FINE WINE LIST - .2 This Fine Wine List highlights the premium range within the Febvre Portfolio

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This Fine Wine List highlights the premium range within the Febvre Portfolio.

Some wines are in very limited supply, continuity cannot be guaranteed.

Confirmation of order subject to final availability of wines.

List is subject to Febvres regular Terms and Conditions, selection and prices subject to change without notice. Wines

that feature only on this Fine Wine List and not on Febvres main list may not attract any discount

All Prices Exclude VAT @ 21%


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Situated at the foot of the majestic Schlossberg hill, Domaine Weinbach was established in 1612 by Capuchin monks, who were enthralled by the magnificence of the scenery and the quality of the soil. The vineyards that surround the Domaine and which have ever since been known as the Clos des Capucins existed before 890 A.D. when the Empress Richarde gave the land to the Abbey of Etival. Sold as State property during the French Revolution, the Domaine was acquired in 1898 by the Faller brothers who left it to their son and nephew, Tho. Tho, a prominent figure in Alsace winegrowing, strove to improve the quality of Alsace wines. As a fervent advocate of the regions recognition as an Appellation dOrigine Contrle, he continuously promoted its terroirs and grape varieties. Devoted to Domaine Weinbach, he developed, expanded and enhanced it. Since his death in 1979, his wife Colette and daughters, Catherine and Laurence, have perpetuated Thos passion for the great wines of Alsace and his unfailing commitment to delivering excellence. Domaine Weinbach is now regarded as one of the GREAT WINE ESTATES OF THE WORLD.

Code Vintage Wine case size

Bottle price case price

FL60WA07 Alsace 2007 WEINBACH PINOT BLANC RESERVE 12 20.00 240.00 FL61WA07 Alsace 2007 WEINBACH RIESLING GR CRU SCHLO SSBERG 12 32.95 395.40 FL62WA01 Alsace 2001 WEINBACH TOKAY PINOT GRIS CUVE E LAURENCE 12 41.25 495.00 FL62WA04 Alsace 2004 WEINBACH TOKAY PINOT GRIS CUVE E LAURENCE 12 41.25 495.00 FL63WA98 Alsace 1998 WEINBACH GEWURZTRAMINER CUVEE THEO 12 26.50 318.00 FL63WA99 Alsace 1999 WEINBACH GEWURZTRAMINER CUVEE THEO 12 26.50 318.00 FL65WA01 Alsace 2001 WEINBACH GEWURZTRAMINER CUVEE LAURENCE 12 40.75 489.00 FL65WA98 Alsace 1998 WEINBACH GEWURZTRAMINER CUVEE LAURENCE 12 37.25 447.00 FL66WA05 Alsace 2005 RIESLING CUVEE SAINTE CATHERIN E 12 37.25 447.00 FL66WA07 Alsace 2007 RIESLING CUVEE SAINTE CATHERIN E 12 38.90 466.80 FL67WA05 Alsace 2005 RIESLING GR.CR. SCHLOSSBERG ST CATHERINE 12 48.25 579.00 FL68WA06 Alsace 2006 TOKAY PINOT GRIS RESERVE PARTI CULIERE 12 25.50 306.00 FL69WA04 Alsace 2004 RIESLING GR.CR. SCHLOSSBERG L` INEDIT 12 46.90 562.80 FL70WA05 Alsace 2005 PINOT GRIS CUVEE STE CATHERINE 12 34.25 411.00 FL71WA05 Alsace 2005 GEWURTZTRAMINER ALTENBOURG CUV EE LAURENCE 12 41.90 502.80 FL72WD04 Alsace Half Btle 2004 RIESLING G CRU SCHLO SS. VENDAGES TARD 12 33.25 399.00 FL73WD02 Alsace Half Btle 2002 PINOT GRIS ALTENBOUR G SELEC. GRAINS NOBL 12 90.85 1,090.20 FL55WD02 Alsace Half Btle 2002 GRAINS NOBLES GEWURT ZTRAM GRAND. CRU HALF BOTTLES 12 89.90


