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  • 1. GeniusIOLead Better Discussions
  • 2. Comments TodayOnly the highest quality discussions OK, maybe not.
  • 3. Whats available?Any of the 1000s of WordPress plugins
  • 4. Whats available?Any of the 1000s of WordPress plugins
  • 5. Theyre all the same!
  • 6. So, whats new?GeniusIO is a web annotations platform Readers can comment Text throughout the article rather than just at the bottom Resulting in higher quality and more focused discussions
  • 7. As Teachers Asst. for aHigh School English Department I learned... Teachers love it So much easier to grade Students have fun interpreting text with classmatesHigher quality data set for Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • 8. Verticals Educators TeamsCritically analyze books Understand research journalsand readings as a class and project documents Purpose: High Growth Purpose: $$ + Growthfirst + free! Publishers Know more about reader engagement on articles Purpose: $$$
  • 9. CompetitionEducators Teams Publishers
  • 10. Features In-text annotations (like iBooks) Network-based viewing (like Google+) Sweet data visualizations (ex: Engagement Heatmaps) Recommendations to improve articles based on audience reception
  • 11. Business Model Free private docs for teachers Restricted to only books (from Project Gutenberg) Reader Plans Publisher Plans Free Pro $5 - $100 Free $10 - $500