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Guernsey Mind. Guernsey Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy Emily Litten – Guernsey Mind. What is the strategy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Guernsey Mind

Guernsey MindGuernsey Mental Health and Wellbeing StrategyEmily Litten Guernsey Mind


What is the strategyAn agreement for inter agency working throughout the States to improve wellbeing across the whole community and promote a model of prevention, early intervention, resilience and social inclusion. A belief that, when people do need to use services, they are treated with respect, and with a focus on recovery and effective rehabilitation.


Interagency workingAll States Departments will work to promote mental health where possibleMental health will be included in all new States strategiesSupport will be consistent and focus on recognising symptoms, understanding the impact of mental health on an individual and ensuring appropriate help is available


Recovery and rehabilitationAll States Departments will act to promote positive wellbeing through a variety of options:Self-care and independence where appropriateEducation and trainingAdvice and informationSupport available in a variety of settingsA selection of services and a focus on choice


Main objectives Young people are starting, growing and developing wellPeople are living wellPeople are working wellPeople are ageing wellTackling stigma and discriminationInherent in criminal justice systemAppropriate pharmaceutical practicesCarers are supported


Growing and Developing Well (1)Improving parenting skills and support for family lifeRaise the importance of emotional development in children, with more multi-agency awarenessRaise awareness in parents of importance of play, home learning, family meals etc. Improve inter-agency working


Growing and Developing Well (2)Determine the accessibility, acceptability and effectiveness of services that are currently availableReduce adverse experience such as domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, neglect Address a concern that young people are leaving school without the necessary emotional maturity for employment


Living WellProvide more information for people as they live their lives Evaluate the benefits of primary care mental health and wellbeing pilot schemeProvide access to advice and support in non-stigmatising settings


Working Well (1)Promote the benefits of a healthy workplaceProvide opportunities for employers to improve knowledge and understanding that will break down stigma and provide a wider scope for supported employmentIdentify opportunities to present a positive view of people who have mental health problems


Working Well (2)Encourage the States to promote mental wellbeing as an exemplary employerProviding targeted support to people in long term unemploymentMaintaining an open dialogue with employersIdentifying workplace champions for mental wellbeing


Ageing Well (1)Improving knowledge & understanding of DementiaPromoting factors that maintain good health in older peopleProviding access to assessment diagnosis and care planning Expanding community services to enable more people to remain in independent living for longer


Ageing Well (2)Establishing inter-agency work to provide access to leisure, exercise volunteering and social activities for older peopleConsidering the development of locality-focused integrated support teams Engaging with clinical staff to explore the development of ageless services where appropriate


Tackling stigma and discriminationEngaging with the media to provide positive messages about mental health Improving knowledge and understanding in the general public Using World Mental Health Day (October 10) as an opportunity to engage with the publicThe identification of a high profile Guernsey champion