Voice Operated Dispenser With Fuel

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  • 8/13/2019 Voice Operated Dispenser With Fuel


    Major project work


    Voice Operated Fuel Dispenser System

    Submitted as a part of course curriculum for B.Tech.


    Mechanical engineering

    Under the guidance of

    Dr. G.S.heema

    Submitted by

    !rjun SoodDhanwant Singh

    !marendra "umar!tul houdhar#

    Department of Mechanical engineering

    Bhai Gurdas ollege of $ngg. % Tech.& Sangrur

    ' Bhai Gurdas Institute of $ngineering % Technolog#

  • 8/13/2019 Voice Operated Dispenser With Fuel



    (e would like to e)press our special thanks of gratitude to m# teacherand guidance in charge Dr. G.S.heema& our *.O.D of MechanicalDept. Dr. Manpreet Singh and last but definitel# not the least our

    Director Dr. Tanuja Sri+asta+ who ga+e us the golden opportunit# to dothis wonderful project and pro+iding us with the necessar# knowledge

    and information to make this project a success.

    (hich also helped us in doing a lot of ,esearch and we came to knowabout so man# new things. (e are reall# thankful to her.

    Secondl# we would also like to thank our parents and friends whohelped us a lot in finishing this project within the limited time.

    -astl#& we would like to thank the man who has transformed this worldinto a bunch of technolog#. *e does not need an# introduction& but

    formall# we ha+e to do.

    *e is the (O,-Ds richest man not onl# b# his MO/$0 but also b#

    his T*O1G*TS& (I-- 2O($,& and O/3ID$/$. The one andonl# 4SI, BI-- G!T$S5 6 founder and owner of MI,OSO3T(ithout M.S (O,D we cant e+en think to single page of this project


    I am making this project not onl# for marks but to also increase m#knowledge.

    T*!/"S !G!I/ TO !-- (*O *$-2$D 1S"

    7 Bhai Gurdas Institute of $ngineering % Technolog#

  • 8/13/2019 Voice Operated Dispenser With Fuel


    !a#le o$ Contents

    '. Introduction % Block Diagram 8

    7. Steps to 3abricate 9

    :. (orking of the 2roject ;

    8. omponent Description

  • 8/13/2019 Voice Operated Dispenser With Fuel



    This is a =oice Operated 3uel Dispenser S#stem. In speech recognition using water

    dispenser we used *M7??< module. In this project we will switch on mechanical

    rela# using speech module which will further control the water dispenser@ pump.

    In the module& we can record our +oice for different le+els. This recorded +oice links

    to the code at the microcontroller. (hen one speaks Athe person whose +oice has

    been recorded at the module then our recognition s#stem recogniCes the sound andaccounts it to the rela# switch on& for that particular time.

    The 2roject is di+ided into three parts.

    '. Speech recognition s#stem AModule

    7. Microcontroller unit.

    :. Mechanical motor

    &loc' Dia(ram

    8 Bhai Gurdas Institute of $ngineering % Technolog#








    ,elay deri-e




  • 8/13/2019 Voice Operated Dispenser With Fuel


    Steps !o Fa#ricate

    ' (e are using a 2B for our project.

    7 In this project we can make a E9+olt suppl# for microcontroller.

    : In our power suppl# circuit we will use a '76?6'7 step down transformer.

    8 Then we will use a rectifier circuit for make a D circuit

    9 (e will use a filtering circuit b# using electrol#te capacitor.

    ; Then we will use a +oltage regulator.

    (e will use a 8? pin I base for microcontroller.

    F >Fc7?9' microcontroller.

    '? (e will use a reset circuit.

    '' (e will use a '; pin I base for -D

    '7 (e will use a +ariable resistance for contrast.

    ': (e will use a speech recognition module for input purpose.

    '8 *M7??< module.

    '9 Module is connected +ia optocoupler circuits.

    '; (e will use rela# circuits at the output side of the microcontroller.

    ' (e are using a 3uel Dispenser A2ump.

    9 Bhai Gurdas Institute of $ngineering % Technolog#

  • 8/13/2019 Voice Operated Dispenser With Fuel


    Wor'in( o$ t)e pro.ect

    (hen we switch on the power suppl#& the transformer con+erts the ! into D&

    with a rectifier circuit. This D suppl# is then gi+en to the /0112 Module.

