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  • 8/11/2019 Fuel Dispenser Calibration Canada


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    1. Measurement Canada2. > Las and !e"uirements

    P-G-01 Procedures for the Calibration,

    Certification and Use of Gas Measuring

    Apparatus - Woring !e"el #onic $o%%le

    Pro"ers Pursuant to the &e'uirements of #-


    #rocedures $or the Cali%ration& Certi$ication and Use o$ 'as Measuring (pparatus ) *orking

    Level Sonic +o,,le #rovers #ursuant to the !e"uirements o$ S)')-1& in #F $ormat& 1//.0

  • 8/11/2019 Fuel Dispenser Calibration Canada


    #)')-1 3rev.145 Summar6 o$ (mendments to #)')-1

    #ection (escription

    All !e$ormatted to ne $ormatting re"uirements.

    )*+** .11/ Corrected $ormula.

    )*+** .1/ Corrected $ormula.

    )*+** Corrected e7amples and the $ormula $or 8C meters.

    )***!eorded to remove test points %elo the ma7imum errors e7pected $or the intended

    use o$ the measuring apparatus.


    .)/(dded percent correction $ormula $or imperial units.

    )*) !emoved as the repeata%ilit6 testing is no longer a re"uirement.

    able of Contents

    1.- Scope

    1.1 'eneral2.- !e$erences

    9.- e$initions

    :.- Sa$et6

    :.1 Scope:.2 !e"uirements

    :.9 Ha,ards

    :.: Sa$e ;perating #rocedures

  • 8/11/2019 Fuel Dispenser Calibration Canada


    /.2.2.1 Scope

    /.2.2.2 'eneral

    /.2.2.9 (pparatus/.2.2.: #rocedure

    /.2.2.< !emarks

    /.9 #rocedures For (ssessing Mechanical !e"uirements/.9.1 Leak 8ests

    /.9.1.1 ;perational Leak 8ests

    /. Scope/. 'eneral

    /. (pparatus

    /.9.1.1.: #rocedure

    /.9.1.1.< !emarks/.9.2 Flo !ate 8ests

    /.9.2.1 Scope

    /.9.2.2 'eneral

    /.9.2.9 (pparatus/.9.2.: #rocedure

    /.9.2.< !emarks/.9.9 !egister eri$ication

    /.9.9.1 Scope

    /.9.9.2 'eneral/.9.9.9 (pparatus

    /.9.9.: #rocedure

    /.9.2.< !emarks

    /.: Meter Classi$ications and 8rans$er Meters/.:.1 Meter Classi$ications

    /.:.1.1 Scope

    /.:.1.2 'eneral/.:.1.9 (pparatus

    /.:.1.: #rocedure

    /.:.1.< !emarks/.< olume Correlations


  • 8/11/2019 Fuel Dispenser Calibration Canada


  • 8/11/2019 Fuel Dispenser Calibration Canada


    *Statistical Sampling #lans $or the eri$ication and !everi$ication o$ =lectricit6 and 'as

    Meters 3LM)=')-:& section 9.- and :.-& Consumer and Corporate ($$airs Canada& Legal

    Metrolog6 ranch 1@A/4.

    *Speci$ications $or the Cali%ration& Certi$ication and Use o$ 'as Measuring (pparatus ) Sonic

    +o,,le #rovers 3S)')-1)=& Measurement Canada& 2--1)12)-14.

    *)*orksheets $or the Cali%ration& Certi$ication and Use o$ 'as Measuring (pparatus ) Sonic

    +o,,le #rovers 3S)')-1)=& Measurement Canada& 2--1)12)-14.

    +*0 (efinitions


    Comparison %eteen to instruments& measuring apparatus or standards& one o$ hich is

    o$ knon accurac6. #er$ormed to detect& correlate& report& or eliminate %6 adustment an6

    variation in accurac6 o$ the instrument or measuring apparatus o$ unknon accurac6.


    ( process hich ensures that a measuring apparatus has %een properl6 cali%rated&

    properl6 installed $or its intended use& and that an accepta%le accurac6 correlation e7ists

    %eteen it and a re$erence standard.

    Certification esting

    ( speciali,ed $orm o$ cali%ration per$ormed according to $i7ed standards hich must %e

    met prior to the issuance o$ the Measurement Canada proving s6stem certi$icate.

    (irect Counting Gas Measuring Apparatus

    ( gas measuring apparatus hich determines meter error using register revolutions o$ the

    meter under test.

