Girls Guide to Girl Scouting. Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.

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Girls Guide to Girl ScoutingGirls Guide to Girl ScoutingGirls Guide to Girl ScoutingHandbookGirl Scout TraditionsGirl Scout Leadership Experience MapGirl Scout HistoryUniforms and InsigniaTroop CrestsHandbookGirl Scout traditionsGirl Scout Leadership MapGirl Scout HistoryUniforms and InsigniaJourneysJourney Summit AwardHandbookGirl Scout traditionsGirl Scout Leadership MapGirl Scout HistoryUniforms and InsigniaJourneysAwardsMy Promise, My FaithHandbookGirl Scout traditionsGirl Scout Leadership MapGirl Scout HistoryUniforms and InsigniaJourneysAwardsBadgesBadgesBadgesMy Girl ScoutsExploring BadgesChoose one program levelMove to that groupPick up a badge (legacy, cookie, finance, skill building)Complete the Search & Learn worksheetGirls Guide to Girl ScoutingNow for the topic you all want to know about, the new Girls Guide to Girl Scouting! We cannot tell you how excited we are about these books.We acknowledge that the timing of their arrival is a bit later than we would have hopedBut when they get here in MID SEPTEMBER your girls are going to love what they have to offer!We are going to share a brief overview of whats in them then do a couple of activities.Please note that we will be placing the information covered today on the website so you can use it locally.But first - we are going to play a brief video to give you the overview of what is in the books, including some new awards for girls, then we will do a short activity to allow you to go more in depth with the badges.(Click center of tv to play video)Video slideSo that video gave us a great introduction to the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting. We are going to look at it a little more. Around the room, youll see staff serving as todays Vanna Whites. Each of them is holding a Girls Guide for one of the 6 levels. Go ahead and turn to where you can easily see one because we are going to look through these books together. So as we just heard in the video, each book has 3 sections: The handbook sectionBadges (or awards in the Daisy book)And a My Girl Scouts sectionWe are going to walk through the sections real quick. Each handbook section starts out with a little introduction and some Girl Scout traditions like the promise and law, Girl Scout sign, handshake and others depending on the level.Next is the Girl Scout Leadership Experience map for each level. You may have seen these online. This map shows girls the different options they can choose throughout the Girl Scout year.Each handbook also has a great history section with old pictures, the story of Juliette Low and information about WAGGGS and Global Girl Scouting. This part also includes a beautiful map of all the councils in the US.The next part covers Uniforms and insignia. There are new placement charts, explanations of insignia such as membership pins, troops numbers and membership stars. There is also a section on the new troop crests. The descriptions for the updated troop crests include the various ways each symbol has been interpreted over the years so that girls can consider those meanings as they choose their own troop crest. There are two versions of the troop crest descriptions posted: A younger version for Brownies and Juniors and an older version for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors. If your troop already has a troop crest, you may certainly keep it. If you have a new troop, or the girls are ready for a new one because theyve bridged or want a change, then these are their choices. The handbook also includes an explanation of what each Journey is about and what awards girls can earn by completing the Journeys.A brand new award introduced in the Girls Guide is the Journey Summit Award. Girls earn this award by completing all three journeys at their grade level. It will be placed just below the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards on a sash or vest to recognize the importance of the award. This is now the highest award that a Daisy or Brownie can earn. Also in the Girls Guide is a new song - The Journey Summit Song.The last part of the handbook section covers level appropriate awards, other than badges and petals, that girls can earn.This includes things like:Program AideJunior AideCounselor in trainingVolunteer in training (which is the updated leader in training)Community service barsTorch awardsBronze, silver, and gold awardsPromise center for DaisiesWorld thinking day awardsCookie Activity pinsBridging awardsAnd the new My Promise, My Faith pinsThis is the second new award in The Girls Guide to Girl Scouting. Some of you are familiar with the PRAY religious awards. PRAY is an outside vendor. So now, My Promise, My Faith is Girl Scoutings own national faith recognition. Girls can earn this award each year.Please note that in addition to this new award, many of the others have been updated, so be sure to take a look at the new requirements if you are interested.The second section, Badges, starts out with a very cool foldout of the badges and awards that girls can earn. On one side, girls can keep track of what they have earned at that level. On the other side, they can see what badges they can earn at every level.The pages that follow go through the anatomy of a badge: the five steps, purpose, Journey tie-in and optional service ideas. After this brief explanation, are the requirements for all the Legacy badges and the Daisy Petals. Each badge is a stand alone booklet, which can be easily taken out of the binder. Also included are the financial literacy and cookie business badges and leaves which girls can earn each year. Youll have a chance to look at these a little more in depth in a minute.The last section is called My Girl Scouts. Here girls have pages to personalize, express themselves and keep track of their Girl Scout experiences. Younger girls have stickers and other fun activities; older girls have pages to journal. Every level has a fun time capsule activity to be opened as an adult and a letter to yourself to be opened when you bridge to the next level.So, now we are going to do a quick activity to take a deeper look at the new badges. If my Vannas could pick a table, stand by it and hold your books in the air. (make sure that you only have one book/program level per table)Everybody take a second look around the room and decide which table you want to go to based on which program level you want to explore but dont move yet!Once you get to your new table, well be handing out 2 things: A search and learn activity sheet that will walk you through the new badgesThe additional skill building badge sets (hold them up) You may have heard about these optional add in sets that correspond to each Journey. They are structured exactly the same as the badges that come with the Girls Guide. Youll have a chance to look at these as well.Vannas, if you could go ahead and take out the badge booklets from your binders and place them on the table, then keep holding your binder as a sign so everyone knows where to go.Any questions about this activity?Great, you will have 5-10 minutes, go ahead and move tables!Instruct: Hand all badges to your Vanna Say:So what do you think? Lets hear from 3 people really quickly. What did you notice about the badges? Emotional CornersOK now that youve heard a little bit and have seen a little bit of the Girls Guide lets get an idea of how everyone is feeling.Point out: There are 4 feeling words taped in the four corners: Excited, Relieved, Concerned, UnhappySay: In a second, we are going to have you take your things with you and move to the place in the room that best describes how you are feeling about these new resources.Clarify: You can have mixed feelings. You can place yourself as near or as far from any feeling word that best describes how strongly you feel.Say: Once folks have gotten into place, Ill call for attention and give you more directions. Ready go! (Call for attention when ready)Ask: Is everybody where they want to be?Instruct:Find a partner who is *relatively* near to where you are. Share with your partner, where you placed yourself and why.(Wait about 1-2 min then call for attention)Say:Lets have 3 or 4 people share with the whole room. Please wait to be called on and speak really loud so everyone can hear.(Call on people until a general spectrum of answers have been shared.)WRAP-UPThanks!Thank-you so much for sharing your thoughts. We are really excited about these resources and we want to do the best job possible helping this get out to leaders and volunteers.Parking Lot In the back of the room(?) There is a parking lot and there are post-it notes on your tables.Additional comments, questions, concernsor support materials you think your volunteers will need, please write it on a note and post it.Share:We encourage you to do this activity with the leaders in your area once you have the books all the materials will be posted on the web under the Area Meeting HandoutsBe Seated:If you would please return to your original seats we have one last item to share. (Click center of tv to play video)This slide is the video { will automatically pull this slide up when you click on the tv in the previous slide}


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