    The +oice then gi+en as an input to the module is fed to the microcontroller.

    In this project we use I >Fc7?9' as a main processor. On pin no. ' we use

    one capacitor and resistor network. Two infrared sensors are connected as a

    collision sensor. These sensors are connected to the input ports. On this pin

    we directl# connect a photodiode as a recei+er sensor. Infrared led is directl#

    connected with the 9 +olt suppl# through '?? ohm resistor. In this controller

    we use negati+e input and negati+e output circuit. Output of the

    microcontroller is connected to the four different optocoupler connecti+it#.

    Output of the in+erter circuit is connected to the rela# circuit. (e use the

    rela# circuit to control the timing of the motor. (ith the help of dc motor

    A3uel Dispenser we pump out the fuel.

    ; Bhai Gurdas Institute of $ngineering % Technolog#

  • 8/13/2019 Voice Operated Dispenser With Fuel


    CO*ONEN! DESC,%*!%ON

    34 !,ANS%S!O,

    ! transistor is semi conductor de+ice consisting of three regions separated b# two 26

    / junctions. The three regions are Base& $mitter % ollector.

    The base ma# be of /6 t#pe or 26 t#pe. The emitter and collector ha+e same

    impurities but different from that of base. Thus if base is of /6 t#pe then emitter and

    collector are of 26 t#pe then transistor is called 26/62 transistor and +ice +ersa

    transistor is called /626/ transistor.

    The base is made thin and number densit# of majorit# carriers is alwa#s less than

    emitter and collector. The base pro+ides junction for proper interaction between

    emitter and collector.

    < Bhai Gurdas Institute of $ngineering % Technolog#

  • 8/13/2019 Voice Operated Dispenser With Fuel


    $lectrons are majorit# charge carriers in /6 region and in 26region& holes are the

    majorit# charge carriers. Thus two t#pes of charge carriers are in+ol+ed in current

    flow through /626/ or 26/62 transistor.

    04 D%ODE

    It is a 26t#pe region and /6t#pe region formed in the same cr#stal structure& and

    hence a 26/ junction is produced. Some of the conduction electrons near the

    junction diffuse in to 26t#pe semiconductor from the /6t#pe semiconductor across

    the junction combing with the holes. The loss of electrons makes the /6t#pe

    semiconductor positi+el# charged and hence the neutraliCation of the holes on the

    other hand makes 26t#pe semiconductor negati+el# charged. This region where

    positi+e and negati+e charges de+elop is called depletion region.

    3ig. Diode

    54 ,ES%S!ANCE

    ,esistor is a two6terminal electronic componentthat produces a +oltageacross its

    terminals that isproportionalto the electric currentpassing through it in accordance

    with Ohms law

    =H I,

    ,esistors are elements of electrical networks and electronic circuits and are

    ubiuitous in most electronic euipment. 2ractical resistors can be made of +arious

    > Bhai Gurdas Institute of $ngineering % Technolog#

  • 8/13/2019 Voice Operated Dispenser With Fuel


    compounds and films& as well as resistance wireAwire made of a high6resisti+it#

    allo#& such as nickel@chrome.

    !)eory o$ operation

    Ohms law

    The beha+ior of an ideal resistor is dictated b# the relationship specified in law

    Ohms law states that the +oltage A= across a resistor is proportional to the current

    AI through it where the constant of proportionalit# is the resistance A,.

    64 CA*AC%!O,

    ! capacitor is a de+ice capable of storing an electric charge Astatic electricit#. It

    consists of two metal plates separated b# dielectric material. apacitors are a+ailable

    in +alues ranging from less than one picofarad to thousands of microfarad. (hile

    using a capacitor its ratings must be carefull# obser+ed to make certain that the

    potential to be applied across the capacitor is not greater than the rated +alue.

    !7*ES OF CA*AC%!O,S8

    Depends upon the basis of dielectric used

    !ir insulated % +acuum capacitors

    2aper insulated capacitors

    Mica capacitors

    F Bhai Gurdas Institute of $ngineering % Technolog#

  • 8/13/2019 Voice Operated Dispenser With Fuel