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  • 7/27/2019 Geography ELL Lesson Plan


    Date: August 30, 2013

    Title: Setting the geographic stage

    Description (1-2 sentences): Students will examine the geography of the United States and learn how

    it has shaped the countrys historical development.

    Subject: ELL US History

    Instruction time: 82 minutesStudents level by grade: 11


    Standard(s) to be addressed:

    Understand the effect of geographic factors on historical events. Understand ways that historical events have been influenced by, and have influenced,

    physical and human geographic factors in local, regional, and global setting.

    Understand past government policies designed to change a countrys populationcharacteristics.

    Enduring Understandings/Essential Questions targeted in this lesson (for units created using the

    Understanding By Design framework only):

    How has geography influenced the development of the United States? How does geography shape culture in the United States?

    Learning Objectives for this lesson (Written using verbs from Blooms Taxonomy):

    Analyze how various aspects of US geography have shaped the nations historicaldevelopment.

    Identify and label key geographic features on a US map. Compare characteristics of regions in the United States.

    Identified student needs and plans for differentiation:

    ELL students will be allowed to refer to a physical geography map of the United States asthey complete the preview assignment. They will be asked to draw in two or three physical

    features that may have:

    o Hindered or promoted settlemento Helped the national economicallyo Unified or divided the country

    Specific resources needed for this lesson: Textbook:History Alive!: Pursuing American Ideals Chapter 3 preview assignment Chapter 2 placards of historical events

    Instructional method(s) used in this lesson:

    Discussion and debate Independent study

  • 7/27/2019 Geography ELL Lesson Plan


    Lesson Sequence:

    Distribute copies of preview assignment for chapter 3 and give students time to complete.o The preview assignment asks students to draw an outline of the United States and

    identify two or three physical features that may have: Hindered or promoted settlement Helped the national economically Unified or divided the country

    o Allow ELL students to use a physical geography map as they complete theassignment. Have students share their responses to the preview assignment. Explain the purpose of chapter 3.

    o Tell students they will be examining different maps that provide some type ofgeographic information, such as physical features, population density, and natural


    Introduce the essential question: How has geography influenced the development of theUnited States?

    o Discuss with students how geography has impacted their lives and their surroundings. Where they have lived? Why they have moved?

    Have students take turns reading paragraphs from section 3.1 aloud.o Ask the following questions after the reading:

    In what ways might the geography of the United States have appealed toprospective settlers?

    In what ways might the geography of the United States have been an obstacleto settlement?

    Place students into mixed-ability pairs and explain the purpose of the next activity.o Tell students they will learn about some of the key geographic features of the United

    States and how these features have shaped the nations historical development.

    o Distribute a handout for chapter 3 to each pair.o They will label these features on their maps from the handout.

    Have each pair of students select a card from an envelope.o Tell them to turn to the section of chapter 3 indicated on their card and follow the

    directions on the card.

    Monitor student worko Have each pair select a new card until they have completely labeled the five maps on

    the handout.

    Lead a class discussion to review answers to the geography challenge cards.o What two key geographic features most affected the settlement of the United States?o How has Americas geography been an asset to its development?o How has Americas geography been an obstacle to its development?o Do you think Americas geography has been more of an asset or an obstacle? Why?

    Have students complete the following processing activity:o Ask students to draw and label what they think are the most influential features in the

    development of the United States.

    o Locate and label their own community, state, and region on their map and ask: What features influenced why and where their community, state, and region

    developed? What two or three features impacted the development of your community,

    state, and region?

    How will you modify or adjust this lesson in the future?

  • 7/27/2019 Geography ELL Lesson Plan


    In the future, I think I will design more specific questions to ask ELL students about their own

    experiences. The ELL students have lived in many more places in the United States than the generaleducation students. I thought that this activity worked well because the students had something to say

    about the content because they had some background knowledge about the geography of the US

    because of the places they have lived in the past. However, I would have liked to have created an

    assignment that would ask students to describe one place they have lived and how geography playeda role in how they lived and the culture of the area. Then, I would have the students present their

    information to the rest of the class and identify the location and important geographical feature on a

    map at the front of the room. After the students were done presenting, I would have students comparethe regions they have lived in and they could explain the how geography has influenced these places.

    This would all the students to build off of their prior knowledge and provide them the opportunity to

    learn from one another.