Frank Zappa the Frank Zappa Guitar Book

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Text of Frank Zappa the Frank Zappa Guitar Book

  • The ContentsIntroductionSteve Transcriber VaiThe CopyistsNotationShut Up'n Play Your Guitarfive-five-FIVEHog HeavenShut Up'n...While You Were OutTreacherous CretinsHeavy Duty JudySoup'n Old ClothesShut Up'n Play Your Guitar Some moreVariations...Gee, I Like Your PantsThe Deathless HorsieShut Up...Some MorePink NapkinsReturn Of The Son Of...Stucco HomesYou Are What You IsTheme From Sinister Footwear Joe's Garage Acts II & IIIWatermelon In Easter HayPackard GooseOutside NowHe Used To Cut The GrassSheik YerboutiSheik Yerbouti TangoRat TomagoMo' MamaZoot AlluresBlack NapkinsA Few Words...