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GENG0001 MATHEMATICS A. Lecturer: Vesna Perišić Building 54, Room 7027, Tel. 25127 e-mail Teaching organisation. 1. Lectures - VP – 3 lectures per week; - learn new concepts illustrated by a simple examples. 2. Workshops. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • GENG0001 MATHEMATICS ALecturer: Vesna PeriiBuilding 54, Room 7027, Tel. 25127 e-mail

  • Teaching organisation1. Lectures - VP 3 lectures per week; - learn new concepts illustrated by a simple examples

  • 2. WorkshopsThere are 3 workshops per week: run by postgraduate students (6 groups, each group run by 2 PGs) work on problem sheets (with added results) tests and the role of the tests

  • 6 Workshop groupsGroup 1: Michael Hogg & Prathiban SureshkumarGroup 2: Truc Van Nguyen & Siavash MirahmadiGroup 3: Taha Ben Masaud & Sana RashidGroup 4: Aliza Abd Rahmin N.A.B. & Powee KucitaGroup 5: Michal Kalkowski & Nada Al BunniGroup 6: Keith Pham & Jian Guo

  • 3. Math Support

    - run by Maria Koeck

  • Peer Support quotes from the students I did benefit from the peer support. I felt that teaching topics to others helped to reinforce the topics in my head.I feel I did benefit because I gained friends from it. It may have contributed to The Base Room being a study area rather then a wholly social one. I admired the patience of some of the helpers.

  • The peer support sessions were a great help. Facebook is a powerful aid in these circumstancesPeer support has certainly had benefits for both those helping and getting help, and it is definitely a worthwhile endeavour. However, I think that those who made it work where probably the people who would have been getting together to study anyway. If you were able to find a way to extend it to a wider audience then I think it would be a great addition to the course.

  • Feedback on your progressWhat is feedback? - Implicit feedback- Tests as feedback - Explicit feedbackWhat kind of feedback would you like to get?

  • Problems !!!!

    Deal with them on time.

  • Assessment100% Closed Book Exam (2 hours)

  • Teaching ResourcesLecture Notes (Blackboard)Book: Anthony Croft and Robert Davison: Mathematics for Engineers (MyMathLab Global)

  • SyllabusSolving Linear simultaneous equations by substitution and elimination Factorisation, Solving quadratic equations by factorisation, Solving quadratic equations by formulaSimultaneous equations with one linear equation and one quadratic equationInequalitiesIndices, Logarithms, logarithmic function, Indicial EquationsThe exponential function

  • Syllabus-cont.Polynomials and factorisation (Long division)The remainder theorem APs and GPsPartial Fractions The Binomial TheoremMatrices and DeterminantsSolution of simultaneous equations by matrices and determinants

  • Syllabus cont.Radians, arc length and the area of a sectorBasic trig functions and their graphsSimple trigonometric identities, Polar and rectangular co-ordinates, Parametric representationSine and cosine rules, Compound and Multiple angles Revision (Week 12-last teaching week)

  • MATHS A EXAM (January)

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