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  • April 17-19, 2013 | Swisstel |Chicago, IL


    Registration Brochure

    Register today and learn the building blocks of municipal bond law and strengthen your basic knowledge of tax, securities, and state law issues in municipal finance.


  • The Seminar is expected to offer CLE credit up to a total of 14 hours in states with a 60-minute CLE hour and up to a total of 16.8 hours in states with a 50-minute CLE hour. Included in the total hours are two 75-minute sessions for which ethics/profes-sionalism credit for will be sought. Few pro-grams offer this much CLE credit through sessions geared specifically toward the mu-nicipal finance lawyer. NABL will apply for CLE credits from those states that have mandatory CLE requirements. Attendees should be sure to include applicable MCLE states and identifying numbers on the regis-tration forms. The requisite CLE forms will be available at the Seminar.

    Learn the building blocks of municipal bond law and strengthen your basic knowledge of tax, securities and state law issues pertaining to municipal finance from this Seminars distinguished faculty, comprised of experi-enced municipal bond attorneys and finance professionals.



    ATTENDANCE The Seminar is designed for attorneys, paralegals, government officials and employees, financial consultants, trustees, municipal advisors and other municipal finance professionals and market participants seeking a basic knowledge of municipal bond law and related finance issues. The Seminar is open to both NABL members and non-members.

    SEMINAR HIGHLIGHTS The Seminar offers three General Sessions, each designed to provide attendees with a strong foundation and understanding of the key components of a municipal bond practice. First, the Basic Structuring & Financial Aspects of a Municipal Bond Transaction session will provide at-tendees with a solid foundation of practical skills and techniques needed to understand the basic structural elements, documents and financial aspects of a municipal bond transaction. Second, the General Securities Law session will provide an overview of the applicable federal securities laws with which every municipal bond practitioner should be familiar. Third, the two-part Gen-eral Tax Law session will provide an in-depth explanation of the federal tax law applicable to municipal bonds.

    In addition to three General Sessions, the Seminar offers attendees the option to attend six break-out sessions. Attendees can select from seventeen session topics designed to build upon the materials taught in the General Sessions.

    NETWORKING Meet your peers and the top professionals working in the field of municipal bond law. A Wel-come Reception on Wednesday, April 17, and a Networking Reception and Roundtable Discus-sions on Thursday, April 18, will be held for all attendees and faculty. This years faculty includes the current and immediate past NABL Presidents, along with several board members, committee chairs and other esteemed legal colleagues. Throughout the Seminar, attendees will have direct access to the faculty and are encouraged to ask questions. Do not miss these opportunities to meet and talk with the faculty and other professionals from around the country.

    MATERIALS Receive outstanding resource materials to use in your practice. All registrants will receive a printed program book containing an outline for each session as well as an electronic form of NABLs reference volume, Fundamentals of Municipal Bond Law, containing valuable reference material on tax, securities and other laws applicable to municipal finance. A printed version of the book is available for the discounted price of $125 for attendees. Registrants may also request a compli-mentary copy of their choice of the Lexis/Nexis Federal Taxation of Municipal Bonds Deskbook (valued at $186) or Federal Securities Laws of Municipal Bonds Deskbook (valued at $115).

    GENERAL INFORMATION The Seminars schedule recognizes the many demands on attendees and provides regularly sched-uled breaks throughout the day so you can check voicemail and e-mail. The Seminar concludes at 12:30 pm on Friday, April 19. Attire is business casual, and all social and educational events are non-smoking.


  • TAX 1. Arbitrage This session will discuss general arbitrage concepts, arbitrage re-bate requirements and the use of the various exceptions to the arbitrage rebate requirements.

    2. Refunding / Reissuance This session will describe the ba-sic legal and tax aspects of cur-rent and advance refundings. It also will discuss the basics of the tax concept of a reissuance.

    3. Avoiding the Private Activity TestsThis session will focus on the pri-vate activity bond rules applicable to tax-exempt municipal bond transactions, including the pri-vate payment or security test and the private loan financing test.