    2igh !oad &ate

    8he term used to descri%e the $lo rate corresponding to 1:< D

  • 8/11/2019 Fuel Dispenser Calibration Canada


    3nitial Certification

    Certi$ication o$ gas measuring apparatus $or the $irst time.

    !ocal 4olumetric #tandard

    ( master %ell prover or certi$ied trans$er prover located at or near the site o$ the gasmeasuring apparatus.

    !o5 !oad &ate

    8he term used to descri%e the $lo rate corresponding to :< D

  • 8/11/2019 Fuel Dispenser Calibration Canada



    8he oner o$ the gas measuring apparatus to %e cali%rated and certi$ied or recerti$ied.


    Certi$ication o$ a gas measuring apparatus su%se"uent to the initial certi$ication.

    &elati"e 7rror

    8he a%solute error o$ measurement divided %6 the true 3conventional4 value o$ themeasurand. 8he measurand is a "uantit6 su%ected to measurement.

    ransfer Meter

    ( non)converting meter supplied %6 the oner $or the purposes o$ volume correlations on

    the gas measuring apparatus.

    4olume Correlation

    8he process %6 hich a speci$ic volume registered %6 a trans$er meter or measured %6 a

    gas measuring apparatus is related to or tracea%le to a local volumetric standard.

    *0 #afet8

    *1 #cope

    8he purpose o$ this section is to descri%e the sa$et6 re"uirements and ha,ards hen per$orming

    certi$ication testing and use o$ gas measuring apparatus ) sonic no,,le provers as related toSpeci$ication S)')-1)=.

    * &e'uirements

    ( Measurement Canada inspector shall have su$$icient knoledge and e7perience to test andoperate gas measuring apparatus pursuant to the speci$ication. ?nspectors ill %e deemed

    "uali$ied i$ the6 have su$$icient knoledge& training and e7perience ith various models and

    t6pes o$ gas measuring apparatus ) sonic no,,le provers and the metrological theories to per$ormthat dut6 sa$el6 and properl6.

    ( "uali$ied Measurement Canada inspector is re"uired to %e aare o$ the $olloing sa$et6


    314 Canada La%our Code& #art ??J

  • 8/11/2019 Fuel Dispenser Calibration Canada


    324 !egulations respecting ;ccupational Sa$et6 and Health made under #art ?? o$ the Canada

    La%our CodeJ

    394 Sa$et6 and Health Committees and representatives regulationsJ

    3:4 8reasur6 oard Manuals that outline the +ational Koint Council (greements as related toHealth and Sa$et6. 3#ersonnel Management Manual ol. 124J


  • 8/11/2019 Fuel Dispenser Calibration Canada


    314 Making availa%le the speci$ication S)')-1)=& procedures and orksheets& upon re"uest.

    324 Making availa%le the certi$ication re"uest $orm and accepting the completed re"uest.

    394 (ssigning the gas measuring apparatus certi$ication testing to %e carried out %6 the local

    inspection sta$$ o$ Measurement Canada.

    3:4 =nsuring that all re"uired pre)testing has %een per$ormed %6 the oner o$ the gas measuring

    apparatus. 8his should %e esta%lished %6 e7amining all the re"uired orksheets and test results.


  • 8/11/2019 Fuel Dispenser Calibration Canada


    314 ;%taining and $orarding a completed device certi$ication re"uest to the local Measurement

    Canada o$$ice.

    324 =nsuring that the gas measuring apparatus is compliant ith all the re"uirements as stated insection :.

  • 8/11/2019 Fuel Dispenser Calibration Canada


    the certi$ication o$ the gas measuring apparatus and the e7tent to hich additional certi$ication

    tests must %e per$ormed. 8his decision ill %e made %6 the local o$$ice o$ Measurement Canada&

    in consultation ith the !egional 'as Specialist andBor =ngineeringBLa%orator6 ivision.Measurement Canada ma6 limit the scope o$ certi$ication o$ a certi$ied gas measuring apparatus

    %e$ore alloing the oner to proceed ith the stated modi$ication.

    3114 #roviding trans$er meters o$ su$$icient sta%ilit6 and repeata%ilit6 to per$orm all tests re"uired

    %6 this Speci$ication. (n6 testing re"uired to guarantee this re"uirement %eing met shall %eper$ormed %6 the oner.

    3124 ( complete set o$ operating instructions $or the apparatus to %e certi$ied must %e made

    availa%le to the Measurement Canada inspector prior to certi$ication testing. 8hese instructionsmust