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  • Frontline biochip technologyFeatures and beneFits

    in allergy diagnostics

  • immunocap isac is a highly advanced tool for revealing the patients ige antibody profile. it is the result of a combination of innovative biochip technology with cutting edge research in molecular allergology. immunocap isac is the only in vitro diagnostic test for simultaneous measurement of specific ige antibodies to a broad spectrum of allergen components.

    Highly advanced technology answering the clinical questions

    Based on modern biochip technology, ImmunoCAP ISAC is a miniaturized immunoassay platform where allergen components are immobilized in a microarray.

    This advanced technology enables a simultaneous measurement of ige antibodies to a fixed panel of 112 components from 51 allergen sources in a single step, using only 30 ul of serum or plasma.

    Both capillary and venous blood sampling can be used, where capillary blood sampling enables a less invasive procedure e.g. for testing young children.

    ImmunoCAP isac is the first multiplex in vitro diagnostic tool for the allergy specialist that is based exclusively on allergen components.

    immunocap isac When you need the

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  • the Future oF multiplex molecular allergologythe great power of microarray-based miniature solid-phase immunoassays lies in their potential to investigate in parallel large numbers of analytes in a variety of biological samples.

    immunocap isac allows clinical evaluation of many allergen components using only very low volumes of patient samples.

  • principles oF the test procedure

    the allergen components are spotted in triplets and covalently immobilized to a polymer coated slide. each slide contains 4 microarrays giving results for 4 different samples per slide.

    ImmunoCAP ISAC is a two-step assay:

    1. ige antibodies from the patient sample bind to the immobilized allergen components.

    2. allergen-bound ige antibodies are detected by a fluorescence- labeled anti-ige antibody.

    The test procedure (including washing and incubation steps) gives a total assay time of less than 4 hours.

    Fluorescence is measured with a laser scanner and results are evaluated using Phadia Microarray Image Analysis (MIA) software. the mia sW has a user-friendly interface and enables automatic readout and customized result reports.

    immunocap isac is a semi-quantitative test and results are reported in ISAC Standardized Units (ISU) giving indications of specific IgE antibody levels.

    Prepare serumPrewash slides Incubate sample


    Stain with Detecting Ab-conj Scan biochip Analyse images Create report

    Duration: 3 hours Duration: 10 minutes

  • technical Features Frontline biochip technology a highly advanced in vitro

    diagnostic test using multiplexing technology for allergen specific ige antibody measurements.

    Only allergen components high-quality recombinant and purified allergen components are used.

    Efficient profiling tool enables measurement of IgE antibodies to a fixed panel of the 112 most relevant allergen components from 51 sources in a single test.

    Small sample volume only 30 l of serum or plasma.

    Flexible sample taking both serum and plasma (heparin) samples from capillary and venous blood can be used.

    Semi-quantitative determination based on fluorescence measurements, results are reported within a measuring range of 0.3 100 ISU-E (ISAC Standardized Units) giving indications of ige antibody levels. the isu-e are standardized to immunocap specific ige units.

    Performance: sensitivity varies from 0.3 1.0 ISU-E depending on the allergen component, no interference even from very high total IgE.

    CV% is < 25 for values > 1 ISU.

    Structured result report a user-friendly software generates structured result reports including guiding comments for faster interpretation.

    immunocap isac contains a wide array of proteins from various allergen sources.

    allergen components by source

    Nuts an

    d seeds




    Grass pollen

    Tree p














    al ori


  • nGal d 1nGal d 2nGal d 3nGal d 5nBos d 4nBos d 5nBos d 6nBos d 8nBos d lactoferrin

    rGad c 1nPen m 1nPen m 2nPen m 4

    rAna o 2rBer e 1rCor a 1.0401rCor a 8nCor a 9nJug r 1nJug r 2nJug r 3nSes i 1

    rAra h 1rAra h 2rAra h 3nAra h 6rAra h 8rAra h 9rGly m 4nGly m 5nGly m 6

    nFag e 2 rTri a 14rTri a 19.0101 nTri a aA_TI

    nAct d 1nAct d 2nAct d 5rAct d 8






    AllerGen ComPonenTAllerGen SourCeCommon nAme ProTeIn GrouPlATIn nAme

    Egg whiteEgg whiteEgg whiteEgg yolk/chicken meatCows milkCows milkCows milk and meatCows milkCows milk


    Cashew nutBrazil nutHazelnutHazelnutHazelnutWalnutWalnutWalnutSesame seed




    ovomucoidovalbuminconalbumin/ovotransferrinlivetin/serum albuminalpha-lactalbuminbeta-lactoglobulinserum albumincaseintransferrin

    parvalbumintropomyosinArginine kinasesarcoplasmic ca-binding protein

    Storage protein, 11S globulinStorage protein, 2S albuminPR-10 protein Lipid transfer protein (nsLTP)Storage protein, 11S globulinStorage protein, 2S albuminStorage protein, 7S globulin Lipid transfer protein (nsLTP)Storage protein, 2S albumin