    4. Qualified 501(c)(3) Bonds This session will describe the basic rules applicable to the issuance of 501(c)(3) bonds, including owner-ship and use requirements and is-sues specific to hospital, residential housing and religiously-affiliated school financings, as well as com-monly used financing structures.

    5. Qualified Small Issue and Exempt Facilities This session will provide an over-view of the rules applicable to qualified small issue bonds, includ-ing qualifying projects, prohibited and restricted uses and maximum amounts, and the rules relating to qualified exempt facility bonds.

    6. IRS EnforcementThis session will provide a discus-sion of the evolving nature of IRS enforcement of tax-exempt municipal bonds, including com-pliance questionnaires, voluntary closing agreement programs and audits.

    SECURITIES 7. Underwriting: Behind the Scenes This session will provide an in-depth discussion and overview of the underwriting process, including all aspects of struc-turing the deal through taking the municipal bonds to market. 8. Practical Due Diligence/ Drafting the Disclosure Document This session will provide an overview of the due diligence process with which practitio-ners should be familiar in mu-nicipal bond transactions and provide practical guidance for preparing disclosure documents.

    9. The Role ofUnderwriters CounselThis session will provide an over-view of the role and expectations imposed on underwriters counsel in a municipal bond transaction.

    GENERAL 10. Conduit Issues and IssuersThis session will highlight state law creation of and limitations on conduit bond issuers, the roles of counsel, multi-state issuers, and many other issues peculiar to con-duit bond issues.

    11. State Law Issues This session will discuss common state law issues that need to be ad-dressed throughout the structur-ing of a municipal bond transac-tion, regardless of jurisdiction.

    12. Post Closing Issues This session will focus on the is-sues that must be addressed after the municipal bond transaction has closed, such as timely filing of Forms 8038, Volume Cap confirmation, UCCs, transcripts, termination letters, change in use issues, record retention and audit requests.

    13. Interest Rate Swaps This session will provide an over-view of interest rate swaps that are purchased in connection with a municipal bond transaction.

    14. The Role of Trustees Counsel This session will provide an over-view of the role and expectations imposed on trustees counsel in a municipal bond transaction, as well as some practice pointers to assist attendees when reviewing documents.

    15. Leases and Other Non-Traditional FinancingsThis session will provide an over-view of those transactions that just do not fit typical structures but are common nonetheless, such as leases, installment pay-ment contracts, pool programs, etc.

    ETHICS16. Engagement Letters and Opinions (Ethics Credit) This session will review current practice, NABLs existing guid-ance and Model Rules of Profes-sional Conduct guidance regard-ing engagement letters and bond opinions. The form, content and scope of opinions typically ren-dered by various counsel will be examined. This session is antici-pated to qualify for CLE ethics credit.

    17. Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Issues (Ethics Credit) This session will address, in an interactive format, ethical and practice issues related to legal rep-resentations, delivery of opinions and termination of client engage-ments, including discussion of applicable model rules of profes-sional conduct, in the context of municipal financings. This session is anticipated to qualify for CLE ethics credit.

    BREAKOUT SESSION TOPICS (Grouped by subject matter)

    REGISTRATION Registration Fees (NABL member-ship is by individual, not firm)

    $ 695.00 NABL Members$ 1,195.00 Non-Members$ 745.00 State or Local Government Your registration fee includes two con-tinental breakfasts, two networking events/receptions, and lunch on Thurs-day. It also includes all Seminar materials (excluding a printed copy of the refer-ence book) as well as a complimentary copy of either the Lexis/Nexis Federal Taxation of Municipal Bonds Deskbook (valued at $186) or Federal Securities Laws of Municipal Bonds Deskbook (valued at $115).

    Not a NABL Member?Please visit for membership information.

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    11:00 am - 6:00 pm Check in Desk Open1:00 pm - 6:00 pm Exhibits Open1:30 pm - 1:50 pm Introduction and Welcome Messages2:00 pm - 4:00 pm General Session - Basic Structuring and

    Financial Aspects of a Municipal Bond Transaction

    4:00 pm - 4:15 pm Break4:15 pm - 5:45 pm General Session