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Dear Team Vision Asia,Let me start by saying its been awonderful experience getting Vision Asiato our new home. You have beenparticularly helpful in getting it set up inour house and I would like to thank you forwaiting patiently till my landlordspermission came in. The installation wasflawless and reception is good. Keepspreading the smiles.AnilDear Anil,It is our endeavor to spread happinessthrough the Vision Asia bouquet. Thefeedback from our customers helps us toraise the performance bar and motivatesthe team. Heres wishing you a great timewatching Vision Asia channels.Team Vision AsiaHello. How are you today? I like yourprogrammes. They are very nice. Would itbe possible for you to add one Punjabichannel to your bouquet. I love Punjabiprogrammes!CheersKulwinder KaurDear Kulwinder,We are glad that you are enjoying theVision Asia programmes. You may be awarethat Zee TV carries Gurbani from GoldenTemple twice a day. We will try our best toget you more Punjabi programmes.Team Vision AsiaLETTERS >>>Vision Asia wishes all its viewers a wonderful festive season. We have lined up greatfestive programmes for you this month. Moreover, we also tell you how your favouritestars are celebrating Eid and Diwali this season. Hope you enjoy reading this issue!Get ready to watch the fourth season of the exciting Nach Baliye on Star Plus thismonth. Sony has two new offerings Bin Phere Hum Tere, a family drama set againstthe background of the Golden Temple and Hum Ladikyan, the story of four small-towngirls. Grab the excitement and masti of emotions in Miley Jab Hum Tum on Star One, astory of six youngsters in college.On the occasion of Diwali, Star Gold is screening Jai Maa Vaishno Devi, Ramayan ShriRam Katha, Jai Santoshi Maa, SetMax is screening Hanuman and Return of Hanuman.Other big movies in the month include Aaja Nachle, Laga Chunari Mein Daag on Sonyand Amitabh Specials on Zee Movies including Coolie, Andha Kanoon and Hum. Zeebrings you a Sufi concert featuring the famed maestro Fateh Ali Khan on the occasionof Eid something no music lover should miss. MTV and NDTV are receiving strongsupport from viewers in ANZ.Diwali is a time to spread happiness. This makes it a good time to get your friends andrelatives connected to Vision Asia. Gift it some one you love.Australia moves to daylight saving time on 5th October. Please refer to our website forupdated schedules. We would like to hear from you. Please write [email protected] Goswami, CEOChannel TalkEditor: Quanith IlahiAdvertising Liaison:Mario [email protected]/Design:hillroadmedia.comContact Us:97 Victoria Road,Parramatta,NSW 2150Phone: 1300 286 786Fax: 1300 286 789REFER A FRIENDRefer a friend in the month of Octoberand get a $50 chequeVision Asia does not guarantee the authenticity or takeany responsibility (in any way) of the material in anyadvertisement or discount voucher.2-10Film reviews12Cover story14-18Poster32-33TV Guide35-42CONTENTSTravel50Food54AB on Drona56Gossip46Horoscope64October 2008 l2l VISIONASIAINDIAN IDOLIS BACKINDIAN Idols fourth season began on September 19,replacing Dus Ka Dum. Audiences can watch the showsbiggest season yet as it includes participants from India,UK, USA and Dubai. Niret Alva, the head of the Miditechproduction house, says, This show is like no other. Itsgoing to be really special. The audience will have so manytalented people to choose from.However, though the scale is larger, the conceptremains the same. When asked what is going to bedifferent this year, he replied, There is no need to bedifferent because the format is already very popular.About the hosts, he said, Our anchors Deepali Kishoreand Mayang Chang are fresh and absolutely fantastic. Wehave a very interesting combination of judges. They arevery talented and we even have two new judges thisseason. One is a very good actress Sonali Bendre andthe other is a very talented singer Kailash Kher. Moreimportantly, all of them believe in speaking their minds.LARA Dutta and Rani Mukherjeewere the special guests on theDus Ka Dum finale. Before theshow, Lara spoke to us aboutDKDs concept, Salman Khan andthe one question she isdesperate to ask the superstar When are you gettingmarried?She says, It is a uniqueconcept. The audience gets achance to know how theparticipant thinks and what hefeels about India. In this case,they will get a glimpse of theway Rani and I think. Most of thetime, they see us in character. Ifyou play a galmourous character,they think you are glamourous.So, this is our chance to showour jhalak.Lara praised Salmanshosting skills, but when askedwhether she would ever host ashow, she said, I do not think Ican host. Only big names canhost reality shows. No one hasever offered me one. You need acertain quality Salman is verycharismatic and Shah Rukh has avery positive charm too.When quizzed about whatshe would like to ask Sallu, sheimmediately said, Everyonewants to ask him the samequestion When are you gettingmarried?Praising Salman further, shesaid, Everyone knows that he isa very nice person at heart. Ifyou dont take panga with him,he will be very polite. And itsnot just him, his entire family isextremely nice.LARA DUTTAON DKDOctober 2008 l4l VISIONASIAKAHAANIACTRESSTURNS DIRECTORYASH TONKTOENTER KYUNKI...YASH Tonk, who plays Shiv in Karam Apna Apna, will star inKyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi as Shiv Singhania. Yash, whobegan shooting in August, told us all about his character.Yash says, I am playing a character called Shiv Singhania, abusiness tycoon and Gangas (Shilpa Sakhlani) obsessed lover.They were in love and shared some passionate moments, but sheleft him and got married to someone else. So he comes back intoher life and tries to win her back. It is a