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  • What will the curriculum provide for CAA Network as the customer?Curriculum will be one brand for the Community Action NetworkAssure quality financial educationProvide an accessible productMake Community Action Network preferred for financial educationWill provide a standardized curriculum for customers who move county to county

  • What will the curriculum provide for CAA Network as the customer? ContdOpens up other funding opportunitiesIncreases internal capacity of IC groupProvides a model for CAA Networks in other states to replicateOpen doors for collaborations among community providersAligns with the self-sufficiency standard

  • What will the curriculum provide for the CAA network customer? Provide the opportunity to complete an individualized financial assessmentInteractive, creative learning methodsMaterials that meets the customer on their level.Introduction to the psychological aspects of moneyThe opportunity to obtain and understand their credit report and score.Customer will learn about debt ratioMonthly expenses and a realistic way to budget

  • Potential CustomersLocal Department of Job and Family ServicesMiddle SchoolsHigh schoolsLocal Financial InstitutionsCAA CustomersFood Pantry Customers

  • Customer Driven

    CAAs as customerTerminology (vocabulary list)Value of curriculumFollow-upsPractical ways to present informationAccess to additional resourcesValue to the agency

  • Marketing Ideas to be utilized by the CAA NetworkCurriculum will align with customer education levelProvides a entire wrap around of financial literacy related servicesSpecial tracks/units for younger customers Utilize collaborations and partnerships

  • Marketing Ideas ContdIncorporate HEAP clienteleStatewide public awareness campaignBranding name for use by entire networkLarge sampling for baseline dataUtilize network web page for marketing

  • Value to CAA CustomerPractical tools to work towards self sufficiencyKnowledge of Banking, i.e. ATMs, check system, savings, FDICHow to protect yourself against identity theftBudget EvaluationBuilding Assets

  • Value to CAA Customer, contdDevelop a spending planRecognize Needs vs WantsHow to be a good consumer, i.e. contracts, consumer rights, how to use credit wiselyHow to acquire and read a credit reportTeaching math and financial language

  • Value to CAA Customer, contdTypes of insurance that is available and provide tools to decide what type of insurance is necessaryInformation on estate and retirement planning, investment, etc.College funds for childrenSmart shoppingSpecific home buying information

  • Opportunity for community involvement

    BanksSocial EnterprisesBusinessesWIA ProgramsCAA Network EmployeesSchoolsLocal Civic organizations (Lions Club etc)Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H Groups

  • Outcome MeasurementsPre- and Post- Assessments Provides follow-up measures that can be directly related to ROMA outcomesAligns with National Performance Indicators

  • CertificationTrainers will be certified in a train the trainer type setting Full day train the trainer classAccess to additional resourcesReal time projects/activitiesCustomers will get a completion certificate for use with their home buying, IDA accounts, etc.

  • Expected Outcome CAA NetworkFinancial education is accessible and of sufficient quality to meet the needs of our communities

  • Expected Outcomes CustomerFinancial education is readily accessible and is based on the individual and their skills. Further the individual customer will utilize skills learned to work towards and achieve self sufficiency.

  • Additional Information, Questions?Teresa Varian, Development Director Gallia-Meigs Community CAA Internal ConsultantOhio Association of Community Action Agencies

    Office 740-367-7341 ext. 22Cell [email protected]

    Opportunity for CAA Network to have a brand, trademark, identifying mark

    Assurance that the tool is quality and has the needed components

    A standardized curriculum will allow the customer the opportunity to receive the same financial literacy classes across the state.

    Other funding opportunities could federal, state or even local $$

    We wanted to start a grassroots movement of sorts to provide a standardized financial literacy curriculum.

    Collaborations could grow from this opportunities: financial institutions, schools, other community based organizations.Market the curriculum as diverse, interactive, educational level appropriate.

    Curriculum will provide education on the entire gambit of financial literacy.

    Special age appropriate tracks or units are being established so that every has the opportunity to learn the same type of information but on their own learning comprehension level.

    Network partners and collaboration can be utilized, as well as those out of the network.HEAP customers should be educated on financial literacy and what better way if they have someone who works there utilizing the materials.

    Websites are wonderful ways to promote your program and to post satisfaction surveys.