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Source of Energy. GMT Engineering LTD. Vision. We are Technology owner, Innovative, take any challenge in any moment & self motivated. Built a technology based nation using our talent.. Mission. It is Power Consultancy's mission to provide the finest energy solutions . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Source of Energy

  • Vision

  • Mission

    It is Power Consultancy's mission to provide the finest energy solutions . Through careful analysis, attentive customer support, and cost effective solutions GMT Engineering Ltd. will become a stable business serving the Bangladeshi community.

  • ObjectivesGMT Engineering has identified three objectives thatit will pursue for the long-term success of the business:Proven cost-benefit analysis environmental approaches to Manufacturing, Service , Repair, Consultancy and maintenance of Energy Equipment.Become the premier environmental energy consultancy in the Country within five years.Reach profitability within three years.

  • Keys to SuccessGMT Engineering has identified several keys to success that will be instrumental in creating a sustainable business. If these keys are followed, the likelihood of success will significantly increase.Offer solutions that are demanded by customers.Ensure all of the solutions have economic considerations built into the respective Design.Only provide 100% customer satisfaction. All customers must have their expectations exceeded.

  • Our Market GMT Engineering has segmented the market into Five distinct target market groups. The first group is Industry. The Second group is Real State & Individual The Third Group Government UtilityThe Forth Group is Office & Home ApplianceThe Fifth Group is Who are required ISO Consultancy GMT Engineering has chosen to participate in is a fairly new field. GMT Engineering faces competition The industry often operates to satisfy clients; it is the end customer that typically requests Electrical designs and they either seek out a specific Designer or they request their Designer to receive guidance from firms such as GMT Engineering.

  • Market Segmentation

  • Industry Steel Milles, RMG Sector, Paper Milles, Cold Storage, poultry & Fish Feed, Ceramic, Pharmaceuticals, Printing & Packaging, Tobacco, Soft Drinks, Lather, Agro Based, Chemical Such type of Industry are our main concern.Electrical Maintenance, Sub-Station supply & service, Electrical backup Protection, and Troubleshooting is our works.

  • Real StateSub-Station, Generator & Motor- Supply , Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting. Electrical Wiring Design, Equipment Supply & Setup.

  • Individual

    Generator, Sub-Station, Home & Office Appliance, Supply, Setup, Troubleshoot & Maintenance.Agro Quality Food Product & Stationary Material Supply.

  • Government Utility

    Power GenerationTransmission & DistributionProtection & ControlService, Operation & ManagementTurn-Key ProjectEnergy Saving Solution

  • ISO Consultancy Another Very Important Our Targeted Area Is ISO 9001,ISO 14001 & ISO 18001Consultancy.

    Day by Day Increase the Necessity of ISO. ISO Ensure the Quality Management System & Product Quality , Built up a Consciousness of Environment & Health of Manpower.ISO Control of Money & Time And Save the Life

  • Strategy

  • Testing EquipmentClamp on Meter-01Multi Meter-01Ameter-03Voltmeter-03Wattmeter-02CT-03PT-02Ratio Meter-01Resistance Meter-01Loading Transformer-01Auto Transformer-01Oil Testing Set-01

  • Testing DetailIn process TestRoutine TestType Test

  • In process TestExcitation Current TestMagnetic Balance TestRatio TestInsulation Resistance TestLoad Test % Impedance Test

  • Routine Test

    No Load (Open Circuit) TestFull Load ( Short Circuit )TestHigh Voltage TestDouble Voltage Double Frequency TestOil TestWinding Resistance TestVector Group Test

  • Type TestTemperature Rise TestImpulse TestPartial Discharge TestTan-Delta testSFRA Test

  • List Machinery Core Cutting MachineWinding MachineChain whist Disk CutterHeating Chamber Torque wretches (Hand Tools)Gas Welding Machine

  • Material DetailSilicon Steel (Core)ConductorSupper Enamel WireInsulation MaterialTransformer OilChannel, Core Bolt, Tie Rod, Foot plate Gasket, Top Seal, HT & LT Rod Fittings, Connector, Arcing Horn, Bushing(HT & LT),Breather Box, Silica jell, Nut BoltTransformer Tank

  • Primary InvestmentTest EquipmentMachineriesInfrastructure Development Marketing Manpower Transport Others