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  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     1 Are you running away?

    Present simple and present continuous

      1 Look at the code and the table. Complete the sentences with the present simple or thepresent continuous.

    ✚ never ✔ always ● sometimes ■ now ▲ at the moment ◆ today

    1 2 3 4

    A   ✚  use the internet   ✔ play football

    B have breakfast   ●  get up early meet my friends

    C   ■ go shopping walk to school   ▲

    D watch television   ◆ play computer games do my homework

    > My dad A1 never  D3 plays computer games.> My brother, David, D3 is playing computer games C4 at the moment.

    1 My sisters, Lisa and Julia A3  C2  on Saturdays.

    2 Lisa A1  B3  at the weekend.

    3 Julia B1  C4  .

    4 My mum B2  D1  in the morning.

    5 David A4  C1  .

      2 Use the table and the code. Make sentences for your partner to write.

    > B4 D2 I'm meeting my friends today.

    > B2 A4 My brother sometimes plays football.






  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     2 Something funny happened

    Past simple and past continuous

      1 Write the past simple forms of the verbs in the box in the correct column.

    finish give kick happen drink look eat teach dance take fall love

    Regular Irregular

    > finished gave

      2 Complete the text. Use the past simple or the past continuous of the verbs in brackets.

    Tom went Did Tom go to the park last Sunday? Yes, he did. 

    1 Tom play football? No, he .

    2 Nick playing football at the park? Yes, he .3 Jenny and Trig eating cakes? No, they .

    4 Jenny drop her ice cream? Yes, she .

    5 Trig eating sandwiches inside the café? No, he .

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     3 You’re good at drawing

    The -ing form; so and neither

      1 Write sentences. Are they true or false for you?

    > I enjoy  use the internet

    1 I love draw cartoons

    2 I don’t mind write poems

    3 I hate play football

    4 I’m good at watch the news

    5 I’m terrible at read magazines

    > I enjoy reading magazines. True





    2 Circle the correct words.

    > Anna can speak English. So / Neither can Ben.

    1 I haven’t brought my mobile phone. So / Neither have I.

    2 You should study harder. So / Neither should your brother.

    3 I love playing computer games. So / Neither do my friends.

    4 If it rains, Tom won’t play football. So / Neither will Nick.

    5 You’re good at writing stories. So / Neither am I.

      3 Complete the sentences with do or does.

    > I love eating chocolate. So does Trig.

    1 Nick enjoys playing football. So I.

    2 I don’t mind writing stories. Neither Amanda.

    3 Nick doesn’t know how to speak Japanese. Neither Jenny or Amanda.4 I hate telling jokes. So my sister.

    5 My mum and dad enjoy going to the cinema. So I.

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     4 Nick’s been working

    Present perfect simple and present perfect


      1 Write sentences. Use the present perfect simple.> Jenny / finish her homework (just)

     Jenny has just finished her homework.

    1 Trig / not have breakfast (yet)


    2 Mum / have piano lessons (never)


    3 Tom and Nick / tidy the garage (just)

    4 We / eat the cakes (already)


    5 the train / not arrive (yet)


    2 Complete the sentences with the present perfect simple and for  or since.

    > They have been living (live) in London for  five years.

    1 Anna (tidy) her bedroom ten o’clock this morning.

    2 Tom (cycle) to school for five minutes.

    3 We (sit) at our desks half an hour.

    4 Trig (learn) English he came to Merton.

    5 My grandma and grandad (go) on holiday to Spain many years.

      3 Complete the conversation with the present perfect simple or the present perfectcontinuous of the verbs in the box.

    be make shop help eat do

    Jenny Hi Nick! Where have you been?

    Nick I 1 in town with Tom. I bought some new shoes. What2 all morning, Jenny?

    Jenny I 3 Trig in the kitchen. We already4 lunch and a big chocolate cake. The cake tasted delicious!

    Nick What! 5 the cake already?

    Jenny Er … yes, we have. Sorry!

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     5 Have you seen Ben?

