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Hannah holloway trailer analysis

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  • 1. Task: Create a powerpoint about your top 3 film trailers Rules: No animation, no franchise and must be different genres. Why have you chosen it? Why is it effective? How does it entice the audience to see the film?

2. WATCH Cinematography- the use of several close up shots ofthe main interests make the trailer very distinctive switching from intense to fun but recognising the Music-the music is the sane throughout the trailer but the use of volume makes it more intense. The soundtrack becomes louder when the scene is intense. Dialogue and voiceover-these not only introduce the character but introduce the intensity with the topic of conversation they choose to engage in and the heightening of their voices. Font style-very metallic and computerized emphasising the use of computers during the poker game. Title-the title raises questions about what he maybe running from if he is running or what operations he may be running for his boss.] Colours-there is minimal use of colour in the titles emphasising the use of computers and digital software throughout the film but the scenes of party are overrun with colour emphasising the enjoyment and the satisfaction that people are feeling during the night. Unique Selling Point-the USP would be that it is covering a modern day problem of education fees which most people in the world suffer from but it is also showing a very unique way of earning those fees to pay of debts which most people would not get involved 3. WATCH Cinematography-the use of distortion in between shots to create a broken live feedlook creates a unique presentation of the images captured but makes it realistic making people believe that it would be similar to real life if the event ever happened. Also switching between the film images and broken up Abraham Lincoln quote gives a feeling of shattered hope. Music-the intensity of the music matches the images we see on screen and the hard hitting parts of the music match up and are in time with intense scenes during the trailer. Dialogue and voiceover-the voiceover of the newsreader to begin the trailer immediately informs the viewer of the scenes that occur during the trailer. Also the minimal dialogue that occurs show signs of desperation and the urgency to achieve the goals that they have set. Title-the title indicates some panic by saying White House Down as if it is the military speaking to each other and informing others about the incident. It also backs up the storyline involving an ex-military servant. Colour-there is minimal uses of colour during the titles and promotional posters bar the fire behind the character on the poster but there is a use of colour during the movie with the 4. WATCH Cinematography-showing the introduction of the characters in a mixture of close ups and mid shots not only allow the audience to know who is who but it also shows how the characters meet each other. The progression shown of how they begin their journey to becoming a makeshift family for a job. Music-The music is upbeat throughout the trailer to highlight the unusual circumstances and the mismatch that is occuring during the film. Dialogue and voiceover-this is used to introduce the characters when the fake father is creating their names but also gives us insight into what is occurring during the film and what their intentions are. Title-give us an idea of what the film is about by giving us a typical introduction of what a family would say when introducing themselves to someone. Gives irony because they are not a real family. Colour-the colours throughout the trailer are bright which keeps the film upbeat and funny which is what it is intended to be instead of being taken seriously because of the involvement with drugs.