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A story on train being run over pilgrims killing 35 of them. It is a case for risk management for development to provide basic infrastructural needs of population.

Text of Final project wk4 ajit kumar mishra

  • On a religious day, large number of people from under-developed rural area of North Bihar, India decided to visit the nearby Katyayani temple on Monday, 19th August 2013.

    The area is virtually having no proper road and the village road got aected by monsoon.

    People, having no other option, use Railway track which is on higher level to walk down to the place.

    This is highly unsafe as people are trespassing the railway track where trains are running at 100 kmph speed.

    On the fateful day, large number of people were walking on the Railway track and a speeding train ran over them, killing over 30 persons.

  • The people ?? The train ?? The Society ?? The Poor Infrastructure ???

  • Death of 35 people Payment of Ex-gratia to aggrieved families Glutting of one train engine and 10 coaches Suspension of train operation for over 24hours Damage to railway assets

  • Saving 35 lives is far more important than any investment cost to build safe road network in that area.

    However, our economic decisions do no incorporate such tragic while planning for development.

    This incident was completely avoidable.

  • Risk Management in life threatening situations shall be based on need without any nancial consideration in decision making.

  • Thank you very much for paying attention. The photographs and visuals quoted are duly acknowledged.