    Present perfect simple and past simple

      1 Tick the correct sentence in each pair.

    > a  I never saw an alien.

    b  I have never seen an alien. ✓

    1 a  Nick has just had a haircut.

    b  Nick has yet had a haircut.

    2 a  I went to London two years ago.

    b  I have been to London two years ago. 

    3 a  Did you bought Mum a present on Saturday? 

    b  Did you buy Mum a present on Saturday? 

    4 a  I’m sorry I lost your pen yesterday. 

    b  I’m sorry I have lost your pen yesterday. 5 a  They haven’t had lunch yet. 

    b  They didn’t had lunch yet. 

    2 Complete the conversation with the words in the box.

    opened Have you seen met hasn’t been saw

    went ’ve been ’ve seen haven’t

    Nick A new internet café opened in Merton last week. It’s fantastic! Jenny1

     yetbut I 2 two days ago.

    Jason I 3 there too! I 4 some friends there yesterday.

    Jenny There’s a new cinema opposite the café. We 5 lots of films there. We6 Toy Adventure last Saturday. 7 it, Jason?

    Jason No, I 8. I think I’ll go next weekend.

      3 Now write your own conversation, then act it out with a partner.


  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     6 How much do you want?


      1 Complete the questions with What, Where, Who and How . Then write answers.

    2 Complete the conversation with the correct form of be, have, do or can.

    Mum > Are you tired, Nick?

    Nick Yes, I am.

    Mum Why 1  you go to bed early tonight?

    Nick I2

    . I’m too busy.Mum 3  you got a lot of homework to finish?

    Nick Yes, I 4 . And I’ve got an English test tomorrow.

    Mum 5  I help you?

    Nick 6  you help me do my homework?

    Mum Yes, of course!

    >  W hat’s  your  name? 

    1  old ar e  you? 

    2  do  you li ve? 

    3  is  your  English t eacher ? 

    4  long ha ve  you been lear ning  English? 

    5  is  your  f a vour it e spor t ? 

    6  do  you lik e doing at  the week ends? 

    7  man y sist er s or  br ot her s ha ve you got ? 

    8  is  your  f a vour it e act or  or  act r ess? 

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     7 The film had almost finished

    Past perfect simple; past perfect continuous

      1 Look and complete the sentences. Use the past perfect continuousof the verbs below.

    use wait dig play dream run

      2 Complete the sentences with the past perfect simple or past perfect continuous.

    > Dad was late for work because he had missed (miss) the bus.

    > The students had been sitting (sit) at their desks for hours.

    1 The students wrote about the film they (see) the week before.

    2 Mum couldn’t open her car because she (lose) her keys.

    3 Trig was cold. He (play) outside in the snow for hours.

    4 Chip was dirty. He (dig) in the garden all morning.

    5 Nick didn’t pass the maths test because he (not study) enough.

    6 Tom’s feet hurt because he (walk) for hours.

    > Jenny had a

    headache. She’d

    been using the

    computer for


    1 Dad was

    very tired. He

    for 2 hours.

    2 Nick’s legs hurt. He

    football since nine


    3 Mum was

    angry. She

    for the bus for 45


    4 Trig and Chip

    were dirty. They

    holes in the


    5 Trig feltfrightened. He

    about ghosts.

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     8 She bought me a present

    Verbs with two objects; time clauses

      1 Match.

    > Dad bought Mum b

    1 Nick has just shown me2 Jenny made us

    3 Tom is writing

    4 Mr Blake gave us

    5 Mum always sends

    a an omelette for lunch.

    b some flowers for her birthday.c lots of homework last week.

    d her friends postcards when she’s on holiday.

    e his new camera. It’s cool!

    f an email to Ben at the moment.

      2 Complete the sentences with to or for .

    > Mum made a chocolate cake for  Trig.

    1 Jenny sent a birthday card her uncle in New York.2 Nick gave his old bike Tom.

    3 Mum bought some new socks Nick.

    4 Nick showed his new camera Mr Blake.

    5 Amanda sometimes makes sandwiches her brother.

      3 Complete the sentences with the time expressions in the box.

    until before after when as soon as

    > Dad always has a shower before he goes to work.

