Goals:  Use equations to solve percent problems.  Use percents to solve real-life problems

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11.2 Percents

0-6 PercentsGoals: Use equations to solve percent problems. Use percents to solve real-life problems.VocabularyPercent a ratio that compares a number to 100Percent to FractionPut it over 100 and reduce!!!Examples:50%


12%Percent to DecimalMove the decimal point 2 places to the left!!!Examples:42%


125%Solving percent problemsTranslate words into a math equation:is means = (equals) of means (multiply) what means x (variable)

Solve the equation using multiplication or division.26% OF WHAT NUMBER IS 1300.26x=13026% of what number is 130

0.26x = 130 0.260.26

x = 500ExamplesWhat is 30% of 70?

14 is 25% of what number?

27 is what percent of 135?

26 is 40% of what number?

48 is what percent of 160?

What is 150% of 200?






300PracticeWorksheet 0-6 PercentsWord Problem #1There are about 170,000 species of butterflies and moths worldwide. Butterflies and moths make up about 17% of all insect species. Estimate the number of insect species.

17% of something = 170,0000.17x = 170,000

x = 1,000,000 insect speciesWord Problem #2You read in a magazine that an affordable rent is one that is no more than 30% of your salary. The apartment you want to rent is $625 per month. What must be your salary to afford this apartment?

30% of something = 6250.30x = 625

x = $2083.33

Word Problem #3The graph shows the amount of time a teenager spends on different activities in a 24 hour period.How much time is spent sleeping?How much time is spent watching TV?How much time is spent doing homework?7.584 hours2.28 hours1.896 hoursWord Problem #4150 people were asked to identify their favorite season. The results are shown in the graph below.What percent of people said Fall?What percent of people said Summer?What percent of people said Spring?21.3%34.7%25.3%HomeworkPages P21-P22 #10-22 even #24-28 all


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