negative role. I amexcited about this because my character in Karam is verymellow. It is a two-month cameo.Yash returned from a shoot in Australia a few days ago. I amalso doing a film called Main Aur Mrs Khanna. It was a month-and-a-half-long shoot. It was fun to be there with Salman bhai,Kareena and Sohail.Yash also says that he is very busy with the two shows andthe film, and does not have time to take up any new project. Hesays that the only reason he accepted the role in Kyunki Saas...was because it is another Balaji show. The company is managinghis schedule for both the shows.PRIYA Wal, who plays Aditi in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, has directed adocumentary. An excited Priya told us, I have made a short film. Itwont get a multiplex release. A group of people encouraged me tomake the film. They are going to show it wherever they go Pune,Kolkatta, Delhi. I am a creative person and have also written a full-fledged script, which I will make into a movie some time soon.The film is about two boys and two girls. It is the story of ayoung girl, who, like many other girls, hopes to meet a macho guyand get married to him. But she ends up marrying the next-doortype. It is a six-minute film. I have written, directed and acted init. My friends are also in the movie.About Kahani, she says, We are currently shooting a scene inwhich we are on a mission to save Parvati. Parvati has never beenin this situation before and needs someone to rescue her.Talking about her personal track on the show, she says, Forme, Aditi is definitely going to be very different than she was inthe show earlier. She used to feel that her mother neglected her. Atthe time, she was vulnerable and emotional. But now that hermother has accepted her, she has become strong. Her characterhas matured.Priya also said that she will not be seen on the big screen atall, but would like to direct a film.October 2008 l6l VISIONASIADIVYANKAHAS ASLIPPED DISKJASVEER KAURON A REALITY TRIPJASVEER Kaur, who plays Pavitra in Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan,has just won the dance reality show Ek Se Badhkar Ek and hasalready taken on a new reality show Saas Vs Bahu.Talking about her shows, Jasveer says, Ive always wantedto become dancer and thats why I joined the industry. Now Imjust going with the flow. My daily soap is also doing well. Andthough I would never leave the show, dance has always been myfirst love. Ek Se Bhadkar Ek was a very good opportunity for meto showcase my talent. I am still learning about dance though Iam about to start my second show.Jasveers competitor will be Vaishnavi, who played her saason her first show. We are best friends and though our show waswrapped up two years ago, we kept in touch. She is verytalented. On screen, we have to show rivalry, but off screen, wehelp each other out and go to each others rehearsals. It was funto work together after so long.She adds, Her first performance was so amazing and I wasscreaming so much, I got a tonsil problem. I am really happy forher. It is going to be a good competition. And surprisingly, all thesaas are so good that we really have to work hard to compete.DIVYANKA Tripathi, who plays Divya in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann,has had a slipped disk. Divyanka told us how she is coping right now.She says, It is improving slowly. I really need rest. But I cant affordto. Even when I get an off, I have to go out to buy stuff because Ilive alone in Mumbai.The star explains that the problem began while filming asequence earlier this year. She says, While filming the Holisequence, I hurt my upper back. I could not rest as Sharad and I hadmany major scenes together. So, I had to bear the pain.She adds, My upper back pain turned into lower back pain. I donot know how that happened. Even the doctors could not diagnose itfor a few days. Eventually, I was told that I had slipped disk. I amnow taking homeopathic medicines.Talking about the treatment, she says, My physiotherapistcomes to my place everyday. She is very supportive. While shooting,I dont bend my back, I have to bend my knees if I want to picksomething up. The doctor has also given me exercises to do.Divyankas friends are also worried about her. She says, Not justmy mother, even my friends call me regularly to ask about myhealth. I cannot even go out as often as I used to. I cant dance asmuch either. Recently, at a party, I was sitting alone while everyonewas on the dance floor.HAPPY DIWALIAskubouL unexcluslveSllver ColnwhenyouupplyIor uhomelounbeLween1OcLoberund20November2008*Branch Name Phone Number EmailQUEENSLANDBrisbane City Nth Vishwa Gounder0401 140 [email protected] ValleyAjendra Pratap0407 726 [email protected] MorningsideBaldeesh K Singh0419 771 [email protected] Malhotra0409 172 [email protected] Karandikar0400 579 [email protected] HillsShurojit Shome0458 311 [email protected] NthLyon Dsouza0418 590 [email protected] YarraChitty Prasad0448 815 [email protected] PinesShikha Dayal0418 129 [email protected] 363 [email protected] Sadri0417 369 [email protected] Deprazer0419 479 [email protected] Nirmala Krishnan0407 473 175 [email protected] Name Phone Number EmailNEWSOUTHWALES275 George Street, Sydney Ashok Jain0417 443 [email protected] Kapila0419 369 [email protected] Bakar0417 210 [email protected] Pillai0409 290 [email protected] 686 [email protected] Hossain0407 072 [email protected] Kumar0438 633 [email protected] Kotnala0438 292 [email protected] /Clarence Street, SydneyBalaji Chengalpet0411 257 [email protected] Ryde Macquarie CentreMeeta Desai0418 457 [email protected] HillsCherylDSylva0438 204 [email protected] Maheswaran0401 107 [email protected] Malik0408 698 [email protected] ON THE MOVE? 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