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    Pressure & Temperature Gauges



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    A Division of Watts Water Technologies Inc.

    Watts Industries Italia S.r.l.Via Brenno, 21 20046 Biassono (MB), Italy

    Ph. : +39 039 49.86.1 - Fax : +39 039 23.22.236e-mail: - A Division of Watts Water Technologies Inc.












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  • 1. An order only constitutes a booking and does not commit the company to make total or partial delivery. The order shall only be accepted and thecontract for sale deemed to take effect when Watts Industries Italia receives a copy of the proposed order confirmation, containing the general conditionsapplicable to the sale, duly signed by the purchaser. Order confirmation will not be issued in the case of orders with a delivery date within 2 workingdays; in such case, the contract for sale shall be deemed to take effect on delivery of the goods.

    2. We shall be entitled to modify the prices quoted by us, even after issue of the proposed order confirmation, until the time of delivery of the goods,in the event of increases in cost of raw materials, labour, energy sources and costs of production.

    3. The delivery dates are purely approximate; any delay in delivery not exceeding 120 days after the specified date shall not entitle the purchaser to anycompensation.

    4. The goods will normally be delivered ex works, unless otherwise agreed and expressly stated in the order.

    5. Orders for a net amount of less than 1.000,00 Euro cannot be fulfilled.

    6. The goods will be delivered ex works. Our liability ceases on delivery to the purchaser or the carrier. The goods travel at the purchasers risk, evenif sold free at destination, and no claims for any breakage or interference can therefore be accepted. Any agreements with shipping agents, includingthe amount and payment of the cost of transport, shall always be deemed to be entered into on behalf of the purchaser, which hereby accepts andratifies our actions.

    7. All payments shall be made at our offices within the stated period. If the prices are expressed in euros, in the event of delay in payment the purchasershall pay delay interest from the due date at the ABI prime rate plus two percentage points. If the prices are expressed in a foreign currency, in theevent of delay in payment the purchaser shall pay delay interest from the due date at the interbank rate for that currency plus two percentage points.Invoices shall be paid in the currency indicated in the invoice. If the currency indicated in the invoice should cease to exist, payment shall be made inthe currency which replaced the one indicated in the invoice. This situation shall have no effect on the terms of contract; the continuity of the contractshall be unaffected, and neither party shall be entitled to call for any amendment or unilateral termination of the general conditions of sale.

    8. In the event of failure to comply with the terms of payment, Watts Industries Italia shall be entitled to suspend all or part of the delivery of the goods,even if it relates to proposed order confirmations duly accepted under the terms of these general conditions of sale.

    9. All Watts Industries Italia products are thoroughly tested at the works; they are consequently guaranteed for two years from the date of issue of theinvoice. The said guarantee covers replacement or repair, free of charge, of those components of the goods supplied which present manufacturingdefects. I.I.P. brand products may be collected by I.I.P. for the conduct of tests, either directly from the market or from users, customers, retailers,sites, etc. The purchaser shall allow I.I.P.s representatives access to perform tests and inspections to establish whether the products conform to theapplicable standards.

    10. Any damage or injury caused by incorrect operation of the product shall be notified within 24 hours, giving the name of the claimant andthe approximate amount of the claim. Photographs of the damage or injury, together with the product allegedly responsible, shall subsequently besent for laboratory examination. All evidence demonstrating the extent of the damage or injury (goods, etc.) shall be held at the disposal ofWatts Industries Italia until the claim has been settled.

    11. Watts Industries Italia declines all liability for injury to persons or animals or damage to property deriving from use of equipment without observingthe safety instructions, or the use of equipment installed incorrectly and/or without performing the usual checks.

    12. Any claims or disputes shall not entitle the purchaser to refuse to pay for the goods or to delay payment thereof.

    13. The purchaser may not return the goods for any reason without our express written authorisation. In the event of strikes or lock-outs, total lack orreduced supply of raw materials, transport problems, wars, riots, interruptions in communications for any reason, malfunctions of plant or any otherunforeseeable event, we reserve the right to suspend deliveries or to cancel duly accepted orders, in which case the purchaser shall not be entitled tocompensation.

    14. Every contract revokes and replaces any previous agreement between the parties on the same subject.

    15. Any amendment to the contract shall be made in writing and signed by both parties.

    16. The descriptions and photographs contained in the Watts Industries Italia price list are provided by way of information only, and are not binding.Watts Industries Italia reserves the right to make any technical modifications to its products or changes in their appearance without prior notice.

    17. INFORMATION NOTICE REQUIRED BY LOW 196/2003. For the purpose of entering into and performing contracts with you, we hold data relating toyou, acquired in writing or verbally, directly or through third parties, which are classed as personal data by Italian law. Please make reference to ourwebsite for more information.

    18. All contracts shall be governed by Italian law.20. The prices shown in the trade list below are quoted net of VAT.

    19. If any dispute should arise, the Bolzano courts shall have sole jurisdiction thereover.




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    Assembling department


    Watts Water Technologies is on the global market with several companies, each with their own history andproduct line. Within their diversity the companies of the Watts Water Technologies Group share the object of anintense technological development. Each product, designed represents an optimum example of synergybetween technology, innovation and protection of the environment.

    Watts Water Technologies family withoperations in North America, Europe and Asiadesigns, manufactures and sells an extensiveline of flow control products for the waterquality, residential plumbing & heating,commercial and OEM markets. For years, Watts Water Technology is quotedat the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) withsymbol WTS performing a continuous andconsolidated growth.

    Watts Water Technologies, established in1874 in New England as regulation valvesmanufacturer for the growing textile industry,has offered, in the last Century, a wide rangeof high quality and technically innovativeproducts for industrial applications.

    In 1987 Watts Water Technologies movedthe first step in Europe, beginning anambitious acquisition program, addressed tointegrate companies with a strong technicalknow-how and with a consolidated customerssupport under the European company nameWatts Industries. All European subsidiariesoffer a certified quality system both for localand international markets.

    Watts Instrumentation is a subsidiarycompany of the Watts Industries Group,with experience and skills in design andmanufacturing of pressure and temperaturegauges dating back more than 30 years .

    Watts Instrumentation, with the brands of WATTS and is now a world leading producer in thegauge business. The range covers all the needs for industrial pressure and temperature measurement, from thesimplest to the more sophisticated needs. HVAC, pneumatic, hydraulic and virtually all industries are taking dailybenefit from the use of our gauges. The commercial subsidiaries of the Group, present in all continents,are ensuring distribution and support throughout the world.

    Watts Industries can provide a wealth of knowledge in instrumentation design, a first class standard product

    range and world-wide distribution network. In addition we can offer bespoke products made to your requirements.

    Millions of our pressure and temperature gauges are already worldwide in use, manufactured to ISO 9001:2000

    Quality Standards and special industry standards.





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