Geospecific 3D Stereo Imagery For Rapid Low Cost GIS .Geospecific 3D Stereo Imagery For Rapid Low

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Text of Geospecific 3D Stereo Imagery For Rapid Low Cost GIS .Geospecific 3D Stereo Imagery For Rapid Low

  • SimWright Inc.


    Geospecific 3D Stereo Imagery


    Rapid Low Cost GIS Data Collection

    SimWright Inc.

  • SimWright Inc.

    Presentation Agenda

    Digital 3D Stereo Imagery DatasetsApplications

    Potential Future UsesQuestions

  • SimWright Inc.

    Digital 3D Stereo Imagery Datasets

    Derived from standard aerial stereo pairsEvery pixel in the image is accurately georegisteredBased on algorithms designed for smart bomb targetingTypical accuracies in x,y, and z

    1200 ft. imagery +/- 3cm x,y, and z2000 ft. imagery +/- 8cm x,y, and z

  • SimWright Inc.

    Current Applications

    Roadway Characteristics/Asset Data Collection with FDOTSurvey Data Point Collection with FDOT2D/3D Shapefile Extraction and Digital Elevation Data Extraction with Okaloosa County, FloridaVisual Database Modeling/FDOTData Extraction from Satellite Imagery for Visual Modeling

  • SimWright Inc.

    Anaglyph Stereo Image of Destin Florida3.4 Pixel Resolution

  • SimWright Inc.

    Roadway Characteristics/Asset Data Collection

    Datasets created for approximately 2000 miles of FDOT District 3 Currently in daily use by FDOT to extract

    and view roadway characteristics dataUses have expanded to include design,

    maintenance, and traffic operations

  • SimWright Inc.

    FDOT RCI Data Extraction

  • SimWright Inc.

    Survey Data Extraction

    Pilot project in FDOT District 3 Demonstrated capability of extracting

    survey points accurate to +/- 3cm x,y,zProviding approximately 90% of data

    points required for roadway designProvides standard output formats

    compatible with CAiCE and Geopak

  • SimWright Inc.

    SR393 Roadway Design Project

  • SimWright Inc.

    2D/3D Shapefile Extraction and Digital Elevation Data Extraction

    Used in Okaloosa County Florida for NPDES Phase II Stormwater data collection and floodplain analysisData extracted in standard shapefile formatsElevation data derived using edge detection

    algorithms developed for DODProvides for vector data visualization in stereo

    Overlay allows for visual data QA/QCAlso used for FAA Part 77 obstruction

    clearance assessment

  • SimWright Inc.

    Okaloosa County Stormwater Project

  • SimWright Inc.

    Visual Database Modeling

    Creation of visual models in OpenFlightformat for real-time interactive simulationAbility to extract polygonal models and

    phototextureNumerous tools available to create

    visualizations for planning, public involvement, project development, etc.Numerous agencies are specifying use of

    visualization for projects

  • SimWright Inc.

    OpenFlight FDOT District 3 Headquarters

  • SimWright Inc.

    Data Extraction from Satellite Imagery

    Stereo datasets can be extracted from commercial satellite imageryFeature extraction can be performed

    subject to imagery resolutionRecent effort involved use of 1 meter

    referenced stereo Ikonos productUsed by Evans and Sutherland to create

    visual models for ABC news

  • SimWright Inc.

    Ikonos Imagery and Extracted Model

  • SimWright Inc.

    Other Potential Applications

    FHWA has funded research for development of automated permit management systemFAA prototype tool for FAA obstruction clearanceFDEP interested for coastal mapping to assess dune displacementMulti-Modal Data Acquisition Bike-Ped-RailConflation Tools

  • SimWright Inc.


    Contact Data:FDOT - Ted Jones, PE, FDOT District 3 Planning, ted.jones@dot.state.fl.usHSA Consulting - John E. Matthews, PLS jmatthews@hsa.ccSimWright Inc. - Lonnie Hearne

    GIS-T 2003 COLORADO SPRINGSPresentation AgendaDigital 3D Stereo Imagery Datasets Current ApplicationsAnaglyph Stereo Image of Destin Florida 3.4 Pixel ResolutionRoadway Characteristics/Asset Data CollectionFDOT RCI Data ExtractionSurvey Data ExtractionSR393 Roadway Design Project2D/3D Shapefile Extraction and Digital Elevation Data ExtractionOkaloosa County Stormwater ProjectVisual Database ModelingOpenFlight FDOT District 3 HeadquartersData Extraction from Satellite ImageryIkonos Imagery and Extracted ModelOther Potential ApplicationsQuestions

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