    1 You can’t watch television you have finished your homework.

    2 I want to be a pilot I grow up.

    3 Nick and Tom often go to the park school.

    4 My brother always does his homework he gets home from school.

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     9 Ben said he could take some photos

    Indirect speech in the past; tell and say

      1 Complete the indirect speech sentences.

    > Peter I sometimes walk to school.

      Peter said that he sometimes walked to school.1 Liz I haven’t bought any bread.

      Liz said that .

    2 David and James We visited friends in London last weekend.

      David and James said that .

    3 Melissa I’m playing a new computer game.

      Melissa said that .

    4 Zack I won’t stay late at the party.

      Zack said that .

      2 Read the conversation. Then complete the sentences.

    Mum It’s Ella’s birthday next week.

    Julia Yes, it’s next Friday. I want to make her a cake.

    Dad That’s a good idea. Last year, your mum made a fruit cake.

    Julia Ella loves chocolate. I’ll make her a chocolate cake.

    Mum We need to buy flour, eggs and chocolate.

    Julia That’s OK. I can go to the supermarket later.

    > Julia said that she wanted to make Hannah a cake.

    1 Dad said that last year Mum a fruit cake.

    2 Julia said that Ella chocolate.

    3 Julia said that she make a chocolate cake.

    4 Mum said that they to buy flour, eggs and chocolate.

    5 Julia said that she go to the supermarket later.

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

    > You mustn’t bring pets to the zoo.

    1 You pay for children under 10 years old.

    2 You touch the animals.

    3 You take photos of the baby lions.

    4 You buy a map of the zoo.

    5 You take food or drink.

    2 Circle the correct words.

    Jack I don’t like Mondays, because I > have to / don’t have to get up at 6 o’clock.

    Billy Why do you 1 have to / must get up so early?

    Jack Because I go swimming in the morning. I’m training for a national competition.

    Billy Really? I love Fridays because I 2 don’t have to / mustn’t go to bed early. I can stay up

    really late and watch television.

    Jack I3

    don’t have to / mustn’t go to bed very early on Friday, but I4

     mustn’t / don’t have to stay up after 11 o’clock.

    Billy Why?

    Jack Because I go to football club on Saturdays and it starts at 7.30!

    Billy That’s crazy!

     10 You mustn’t forget your camera

    Mustn’t and don’t have to; had better and

    would rather

      1 Look at the signs from London Zoo. Complete the sentences with mustn’t or don’t have to.

    Lion cubs –


    Café open all day

    Do not touch

    the animals

    Children under10 – Free entry!

    No pets

    Free maps!

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

    > Mr and Mrs Smith

    must be rich.

    1 Bryan

    be at secondary


    2 Sylvia

    be going abroad.

    3 She like


    4  They don’t live

    near the sea. They

    be going

    to the swimming


    5  That

    be John’s book, he

    doesn’t speak French.

     11 It must be something exciting

    Must, can’t and could for deductions;

    so and such

      1 Look and complete the sentences with must, can’t or could.

      3 Molly and Sophie are shopping. Complete the conversation with so or such.

    Molly This is > such a great clothes shop!

    Sophie I know, but everything is 1  expensive.

    MollyWhat about these pink shoes? Do you like them?

    Sophie They’re lovely, but they’re 2  small. I can’t get my feet in them!

    Molly This is 3  a nice coat, isn’t it? Do you like it?

    Sophie I love it. It’s 4  cool, I have to buy it!

    Molly Don’t be 5  silly. It’s the most expensive coat in the shop!

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     12 They’re both from Liverpool

    Both and neither; all and none

      1 Look at the table. Complete the sentences about Sarah and Anna with both or neither .

    Sarah Anna

    Age 14 14

    From London Manchester

    Appearance tall, long blonde hair tall, long black hair

    Instrument guitar piano

    Sport tennis tennis

    Likes reading, cooking reading, painting

    Doesn’t like computer games, football football, cooking

    > Both of them are fourteen.

