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Global Studies 1B Workbook Submission Sheet Spring 1B... · PDF fileGlobal Studies 1B Workbook Submission Sheet Spring 2011 (ver.2 ... Fill out this page prior to submitting Workbook

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Text of Global Studies 1B Workbook Submission Sheet Spring 1B... · PDF fileGlobal Studies 1B...

  • Global Studies 1B, Spring 2011 Page 1 of 227

    Global Studies 1B Workbook Submission Sheet Spring 2011

    (ver.2 - 1/27/11)

    Student Name (print clearly): ___________________ Workbook is Due in Duncan Hall 222 or

    by Mail to Geology Department Office (Duncan 321) On or Before Tues. May 24 by 5:00 PM

    Workbook Submission Sheet In the Space Below, Provide a Self-Assessment on the Quality of Your Workbook:

    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Course Workbook Description (100 points possible) More Instructions on Next Page Fill out this page prior to submitting Workbook to instructor Objective: Allow students to synthesize the full body of work in the class and provide instructor with review of online work to better assess students ability to meet learning outcomes in course. Date Delivered to Duncan Hall 222 (BAESI Office) ______________ or Date sent via overnight mail _____________ (Must arrive on or before Tues. May 24 by 5:00 PM) If you send it by mail, you must email shipping confirmation information, so that I can track shipment. Course Workbook Gradesheet Give Yourself an Evaluation Did you fully complete each of the following Expeditions? In the spaces below, mark a Yes with a Y, No with an N or Partially Completed with a P Were all questions answered? Were all diagrams completed? Exped. 2 ____ Exped. 10 ____ Exped. 18 ____ Exped. 3 ____ Exped. 11 ____ Exped. 19 ____ Exped. 4 ____ Exped. 12 ____ Exped. 20 ____ Exped. 5 ____ Exped. 13 ____ Exped. 21 ____ Exped. 6 ____ Exped. 14 ____ Exped. 22 ____ Exped. 7 ____ Exped. 15 ____ Exped. 23 ____ Exped. 8 ____ Exped. 16 ____ Exped. 24 ____ Exped. 9 ____ Exped. 17 ____ Exped. 25 ____

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    Examples of Point Deductions _____5-10 point deduction for (late) submission after due date and time. _____5 point deduction for not completing Worksheet Submission sheet (previous page),

    including not filling in your name _____10 point deduction per missing expedition (see required list above) _____5 point deduction per expedition for more than two to five skipped questions _____5-9 point deduction per expedition for more than five skipped questions Course Workbook Instructions Drop off at SJSU or Send By Overnight Mail Workbook must be placed through drop slot in door of Duncan Hall 222 (BAESI Office) by Tues. May 24 by 5:00 PM. DO NOT SLIP WORKBOOK UNDER MY OFFICE DOOR. If you did not purchase workbook from A.S. Print Shop, then have a large clip or rubber band holding the stack of expedition worksheets together. Do NOT USE A NOTEBOOK!

    Students may also submit by mail, but it must arrive by Tues. May 24 by 5:00 PM

    Overnight Mailing address:

    Don Reed

    Dept. of Geology San Jose State University

    1 Washington Square San Jose, CA 95192-0102

    Phone: (408-924-5050)

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    Table of Contents Page

    Course Workbook Submission Description ...... 1 Table of Contents 3 Greensheet ........... 5 SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY - ACADEMIC INTEGRITY POLICY ... 15 Topic Area 1 - Marine Resources and International Policy Expedition 1 Introduction to Global Ocean .......................................... 21 Expedition 2 Marine Resources and the Law of the Sea............ 29 Expedition 3 Global Ocean Geography ................... 37 Expedition 4 Case Study: Mapping the Arctic: .............. 53 Expedition 5 High Seas Governance and Global Marine Policy ..(Required Discussion)... 63 Topic Area 2 Societal Hazards Beneath the Sea Expedition 6 - Commotion Beneath the Ocean ..... 65 Expedition 7 Plate Boundaries Beneath the Sea ...... 77 Expedition 8- Whole Lotta Shakin Goin' On .......... 85 Expedition 9 Tsunami Past, Present, and Future ..... 95 Expedition 10 NanTroSEIZE in 3-D ..(Required Discussion)..................................... 105 Topic Area 3 - Marine Ecosystems Expedition 11 - The Briny Deep ........... 115 Expedition 12 Supporting the Marine Ecosystem .... 165 Expedition 13 Diving into the Mid-Water ......... 179 Expedition 14 - Dive and Discover ......... 139 Expedition 15 Greening of the Ocean (Required Discussion) ... 157 Topic Area 4 - Global State of Marine Fisheries Expedition 16 Status of Marine Fisheries ..... 163 Expedition 17 Stock Assessment and Fisheries Science........... 171 Expedition 18 Fisheries Management ......... 175 Expedition 19 What to Do? ...................... 181 Expedition 20 The Fishing Game ... (Required Discussion)......................................... 185 Topic Area 5 - Ocean and Global Climate Change Expedition 21 - Global Circulation ....... 195 Expedition 22 Tracking Drifter Buoys ......... 199 Expedition 23 Ocean The Climate Engine ...... 209 Expedition 24 - Where the Water Goes ...... 217 Expedition 25 Course Summary (Required Discussion) ....... 227