LOIRE Domaine Vacheron, Nicolas Joly Two of the most celebrated houses in the Loire Valley. Domaine Vacheron, working with Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, is headquartered in the heart of Sancerre village, and is one of the flag bearers of the appellation. It is run by the extended family of two brothers, and their Les Romains is one of the finest Sancerres of the region. Nicolas Joly in Savennires, who grows Chenin Blanc, is world renowned for his work with biodynamics in the vineyards and winery and has published definitive books on the subject. VA51WB06 Loire 2006 SANCERRE WHITE LES ROMAINS Vach eron 6 28.80 172.80 NJ50WA05 Loire 2005 AOC SAVENNIRES LES VIEUX CLOS Nicholas Joly 12 23.00 276.00


Delas Frres Delas Frres has, in recent years, become one of the most venerated houses in the Rhne Valley under the sure hand of winemaker Jacques Grange. With some of the best vineyard land in the region, including marvellous sites on the Hill of Hermitage, Delas has flourished with the investment put in by the Rouzaud family of Champagne Roederer, who also own Champagne Deutz, a sister company of Delas Frres.

Domaine Vacheron-Pouizin Domaine Vacheron-Pouizin. Sylvie Vacheron-Pouizin is related to the Vacherons of the Loire Valley as mentioned above. She is making some of the very best Chteauneuf-du-Pape and Ctes-du-Rhne to be had. Although we list her major production wines, please enquire about small parcels of her wines which have been receiving stellar accolades from Robert Parker among others. Other estate wines are available on request. CO02RA06 Rhne 2006 CHTEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE "LES SAFRES" Domaine Vacheron-P ouizin 12 33.00 396.00 DS02RB01 Rhne 2001 HERMITAGES LES BESSARDS, Delas Frres 6 75.35 452.10 DS04RA01 Rhne 2001 CTE RTIE SEIGNEUR DE MAUGIRON Delas Frres 12 41.50 498.00 DS04RH01 Rhne 2001 CTE RTIE SEIGNEUR DE MAUGIRON Delas Frres MAGNUM 6 86.25 517.50 DS05RA04 Rhne 2004 CORNAS CHANTE PERDRIX Delas Fr res 12 30.50 366.00 DS07R400 Rhne 2000 SINGLE HERMITAGE MARQUIS DE LA TOURETTE IN WOOD 1 45.00 45.00 DS07RA04 Rhne 2004 HERMITAGE MARQUIS DE LA TOURET TE 12 38.35 460.20 DS14RB04 Rhne 2004 CTE RTIE LA LANDONNE Delas Fr res 6 69.25 415.50



Ets. J-P Moueix

Etablissements Jean-Pierre Moueix, is a wine merchant (ngociant) in Libourne. The family moved from the heart of France in the Corrze, as did many of their neighbours, seeking a better life nearer to the important port of Bordeaux. They settled on the right bank of the River Dordogne in Libourne. Today, the headquarters of Ets. Jean-Pierre Moueix line the quays overlooking this mighty river.

Jean-Pierre was succeeded by his son Christian (b. 1946) who joined the business in 1970, becoming Prsident in 1991 and recently, by Christians son Edouard (b. 1977).

This traditional company sells its famous estate-bottled wines and exclusivities only to its own agents and importers abroad. It also distributes wines exclusively for a number of neighbouring estates as well as having a large business selling its generic wines all over the world, often under its own Christian Moueix label.

In the 1950s, Jean-Pierre Moueix started to acquire several valuable vineyard properties on the Right Bank and has added more to these in recent years, concentrating on the appellations of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion. In 2000, Autres Rivages, a second ngociant company was formed to concentrate on the Left Bank wines of the Mdoc, Graves and Sauternes.

