Formula Used Mass (g)Volume (cm³) Density (g/cm³) 6020 102 223 456 75 61

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Text of Formula Used Mass (g)Volume (cm³) Density (g/cm³) 6020 102 223 456 75 61

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Slide 2 Formula Used Mass (g)Volume (cm) Density (g/cm) 6020 102 223 456 75 61 Slide 3 Formula Used Mass (g)Volume (cm) Density (g/cm) 62 82 103 76 85 Slide 4 Bladder? Ballast? Slide 5 Fish control their depth in water by using their swim bladder. To increase the amount of air inside their bladder they can gulp in air at the surface or release dissolved gases (air) from their blood. Dissolved Gases? What? Examples? Increased air? Slide 6 To decrease the amount of water the fish simply releases air or gases into the water. Releasing air in swim bladder results in? Slide 7 Rockweed and Seaweed Swim bladders? Why or why not? Slide 8 Overall density is very similar to that of water, therefore a relaxed swimmer with filled lungs is positively buoyant. Wet suit = + Buoyancy Weights = - Buoyancy Compensator vest = increases and decreases and allows for neutral buoyancy By increasing or decreasing air levels, what important property are we changing. Slide 9 In what ways are fish bladders and buoyancy compensator vests similar? Slide 10 Ballast is any material on ships, submarines, hot air balloons, or dirigibles (air ships); dir-i-juh-buhl that acts as weight and alters the buoyancy. Examples? Sand, water Ballast Tanks Specifically designed tanks that hold the ballast Slide 11 Ballast used in submarines and ships is water. Ships generally dump most or all of the water when they pick up cargo. A ship that floats lower in the water is much more stable and thus the perfect amount of ballast is necessary. Slide 12 Slide 13 Submarines use ballast to control the depth at which they travel. http://www.worsleyschool. net/science/files/sub/mari nes.html Slide 14 QXkI3B8w&feature=related&safety_mod e=true&persist_safety_mode=1&safe=act ive Slide 15 Two wishes How could you have improved your boat? What should you have done differently? What feature should I have changed Features: Size, thickness, volume and a star? What was the best feature of my boat? How did it help? Three small paragraphs