    1 of them are from Liverpool.

    2 of them have brown hair.

    3 of them play tennis.

    4 of them play the drums.

    5 of them like reading.

    6 of them like football.

    7 of them are tall.

    8 of them are girls.

      2 Look at the information about Mr Blake’s pupils. Write sentences using all, some or none.

    >  cycle to school

    1  use the internet

    2  has a mobile phone

    3  can drive

    4  play an instrument

    5  speak Japanese0% 50% 100%

    > Some of them cycle to school. 






  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     13 If I had some money

    Conditional sentences type 2;

    Uncountable nouns

      1 Write conditional type 2 sentences that are true for you.> have more money – buy a new mobile phone / bike

      If I had more money I would buy a new bike.

    1 have less homework – play more football / computer games


    2 see someone famous – take a photo of them / talk to them


    3 be rich – travel around the world / help other people

     4 see a bank robber – run after him / call the police


    2 Complete the puzzle about uncountable nouns.

    > There’s lots of this on the beach.

    1 Rings and necklaces.

    2 You make toast with this.

    3 This smells nice.

    4 You listen to this.

    5 You get this from trees.

    6 You use this to buy things.

      3 Circle the correct words.

    > There’s a / some rice in the cupboard.

    1 There isn’t much / many traffic on the

    roads this morning.

    2 This table is a very nice piece of furniture / furnitures.3 I would like to buy a / some perfume for my mum.

    4 Nick doesn’t have much / many money.







    > s a n d


  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     14 I want to be a vet

    Verbs with to + infinitive; let and make

      1 Write sentences. Use the past simple of the verbs in brackets.

    > Charlie I’ll help you do your homework. (help)

    Charlie helped me to do my homework.1 Mum Can you tidy your room? (ask)


    2 Dad Go to bed earlier. (want)


    3 Celia You can come to the Christmas party. (invite)


    4 Mum You can stay up late. (allow)

    Mum5 Celia Can you make a pizza for dinner? (want)


    2 Complete the sentences with would like and the correct form of the verb in brackets.

    > (enjoy) Sally enjoys travelling and would like to live abroad.

    1 (love) Tom to be a vet because he working

    with animals.

    2 (like) The students learning French and to visit

    Paris one day.

    3 (enjoy) My sisters playing the piano and to be

    musicians when they are older.

    4 (love) My mum to be a hairdresser – she cutting

    my hair.

    5 (like) I to be a photograph because I taking photos.

    3 Complete the conversation with the correct form of make or let.

    Polly My mum always > makes me do my homework as soon as I get home. She never1 me relax and watch television!

    Tina Really? My mum 2 me watch television but I have to help her in the

    kitchen first. She 3  me watch television for about an hour but then she4  me do something different.

    Polly Does she 5  you play computer games in your bedroom?

    Tina Well, she 6  me take the dog for a walk first, then she 7 

    me play computer games with my brother.

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     15 It needs repairing

    Need + -ing; have something done;

    could and would

      1 Look at the picture and complete the sentences with need/needs plus the verbs in the box.

    cut comb tidy repair wash water

    > The grass needs cutting.

    1 The clothes

    2 The flowers

    3 The garage

    4 The cat’s hair

    5 The bike

    2 Write the words in the correct order.

    > tested had his eyes he He had his eyes tested.

    1 bike she repaired got her

    2 I to want hair my cut get

    3 the painted Mum bathroom had

    4  you why don’t eyes get tested your

    5 bike she repaired had her

    3 Circle the correct words.

    > Could I / would I try these shoes on, please?

    1 Would you / Could I have some more bread, please?

    2 Would you / Could I get me some fruit when you go to the supermarket?

    3  Could you / Could I show me how to turn on this computer, please?

    4  Would you / Could I use your mobile phone, please?

    5  Would you / Could I help me carry this bag, please?

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     16 The photo I like best

    Relative clauses

      1 Match.

    > That’s the boy b

    1 Do you know anyone2 Where’s the magazine

    3 That’s the hotel

    4 What’s the name of the man

    5 That’s the park

    a that was on my desk?

    b whose mum is an actress.c where we play football after school.

    d who invented the telephone?

    e who can speak Italian?

    f where we stay every summer.

