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    Hamza  Ali  Eskandarani Associate  Professor

        Personal  Data  

    Nationality  |  Saudi          

    Date  of  Birth  |  12/01/1957    

    Department  |  Anesthesia  

    Official  UoD  Email  |  heskandarani@uod.ed.sa  

    Office  Phone  No.  |  +966  13  3333103  

    Language  Proficiency  

    Language   Read   Write   Speak   Arabic   Excellent   Excellent   Excellent   English   Excellent   Excellent   Excellent   Greek   Beginner   Beginner   Moderate     Academic  Qualifications  (Beginning  with  the  most  recent)  

    Date   Academic  Degree   Place  of  Issue   Address   Nov  1988   PhD   University  of  Manchester   UK   Jun  1992   BSc  Joint  Honors     University  of  Salford   UK   Jul  1979   General  Certificate  of  

    Education:  Advanced  level   Educare  College,   Manchester  


    Jun  1975   High  School   Taibah  Secondary  School   Saudi  Arabia     PhD,  Master  or  Fellowship  Research  Title:  (Academic  Honors  or  Distinctions)  

    PhD.   Isolation  and  Characterization  of  25Kd  Fibronectin-­‐Binding  Growth  Factor,  1988,  the  University  of  

    Manchester,  UK   Master   Hands  on  Assisted  Reproductive  Technologies,  1993,  Kings  College,  London,  UK   Fellowship      

    Professional  Record:  (Beginning  with  the  most  recent)  

    Job  Rank   Place  and  Address  of  Work   Date   Director     Alumni  and  career  

    Development  Centre   University  of  Dammam,  KSA   Sep  2011  to  date  

    Associate  Professor   Medical  Biochemistry,   College  of  Medicine  


    University  of  Dammam,  KSA   Dec  2009  to  date  


    Job  Rank   Place  and  Address  of  Work   Date   Chairman   Medical  Biochemistry,  

    College  of  Medicine   University  of  Dammam,  KSA   May  1993  –  May  1998  

    Assistant  Professor   Medical  Biochemistry,   College  of  Medicine  

    University  of  Dammam,  KSA   Dec  1988  to  date  

    Demonstrator   Biochemistry,     University  of  Manchester,  UK   Oct  1985  –  Oct  1987   Demonstrator   Medical  Biochemistry,  

    University  of   Dammam  

    University  of  Dammam,  KSA   Nov  1982  –  Aug  1983  


    Administrative  Positions  Held:  (Beginning  with  the  most  recent)  

    Administrative  Position   Office   Date   Director  of  Banoon  Fertility  Centre   Bahrain  Defence  Force  Hospital   Aug  2005  -­‐  Aug  2007   Director  of  Janeen  Fertility  Centre   Ibn  Alnafees  Hospital,  Bahrain   Aug  2003  -­‐  Aug  2004  

      Scientific  Achievements  

     Published  Refereed  Scientific  Researches   (In  Chronological  Order  Beginning  with  the  Most  Recent)     #   Name  of  Investigator(s)   Research  Title   Publisher  and  Date  of  Publication  


    Eskandarani  HA.     Economic  viability  outcome  of   assisted  reproduction   technology  setup:  Mathematical   model.  

    Open  J  Obs  Gyn.  2013;3(1):116-­‐122.  


    El-­‐Migdadi  F,  Eskandarani  HH,   Gaw  F.    

    Intratesticular  testosterone   levels  are  high  in  rats  maturing   in  the  below  the  sea  level   environment  of  the  Jordan   valley.    

    Acta  Endo  (Buc)  2010;  6:165-­‐169.  


    Eskandarani  HA.     Pre-­‐implantation   genetic   diagnosis  in  the  Gulf  Cooperative   Council  countries:  utilization  and   ethical  attitudes.    

    Hum   Reprod   Genet   Ethics.   2009;15(2):68-­‐74.  


    Eskandarani  HA.     A  Code  of  Practice  for  Assisted   Reproductive  Technology  in  the   GCC  Countries:  Some  comments   and  suggestions.    

    Qat  Med  J.  2007;16(1):16-­‐20.  