Estates owned or part-owned by Ets. J-P Moueix: Chteau MAGDELAINE, St-Emilion 1er Grand Cru Class 1952, Chteau HOSANNA, Pomerol 1999 Chteau LA FLEUR-PTRUS, Pomerol 1953 Chteau TROTANOY, Pomerol , 1953 ( Societe Civile du Ch. Trotanoy) Chteau BLAIR-MONANGE, Saint-Emilion Premier Grand Cru Class, 2008 (Societ Civile de Ch. Blair-Monange)

Chteaux managed by Ets. JeanPierre Moueix: Chteau LAFLEUR GAZIN, Pomerol, 1976 Chteau LATOUR POMEROL, Pomerol, 1963 In addition to the above Chteaux Ets Jean-Pierre Moueix distribute the following estates: Chteau BOURGNEUF, Pomerol Chteau MOULINET LASSERRE Pomerol Chteau CERTAN DE MAY, Pomerol Chteau PTRUS, Pomerol MX12RA94 St-Emilion 1994 CHTEAU MAGDELAINE 1er GCC 12 44.95 539.40 MX12RA96 St-Emilion 1996 CHTEAU MAGDELAINE 1er GCC 12 52.95 635.40 MX12RA02 St-Emilion 2002 CHTEAU MAGDELAINE 1er GCC 12 32.95 395.40 MX12RA03 St-Emilion 2003 CHTEAU MAGDELAINE 1er GCC 12 54.95 659.40 EPMX1904 St-Emilion 2004 CHTEAU MAGDELAINE 1er GCC 12 39.95 479.40 EPMX1906 St-Emilion 2006 CHTEAU MAGDELAINE 1er GCC 12 49.95 599.40 MX22RA00 St-Emilion 2000 CHTEAU BLAIR 1er GCC 12 57.95 695.40 EPMX0304 St-Emilion 2004 CHTEAU BLAIR 1er GCC 12 32.95 395.40 EPMX0305 St-Emilion 2005 CHTEAU BLAIR 1er GCC 12 60.95 731.40 EPMX0306 St-Emilion 2006 CHTEAU BLAIR 1er GCC 12 60.95 731.40


MX04RA00 Pomerol 2000 CHTEAU BOURGNEUF 12 37.50 450.00 MX04RA01 Pomerol 2001 CHTEAU BOURGNEUF 12 27.50 330.00 MX04RA02 Pomerol 2002 CHTEAU BOURGNEUF 12 28.00 336.00 MX04RA03 Pomerol 2003 CHTEAU BOURGNEUF 12 30.00 360.00 MX04RH03 Pomerol 2003 CHTEAU BOURGNEUF (MAGNUMS) 6 60.00 360.00 EPMX0404 Pomerol 2004 CHTEAU BOURGNEUF 12 30.00 360.00 EPMX0405 Pomerol 2005 CHTEAU BOURGNEUF 12 37.50 450.00 EPMX0406 Pomerol 2006 CHTEAU BOURGNEUF 12 31.50 378.00 EPMX1304 Pomerol 2004 CHTEAU LAFLEUR GAZIN 12 25.00 300.00 EPMX1305 Pomerol 2005 CHTEAU LAFLEUR GAZIN 12 28.50 342.00 EPMX1306 Pomerol 2006 CHTEAU LAFLEUR GAZIN 12 31.50 378.00 EPMX2105 Pomerol 2005 CHTEAU MOULINET-LASSERRE 12 30.00 360.00 EPMX2106 Pomerol 2006 CHTEAU MOULINET-LASSERRE 12 27.75 333.00 MX28RA00 Pomerol 2000 CHTEAU CERTAN DE MAY 12 79.95 959.40 MX28RA03 Pomerol 2003 CHTEAU CERTAN DE MAY 12 59.95 719.40 EPMX0604 Pomerol 2004 CHTEAU CERTAN DE MAY 12 39.95 479.40 EPMX0605 Pomerol 2005 CHTEAU CERTAN DE MAY 12 59.95 719.40 EPMX0606 Pomerol 2006 CHTEAU CERTAN DE MAY 12 69.95 839.40

MX23RA94 Pomerol 1994 CHTEAU LATOUR POMEROL 12 49.95 599.40 MX23RA99 Pomerol 1999 CHTEAU LATOUR POMEROL 12 36.62 MX23RA02 Pomerol 2002 CHTEAU LATOUR POMEROL 12 37.95 MX23RA0