      2 Circle the correct words. Who was he / she? Write.

    Marie Curie William Shakespeare Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart John Lennon

      was a musician and composer that / whose music

    is still very popular today. He could play the piano and compose music when he was five

    years old. When he was young he travelled with his family to Germany, France and London

    where / who he performed for royal families. In 1791 he wrote The Magic Flute, which /

    that is one of his most famous works.

    was a singer who / where comes from Liverpool,

    England. He wrote songs which / who are still famous today, such as Hey, Jude. He was

    in a band called The Beatles that / where was the most popular band in the 1960s.

    was a Polish scientist who / whose won two Nobel

    Prizes for her work. She was born in Warsaw where / that she lived until she was 24 years

    old. She then moved to Paris when / where she studied at the Sorbonne University and

    met her husband, Pierre Curie.

      was an English writer which / who lived from 1564 to

    1616. He was born in Stratford upon Avon but also lived in London. You can now visit the

    Globe theatre in London, which / where is a copy of the original theatre who / where he






  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     17 Nick told Ben to be quiet

    Indirect questions, commands and requests

      1 Read the conversation between Jim and Sophie talking about a holiday in New York. Whatdid Jim ask Sophie? Report Jim’s questions.

    > Jim  Did you enjoy your holiday? Sophie  Yes, I did. It was fantastic!

      He asked her if she had enjoyed her holiday.

    1 Jim  Where did you stay?

    Sophie  We stayed in a hotel in Brooklyn.


    2 Jim  Did you see the Empire State Building?

      Sophie  Yes, and the Statue of Liberty!

     3 Jim  Was the weather nice?

      Sophie  Yes, it was sunny and warm.

    4 Jim  Have you been to New York before?

      Sophie  Yes, I went two years ago.


    5 Jim  Will you go to New York again?

      Sophie  Yes, I will. I love it there!


    6 Jim  Can you show me your photos?

      Sophie  Yes, let’s look at them now.


    2 Jenny and Nick are going fishing. Report Mum’s commands and requests. Use told or asked.

    > Use lots of suncream. She told them to use lots of suncream.

    1 Don’t swim near the rocks.

    2 Can you bring back lots of fish?3 Take your mobile phones. 

    4 Will you take some photos?

    5 Drink lots of water.

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     18 You ought to turn it down

    Ought to and should; phrasal verbs

      1 Gillian is starting a new school. Complete her new friend’s advice. Use ought to or shouldn’t.

    > You shouldn’t eat or drink in class.1 You finish your homework on time.

    2 You use your mobile phones in class.

    3 You be polite to teachers and other students.

    4 You run in the school hall or classrooms.

    5 You keep the classrooms tidy.

      2 Give some advice using ought to or shouldn’t. Use the suggestions below.

    go to bed so late get a job eat lots of sweets

     join a club apologize to her play computer games all day

    > I’m always tired.

      You shouldn’t go to bed so late.

    1 I’ve had an argument with my mum.


    2 I never have enough money.


    3 I often get toothache.


    4 I’ve got a headache


    5 I haven’t got many friends.


    3 Complete the sentences with the correct adverb.> Please take your shoes off  inside the house.

    1 I’m going with my friends tonight. We’re going to the cinema.

    2 The television is a very loud. Can you turn it a bit, please?

    3 We stayed late last night, until 11.30 p.m.

    4 Hold for a minute, I need to go upstairs and get my coat.

    5 Mum threw all my old magazines and comics.

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     19 It isn’t fair, is it?

    Questions tags; wish + past simple;

    plural nouns

      1 Mum and Dad have just been to Rome. Complete their conversation with the correctquestions tags.

    Dad Rome is a beautiful city, >isn’t it? I loved it.

