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FITNESS - Benefits of Ex · PDF file Opportunity for social interactions Improved quality of life Resistance to fatigue Ability to meet new challenges (confidence) Improved self­concept

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  • FITNESS ­ Benefits of Exercise

    Cobourg Collegiate Institute 1


    MAJOR PHYSIOLOGICAL BENEFIT Improved cardiovascular fitness      Stronger heart muscle. Lower heart rate at rest and at any workload. Lower maximum heart rate Possible reduction in blood pressure Reduced blood fat Possible resistance to atherosclerosis Possible improved peripheral circulation Improved coronary circulation. Greater respiratory efficiency Increased ability to use oxygen Less chance of heart attack or stroke Greater chance of surviving a heart attack Greater lean body mass and lesser body fat Greater work efficiency for all workloads Less susceptibility to some diseases Some defense against some illnesses Improved appearance with less fat and better musculature Less likely to suffer sore muscles or major injuries

    Improved strength and muscular endurance Greater work efficiency Less chance of muscle injury Decreased chance of low back problems Improved performance in sports Improved ability to meet emergencies Greater work efficiency Quicker recovery after hard work.

    Improved flexibility Less chance of muscle or joint injury. Decreased chance of low back problems. Improved sports performance.

    Delay in the aging process (moderate exercise may take 10 years off your age).  

  • FITNESS ­ Benefits of Exercise

    Cobourg Collegiate Institute 2



    Reduction in mental tension Fewer stress symptoms Improved ability to meet some stressors Ability to enjoy leisure Possible work improvement Greater energy capacity Opportunity for social interactions Improved quality of life Resistance to fatigue Ability to meet new challenges (confidence) Improved self­concept Opportunity to recognize and accept personal limitations You may learn to relax. Improved sense of well­being. Improved outlook on Life   You may sleep better.

    Page 1: Physical Benefits Page 2: Mental Benefits

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