognised the quality and on-time delivery performance of the Division by awarding prestigious orders for Reactors on 'Nomination' basis. Key success factors for significant growth in export performance include close interaction with customers, reliable performance, improved planning for timely execution of orders and positioning the Company as a reliable, long-term partner.

State-of-the-art ManufacturingHEAVY ENGINEERING DIVISIONDefence, Nuclear Power & Aerospace

Process Plant EquipmentFertilizer, Petrochemical, & Heat Transfer Business Unit (FPEX) Fertilizer Petrochemical Heat Transfer Equipment

Refinery, Cracker Plant and Oil & Gas Equipment Business Unit (RCOG) Refinery Cracker Plants Oil & Gas

Coal Gasifiers & Thermal Power Plant Equipment Business Unit (CGPP) Coal Gasifiers Power Plants Cement Plant Machinery

International Business Coordination Unit (IBCU) Territory Development New Customers Joint Ventures

Industrywise focus in business unitsINDIA

Ranoli Works Hazira Works Powai Works

Powai WorksL&T's Powai Works, in the suburbs of Mumbai, is spread over a total area of 385,000 sq.m with 37,500 sq.m dedicated to the fabrication shops. It has a 2500-strong highly skilled workforce. The shops can handle equipment of dimensions 6m dia x 55m long weighing over 400 MT. The average annual capacity exceeds 8000 MT.L&T's Powai Works in Mumbai

Hazira WorksHazira Works, situated on a 900,000 sq.m. comprises fabrication shops measuring 50, 000 sq.m. with 90,000 sq.m. of Large Equipment Manufacturing Facility (LEMF), assembly and load-out area of 100,000 sq. m. Large size over dimensional equipment can be directly loaded onto ocean-going barges/vessels, as Hazira Works has access to the Arabian Sea.The average annual capacity is more than 20,000 MT.

Ranoli Work located near Vadodara (400km north of Mumbai), fabricates process plant equipment in various grades of stainless steel, aluminium and exotic material. The average annual capacity exceeds 200 MT.

L&T's Hazira Works near Surat (300 km north of Mumbai), is a coastal facility with a load out quay and RO-RO jetty.


Design & Engineering : Technological ExcellenceL&T's engineering capabilities are geared to design equipment as per specific customer requirements, and international codes and standards. The perpetual endeavour of the design engineers is to generate optimum solutions leading to lowest capital and operating costs.

Technology Solutions from a Single SourceMechanical Design to International Codes and Standards ASME DIV 1,2 PD5500 - British AS1210 - Australian ADM German JIS Japan Stoomweezen - Holland TEMA for heat exchangers Wind & Seismic Analysis

Thermal Members of HTFS & HTRI Design of equipment All types of shell & Tube Exchangers Helixchanger/Helitower Waste Heat Boiler systems Spiral Heat Exchangers Air Cooled Exchangers Feed Water Heater Surface Condensers Unsteady Heat Transfer Analysis

Analysis Finite Element Analysis Static Dynamic Thermal Fatigue & Fracture Modelling 2D / 3D Piping Flexibility Lifting & Transportation Computational Fluid dynamics FIV analysis

Special Experiment Stress Analysis Corrosion analysis Destructive testing Failure analysis

Stress Analysis of thin knuckled tube sheet for Reformed Gas Boiler

Stress Analysis of Bottom Dished End, Nozzle & Skirt for Gassifier Reactor

Flexibility Analysis Model for Waste Heat Recovery Package

Transient Thermal Analysis For Catalytic Converter

3D Model of Steam Drum internals


Quality Assurance : Uncompromising StandardsThe Total Quality Management approach ensures that deliveries are made as per customer specifications. The Quality procedures guarantee that safety and reliability of operations is built into the equipment and systems delivered.

The workshops are ASME certified and authorised to use U, U2 and S stamps. The quality systems - right from personnel training, vendor development to final equipment commissioning, are covered under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. The workshops have MLO registration for exports to China, and are authorized for CE marking for exports to European countries. The quality systems are backed by the latest facilities for radiography, including 12 MeV linear accelerator, ultrasonic, magnetic particle & liquid penetrant examination, high pressure and high vacuum testing, helium and freon gas detection, fracture and impact testing.

Quality Assurance and Inspection Facilities include : X-Ray Radiography - Capacity : 420 kV Max. Thk. : 75 mm Linear Accelerator - Capacity : 12 Mev Max. Thk. : 500 mm Gamma Ray Radiography - IR-192 & Co-60 Camera unit Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors Helium Leak Detectors Magnetic Particle Testing Time of Flight Diffraction Technique (TOFD)

12 MeV LINAC Enclosure


Fabrication : World ClassL&T's world-class fabrication capabilities have been achieved through perfect integration of efficient material handling & preparation, precision machining and welding processes for a range of material in varying thicknesses, backed by technological excellence in design & engineering and responsive quality systems.

CNC Flame / Plasma Cutting Machine Plate Size : 21m x 5.3m Plate Thk : C.S. - 300mm : S.S. - 150mm

Material Handling & PreparationThe plate material on receipt and inspection is stamped with specific codes and is kept in assigned enclosures ensuring that there is no intermixing of materials or any inter-material storage contamination. The plates are cut on CNC flame/plasma cutting machines; edges are prepared on an edge planer and rolled on heavy duty bending rolls capable of rolling 125mm and 250mm thick plates in cold and hot conditions respectively. A ring frame type 1000-tonne hydraulic press with a movable ram and table is used for plate forming.

Plate Rolling Machine Plate Size : 4500mm wide Plate Thk : Hot - 250mm : Cold - 125mm

Multi-wall VesselsTo combine the corrosion resistance properties of certain materials with mechanical strength of others, multi-wall vessel fabrication technology is used. Heating facilities are extensively used to manufacture multi-wall vessels through shrink-fitting.

Shrink fitting operation for multi-wall construction of an ammonia convertor


MachiningThe capabilities of CNC Floor-Mounted and Special Purpose machines are supported by a battery of general purpose machines all geared to the precision machining needs of a world class fabricator.

Three CNC Floor-Mounted Horizontal Boring Machines at L&T's Hazira workshop. Spindle Diameter : 200 mm Travel : 5m x 17m

CNC Vertical Boring Machine Max. Diameter : 12m Max. Job Weight : 130 MT CNC Vertical Multi-spindle Deep Hole drilling Machine Drilling Depth : 900mm Number of Spindles : 2

Heat TreatmentThe workshops are equipped with automatic control gas fired bogie type furnaces for heat treatment & stress relieving/post weld heat treatment.

Furnaces in shops are suitable for equipment of dimensions 14m