    Mum Yes, and the food was delicious, 1 ?

    Dad The only problem is that there are too many tourists, 2 ?

    Mum Well, lots of people go there to see the Coliseum and the Forum, 3 ?

    Dad Yes, and we enjoyed seeing them too, 4 ?

    Mum We should go there again, 5 ?

      2 What are these people thinking? Write sentences with I wish + past simple.

    > I don’t have much money.

      I wish I had more money.

    1 I’ve got a headache.

    2 I can’t swim.

    3 I have to work this weekend.

    4 I can’t go to the school disco.

    5 I don’t have many friends.

    3 Nick is going on a school skiing trip. Circle the correct words.

    Nick I’m going to take > lots of / a warm trousers.

    MumDon’t forget to take


     a / some

     sunglasses. It’s very sunny there you know.Nick OK. And I’ll take 2 a / a pair of  warm pyjamas.

    Mum Good idea. What about 3 this / these jeans?

    Nick Yes, I’ll take 4 a / a pair of  jeans but I don’t need 5 any / a shorts!

    Mum No, of course not. You’ll need 6 a / some socks, won’t you?

    Nick I’ll take lots of socks!

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     20 I don’t feel like swimming

    Verbs with to + infinitive or -ing form

      1 Match.

    > I hope to study d

    1 My grandad doesn’t know how2 They’ve decided to go

    3 Some tourists don’t know where

    4 My teacher wants me to pass

    5 Sometimes my little brother doesn’t want

    2 Complete the sentences with the words below.

    like can't stand mind enjoy help approve

    > Nick is tired today. He doesn’t feel like playing football.

    1 Trig can’t eating so many sweets. He loves them!

    2 I don’t going to bed early because I always feel better the next day.

    3 I going fishing with my dad. It’s so boring!

    4 I don’t going camping. It’s too uncomfortable.

    5 Our teacher doesn’t of us running in the corridor.

      3 Complete the sentences. Use the verbs in the box with to + infinitive or the -ing form.

    get buy read let be go

    > Our teachers expect us to get to school by half past eight.

    1 I can’t help to bed late. I don’t feel tired in the evening.

    2 My mum refuses me stay out after nine o’clock.

    3 I forgot my brother a birthday present.

    4 Nick enjoys magazines and comics.

    5 I’ve decided a pilot when I’m older.

    a on holiday to France this summer.

    b all my exams this year.c to buy stamps in Paris.

    d medicine when I go to university.

    e to eat his dinner.

    f to use the internet.

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     21 Play it more slowly

    Comparison of adverbs; wish + past perfect

      1 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

    badly best quietly more quickly slowly

    > Tom sang badly  in today’s Music lesson. He’s got a sore throat.

    1 Dad talks very fast. Mum talks more than him.

    2 Jenny spent money than Amanda at the shops.

    3 Nick wrote the essay in class today.

    4 Jenny talks more than Trig. Trig is very loud!

    5 Amanda has tidied her bedroom . Tom hasn’t finished yet.

    2 You’ve had a bad day. Complete the second sentence using wish + the past perfect of theverb in the first sentence.

    > You got up late. I wish I had got up earlier.

    1 You’ve lost your house keys. my keys.

    2 You shouted at your mum. my mum.

    3 You didn’t eat breakfast.  my breakfast.

    4 You didn’t do your maths homework. my maths homework.

    5 You’ve left your mobile phone at home. at home.

    3 Read the text about Mr Green. Write sentences using wish + past perfect.

    Mr Green is 40 years old. When he was young he didn’t work very hard at school. He didn’t listen

    to his teachers and he failed his exams. He left school when he was 16. He didn’t find a job and

    he had to live with his parents for a long time. His uncle asked him to work in his shoe shop but he

    didn’t want to. He was too lazy. But his uncle worked hard and became very rich.

    > work hard at school

    He wishes he had worked hard at school.

