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  • Frequently Asked Questions: SHARE Upgrade


    Q1: Why are we upgrading to a new version of SHARE?

    A1: The SHARE upgrade project will upgrade the current SHARE system from versions 8.9 (HCM)

    and 8.8 (Financials), to version 9.2. This will upgrade the state to the most current version of

    PeopleSoft and provide a foundation for support and future updates. This upgrade will allow for

    increased functionality within both the Human Capital Management and Financial Suites.

    Q2: Will we get training for the SHARE upgrade?

    A2: Yes! We will provide job aids, videos, online and classroom training to users as appropriate. For

    the HCM 9.2 upgrade, most users will receive online training, videos, and job aids. HR managers will

    also receive classroom training. The goal is for you to be ready and comfortable to do your job on day

    one. You will receive information ahead of time to let you know what training to take. HCM training will

    be available starting April 3rd on the SHARE Information Center website (

    Q3: How are you getting agency input for the upgrade?

    A3: The SHARE Upgrade Team is committed to partnering with agencies across the state to prepare

    them for upcoming changes and make sure the upgraded system works for all users. A major part of

    this partnership is SMARTnet, the SHARE Modernization Agency Readiness and Training Network.

    SMARTnet is made up of teams from multiple agencies that are focused on communicating changes

    related to the upgrade. SMARTnet members also collect and report feedback from their respective

    agencies to inform upgrade requirements and change management efforts.

    Q4: Are you getting input from agencies related to reports they need in SHARE 9.2?

    A4: Yes. We have conducted multiple individual interviews and group sessions with a number of

    agencies to determine the reports they would need in the upgraded system. There will be standard,

    delivered reports to help agencies access the information they need, and queries will be cleaned up

    to eliminate incorrect and unused queries. Please contact the SHARE Upgrade Team if you need

    more information about improved reporting capabilities in SHARE 9.2 or have comments about the

    types of reports your agency would require.

    Q5: Is time reporting changing in the new version of SHARE?

    A5: The State of New Mexico is transitioning to positive time reporting with the HCM upgrade in April

    2017. This means users will need to submit all of their hours worked every week for approval.

    Supervisors will get a notification when they need to approve employees timesheets and

    employees will be paid based on approved timesheets. This change will help the State of

    New Mexico move forward by empowering employees to take accountability for their time

    and aligning time reporting practices with the industry standard. For more details, please

    see the Positive Time Reporting FAQ list posted at

    The SHARE upgrade project will increase standardization of the system, instill confidence in the system by

    making key processes easier, encourage collaborative communities, and empower users with the right

    information and training.


    Q6: Will my home screen look different in 9.2?

    A6: Yes, your home screen will look different with the SHARE upgrade because PeopleSoft 9.2 has

    a different look from the current version. The new look is user-friendly, but will take time to get used

    to. The SHARE Upgrade Team will provide online training courses, videos and job aids to assist

    with this process.

    Q7: What browser should I use to access SHARE?

    A7: The preferred browser is Internet Explorer version 11, but you can also use Google Chrome

    and Mozilla Firefox. Please note that SHARE 9.2 will not work with older versions of Internet

    Explorer. You should work with your IT department to update your browser to Internet Explorer 11.

    Q8: Can I have multiple browser windows open in SHARE?

    A8: It depends. If you follow a link in SHARE that opens a new window, you can view both

    windows. However, you cannot log in to SHARE twice in two browser windows. If you want to log

    in to both HCM and FIN simultaneously, you should use different browser types. For example, you

    can log into FIN using Internet Explorer 11, and log in to HCM at the same time using Google


    Q9: Will I be able to access SHARE on my mobile phone?

    A9: No. Mobile support is not a part of this SHARE upgrade rollout. It will be considered in the

    future, but it will not be available with the 2017 Go-Live.

    Q10: Will I be able to access the FIN and HCM modules at the same time?

    A10: Yes, but you might experience issues if you are trying to open FIN and HCM in the same type

    of browser. Try using a different browser for each suite (for example, open FIN in Internet Explorer

    and HCM in Google Chrome). If you still experience issues, please contact your IT Helpdesk.

    Q11: Will department IDs change?

    A11: No. The values that you use on transactions in HCM and FIN will not change during the

    upgrade. You may notice a smaller number of values while searching for a Department (or other

    ChartField value) due to a data cleanup effort underway by DFA and DoIT. There have been a large

    number of values added over time which are no longer used, and will be inactivated so they arent

    accidentally chosen by users in the system. This cleanup effort helps streamline data entry and

    searching, while retaining historical data for reporting purposes.

    Q12: Will department structures change?

    A12: No reorganizations of existing departments are planned for the upgrade. After the

    upgrade, there will be a new process to request new departments or changes to existing

    departments. The current paper forms will be replaced with a streamlined online process.

    You will receive more information about this new process prior to the FIN upgrade in


    Q13: Will I be able to see my W-2 in SHARE 9.2?

    A13: W-2 forms for tax year 2017 will become available in SHARE HCM in January

    2018. W-2 forms for tax year 2016 are not available in SHARE.

  • Q14: Why is the year-to-date tax accrual balance incorrect on my pay advices?

    A14: For the HCM 9.2 Go-Live, all pay advices had to be rerun going back to 1/1/2016. On all of

    those pay advices, the system recorded the YTD balance for the entire month in which each

    paycheck was paid, because it could not pull the individual pay period data. Going forward, the

    system will build the YTD balances with each pay period as usual, so this issue will not occur for

    any future-dated checks or pay advices.


    Q15: When will the upgrade happen?

    A15: The SHARE upgrade will occur in two phases: HCM will go live in April 2017 and FIN will go

    live in October 2017. Prior to each of the releases, you can expect training and communications to

    keep you informed about the changes you can expect.

    Q16: Will SHARE still be available at the time of the upgrade?

    A16: There will be brief blackout periods in April and October while SHARE is being upgraded. For

    the HCM Go-Live, SHARE HCM will be unavailable from April 22-27, and the upgraded system will

    be available starting April 28. This means you should complete all pending tasks, time entry and

    approvals in SHARE HCM by Friday, April 21. SHARE FIN will still be available during the HCM

    blackout. You will receive email reminders about these blackout periods and what you need to do to



    Q17: How do I share feedback that I have collected from my agency?

    A17: You can share feedback through our feedback forum on the SHARE website, or you can email

    Q18: Where do I go for more questions related to the SHARE upgrade?

    A18: You can find more information at or email with questions.