    Storage protein ,7S globulin Storage protein, ConglutinStorage protein, 11S globulinStorage protein, ConglutinPR-10 protein Lipid transfer protein (nsLTP)PR-10 protein Storage protein, Beta-conglycininStorage protein, Glycinin

    Storage protein, 2S albuminLipid transfer protein (nsLTP)omega-5 gliadin

    Thaumatine-like protein

    PR-10 protein

    Gallus domesticusGallus domesticusGallus domesticusGallus domesticusBos domesticusBos domesticusBos domesticusBos domesticusBos domesticus

    Gadus callariasPenaeus monodonPenaeus monodonPenaeus monodon

    Anacardium occidentaleBertholletia excelsaCorylus avellanaCorylus avellanaCorylus avellanaJuglans regiaJuglans regiaJuglans regiaSesamum indicum

    Arachis hypogaeaArachis hypogaeaArachis hypogaeaArachis hypogaeaArachis hypogaeaArachis hypogaeaGlycine maxGlycine maxGlycine max

    Fagopyrum esculentumTriticum aestivumTriticum aestivumTriticum aestivum

    Actinidia deliciosaActinidia deliciosaActinidia deliciosaActinidia deliciosa

    immunocap isac allergen components

    Food Allergens

  • immunocap isac allergen components

    AllerGen ComPonenTAllerGen SourCeCommon nAme ProTeIn GrouPlATIn nAme

    Food Allergens

    rApi g 1rmal d 1rPru p 1rPru p 3

    nCyn d 1rPhl p 1rPhl p 2nPhl p 4rPhl p 5rPhl p 6rPhl p 7rPhl p 11rPhl p 12

    rAln g 1rBet v 1rBet v 2rBet v 4rCor a 1.0101nCry j 1nCup a 1nole e 1nole e 7role e 9rPla a 1nPla a 2rPla a 3

    nAmb a 1nArt v 1nArt v 3rChe a 1rmer a 1rPar j 2rPla l 1nSal k 1

    rCan f 1rCan f 2nCan f 3rCan f 5






    PR-10 protein PR-10 protein PR-10 protein Lipid transfer protein (nsLTP)

    grass group 1grass group 1grass group 2

    grass group 5



    PR-10 protein PR-10 protein profilinpolcalcinPR-10 protein

    Lipid transfer protein (nsLTP)

    Lipid transfer protein (nsLTP)

    Lipid transfer protein (nsLTP)

    profilinLipid transfer protein (nsLTP)

    lipocalinlipocalinserum albuminarginine esterase

    Apium graveolensMalus domesticaPrunus persicaPrunus persica

    Cynodon dactylonPhleum pratensePhleum pratensePhleum pratensePhleum pratensePhleum pratensePhleum pratensePhleum pratensePhleum pratense

    Alnus glutinosaBetula verrucosaBetula verrucosaBetula verrucosaCorylus avellanaCryptomeria japonicaCupressus arizonicaOlea europaeaOlea europaeaOlea europaeaPlatanus acerifoliaPlatanus acerifoliaPlatanus acerifolia

    Ambrosia artemisiifoliaArtemisia vulgarisArtemisia vulgarisChenopodium albumMercurialis annuaParietaria judaicaPlantago lanceolataSalsola kali

    Canis familiarisCanis familiarisCanis familiarisCanis familiaris



    Bermuda grassTimothy grassTimothy grassTimothy grassTimothy grassTimothy grassTimothy grassTimothy grassTimothy grass

    AlderBirchBirchBirchHazel pollenJapanese cederCypressOliveOliveOlivePlane treePlane treePlane tree

    RagweedMugwortMugwortGoosefootAnnual mercuryWall pellitoryPlantain (English)Saltwort


  • immunocap isac allergen components






    requ c 1nequ c 3rFel d 1nFel d 2rFel d 4nmus m 1

    rAlt a 1rAlt a 6rAsp f 1rAsp f 3rAsp f 6rCla h 8

    rBlo t 5nDer f 1rDer f 2nDer p 1rDer p 2rDer p 10rlep d 2

    rBla g 1rBla g 2rBla g 5nBla g 7

    rApi m 1nApi m 4rPol d 5rVes v 5

    rAni s 1rAni s 3

    rHev b 1rHev b 3rHev b 5rHev b 6.01rHev b 8


    AllerGen ComPonenTAllerGen SourCeCommon nAme ProTeIn GrouPlATIn nAme



    House dust miteHouse dust miteHouse dust miteHouse dust miteHouse dust miteHouse dust miteStorage mite


    Honey bee venomHoney bee venomPaper wasp venomCommon wasp venom



    Sugar epitope from Bromelain

    lipocalinserum albuminuteroglobinserum albuminlipocalinlipocalin


    mn superoxide dismutase