    1 listen to his teachers


    2 fail his exams


    3 leave school when he was 16


    4 work in the shoe shop


    5 be so lazy


  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     22 The hall has been decorated

    The passive

      1 What has happened? Look at the picture. Complete the sentences using the verbs below.

    tear steal broke throw knock over eat

    > The curtains have been torn.

    1 The food . 

    2 The windows .

      2 Read the text. Rewrite the underlined sentences using the correct from of the passivewith by .>Two men started a fire at Baker Street School. 1Mrs Dunbar noticed the fire when she opened

    her curtains at seven o’clock. yesterday morning. Her husband, 2Mr Dunbar, saw two men

    running away from the school. 3Mrs Dunbar called the fire brigade. Then 4Mr Dunbar called the

    police, who arrived five minutes later. The fire brigade used a special ladder to reach the school,

    where the fire had started. 5The police will interview all the students at Baker Street School

    tomorrow afternoon.

    > A fire was started by two men.

    1 The fire .

    2 Two men .

    3 The books on the floor.

    4 The jewellery .

    5 The chairs .

    3 The fire brigade .

    4 The police .

    5 All the students .

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


    Grammar Three Worksheet © Oxford University Press

     23 If he hadn’t…

    Conditional sentences type 3

      1 Match.

    > If Susan had got up early c 

    1 If Susan hadn’t been late for school2 If her teacher hadn’t been angry

    3 If Susan hadn’t cried

    4 If Susan hadn’t got a headache

    5 If Susan hadn’t gone home early

    a her teacher wouldn’t have been angry.

    b she wouldn’t have got a headache.c she wouldn’t have been late for school.

    d she wouldn’t have missed the disco.

    e Susan wouldn’t have cried.

    f she wouldn’t have gone home early.

    2 Complete the conditional sentences type 3. Use the verbs in brackets.

    > If Lola had studied (study) harder she would have passed (pass) her exams.

    1 If Tom (have) Jenny’s mobile phone number, he(text) her about the party.

    2 Dad and Mum (go) to the beach if it (be)

    sunny last weekend.

    3 If Italy (win) that match, they (win) the

    World Cup.

    4 Alonso (not have) an accident if he (drive)

    more slowly,

    5 If Benny (not climb) the tree, he

    (not break) his leg.

      3 Read the sentences in exercise 2. Answer the questions with short answers.

    > Did Lola pass her exams? No, she didn’t.

    1 Did Tom text Jenny?

    2 Was it sunny last weekend?

    3 Did Italy win the World Cup?

    4 Did Alonso have an accident?

    5 Did Benny climb the tree?

  • 8/18/2019 Grammar WORKSHEETS 3


     24 A visit to Cornwall

    Tense review (present and past tenses)

      1 Read the conversations and circle the correct verb forms.

    Amanda Where did you go yesterday after school?

    Tom > I went / have gone to the park with Nick.1 Mum  What have you been doing all morning?

    Dad  I am tidying / have been tidying the garage.

    2 Nick  So, what was Trig doing when Dad walked into bedroom?

      Jenny  He was jumping / jumped on the bed. Dad was very angry!

    3 Jenny  Are you playing tennis after school today?

      Amanda  No, I go / I’m going into town with my mum.

    4 Mum  Nick, have you finished your homework yet?

      Nick  No, I haven’t started / don’t start it yet.5 Amanda  Do you go to bed early on Saturdays?

      Nick  No, I always go / went to bed really late on Saturdays.

    6 Dad Why did Nick get home so late yesterday?

      Jenny  He hadn’t finished / hasn’t finished his maths project so Mr Blake made him stay

    at school an extra hour to finish it.

      3 Circle the mistakes. Then write the correct word(s).

    > I have been to London last summer. went

    1 Jenny is playing tennis since ten o’clock this morning.

    2 Trig is climbing over a fence yesterday when he fell and hurt his leg.

    3 Have you forgot your passport?

    4 Dad and Mum are getting up at seven o’clock every day.

    5 Jenny and Amanda talk to Mr Blake at the moment.

    6 Nick and Tom were tired last night because they was cycling all day.