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  • Global Studies 1B, Spring 2011 Page 5 of 227

    GLOBAL STUDIES 1B Science Emphasis GLST 1B/METR 1B Section 1

    Spring 2011 San Jos State University

    Greensheet (Ver. 2 1/26/11) Instructors: Don Reed (yes, I am a doctor, Ph.D., and full professor, but just call me "Don")

    Office Location: 305 Duncan Hall

    Telephone: (408)-924-5036 (not the best way to reach me, use Desire2Learn Mail) Voicemail will be checked Mon., Wed. and Thurs. - once a day

    Video Conference Skype (dreed100) or Video iChat by request; Elluminate

    Email: Use Mail within Desire2Learn for all communication, as it is the best way to reach instructor. All email to the instructor in Desire2Learn will be answered within 24 hours of being received, Monday through Thursday. Email sent on Friday may not be answered until Monday afternoon.

    Office Hours at SJSU: M 1:30-2:30 or by appointment

    Online Office Hours: W 11:00-12:30, R 11-12:30 or by appointment

    Course Website:

    Prerequisites: Students must have access to a computer with speakers/headphones and a high-speed connection to the Internet (DSL, Cable or T1).

    Course Website and Use of Desire2Learn The course web site in Desire2Learn ( will open on Thursday, January 27 at 2 PM. Students can learn how to access Desire2Learn at Once in Desire2Learn the course will be listed as: SP11 GLST-METR-1B Intro to Global Studies Section 01 - 2112_011147_01 Desire2Learn will be used for accessing weekly assignments, called expeditions, electronic discussions, email, submitting graded assignments, and taking quizzes.

  • Global Studies 1B, Spring 2011 Page 6 of 227

    Course Description Presents scientific ways for understanding global phenomena and for developing policy to achieve positive outcomes of globalization. Interdisciplinary approaches require new analytical models. Visiting professors may collaborate with instructor. Interdisciplinary approaches as well as analytical models will be used to understand marine environmental issues and their impacts on global civilization. The course will be divided into five topic units, each representing a contemporary challenge, both in terms of the acquisition of scientific knowledge and its application to a global environmental issue, these are:

    Topic Area 1 - Marine Resources and International Policy Topic Area 2 Societal Hazards Beneath the Sea Topic Area 3 - Global Marine Ecosystems Topic Area 4 - Global State of Marine Fisheries Topic Area 5 - Ocean and Global Climate Change

    Course Goals and Student Learning Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

    1) analyze scientific evidence to demonstrate an understanding of the physical, chemical and biological processes that drive the ocean, and therefore the earth system, on a global scale, and humankind's relationship to them,

    2) manage empirical information, write syntheses, and compose a written paper about the global ocean based on scientific evidence,

    3) apply the methods of science to problems impacting the global ocean and humankind,

    4) explain through discussion (electronic) how the interconnectedness of human societies and the marine environment is present at local, regional, and global scales, and

    5) explain through research that addressing global ocean problems requires analyses of data using the methods of science.

    Course Workbook and Reading Assignments

    A course workbook, also known as a course reader, is to be purchased at A.S. Print Shop next to SJSU Student Union for approximately $17, beginning on Tues. morning Feb .1 (I will let you know if it is available earlier) The workbook contains worksheets, which constitute an outline for taking notes on the online materials that will be crucial in preparing for quizzes and other course assignments. Required reading assignments will be posted online at the beginning of each topic unit.

  • Global Studies 1B, Spring 2011 Page 7 of 227

    Other equipment / material requirements

    Colored Pencils (necessary for completely diagrams in expedition worksheets Calculator (necessary for online work and exams)

    Nature of Weekly Work and Responsibilities of Students Students in the class will play an active role in their learning through the timely, but self-paced, completion of online virtual expeditions in which students take on the role of a research oceanographer studying global issues. Students are also required to participate in electronic discussions, often problem-based and issue-oriented, with other students on issues based on

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