    5   Eskandarani  HA.     Cystic  fibrosis  transmembrane  

    regulator  gene  mutations  in   Bahrain.    

    J  Trop  Pedia.  2002;48:52-­‐54.  

    6   El-­‐Harith  E,  Stuhrmann  M,  Dork  T,   Eskandarani  HA,  and  Schmidtke  J.    

    PCR-­‐based  Analysis  of  Cystic   Fibrosis  Mutations  Specific  for   Saudi  Patients.    

    Saudi  Med  J.  1998;19(2):148-­‐152.  

    7   Dafallah   AA,   Eskandarani   H,   Rehaimi  A,  al-­‐Ali  AK,  Elbashir  AM,   Saba  R.    

    Fructosamine  in  HbS  and  G6PD-­‐ Deficient  Saudi  Arabians  in  the   Eastern  Province  of  Saudi  Arabia.    

    Brit  J  Biomed  Sci.  1994;51:332-­‐335.  


    #   Name  of  Investigator(s)   Research  Title   Publisher  and  Date  of  Publication  


    Eskandarani  HA,  Ayad  SR.     Morphological   Transformation  of  Fibroblasts  by   TGF-­‐b-­‐Related  25  Kd   Polypeptide.      

    Anticanc  Res.  1989;9:709-­‐714.  

    9   Eskandarani  HA,  Ayad  SR.     Isolation  and  Characterization  of  

    25Kd  Fibronectin-­‐Binding   Growth  Factor.    

    Anticanc  Res.  1989;9:695-­‐708.  

      Scientific  Research  Papers  Presented  to  Refereed  Specialized  Scientific  Conferences    

    #   Name  of  

    Investigator(s)   Research  Title   Conference  and  Publication  Date  


    Eskandarani  HA.     "On  The  Quest  to  Motivate  Career   Development  for  Graduates  of  Higher   Education  in  Saudi  Arabia:    Practical   Approach.    

    3rd  QS-­‐Maple  Conference,  7-­‐8  May  2013,   Johannesburg,  South  Africa.  www.qsmaple.org  


    Eskandarani  HA.     Appraisals  of  Assisted  Reproductive   Technology  enterprise:  economic   perspective.    

    17th  World  Congress  on  Controversies  in   Obstetrics,  Gynecology  &  Infertility  (COGI).  Nov-­‐ 11,  2012,  Lisbon,  Portugal.  https://us-­‐ mg6.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?p=viva&type =2button&fr=ush-­‐mailn_02#5585881281  


    Eskandarani  HA.     "On  The  Quest  to  Motivate  Career   Development  for  Graduates  of  Higher   Education  in  Saudi  Arabia:    Practical   Approach.    

    2nd  QS-­‐Maple  (Middle  East  and  Africa   Professional  Leaders  in  Education)  Conference,   3-­‐4  May  2012,  Durban,  South  Africa.   www.qsmaple.org  


    Eskandarani  HA.    

    Ethical  Perspectives  of  Genetic   Applications  in  the  Arab  World.    

    2nd  Pan  Arab  Human  Genetics  Conference.   Organized  by  the  Center  for  Arab  Genomic   Studies.  Dubai,  UAE,  November  20-­‐22,  2007.     http://www.cags.org.ae/2ndpahgcabstracts.ht ml#s4l4  

    5   Eskandarani  HA.     Cost  effectiveness  of  establishing  an  

    assisted  reproduction  technology   centre    

    The  3rd  Qatar  International  Obstetrics  and   Gynecology  Conference.    Hamad  Medical   Corporation,  Qatar,  March  29-­‐31,  2007.  


    Eskandarani  HA.      

    Ethical   and   Legal   Implications   in   ART:   Perspective   Analysis   of   the   GCC   Countries.   Islam   and   Bioethics:   concerns,  challenges  and  responses.      

    Penn   State   University,   Pennsylvania,   USA.   March  27-­‐28,  2006.     http://www.psu.edu/dept/liberalarts/sites/rock ethics/bioethics/events/islam_bioethics/presen ters.shtml#eskandari  


    Eskandarani  HA.      

    The  Distribution  Pattern  of  CFTR   Mutations  in  Bahrain.