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    Insurance is an agreement where the insurer agrees to make good a loss

    suffered by the insured against a specific risk, in consideration for some specified

    amount. The insurer is generally an insurance company that pools all the risks of

    many such insured entities and provides insurance on the basis of probability. By

    pooling many such risks, insurance companies convert the uncertainty of

    individual loss into predictable expense. The insured has to forgo a part of amount

    of money periodically in return for the assurance given by the insurer against any

    risk of loss. Insurance provides a sense of security for the insured that will allowhim to perform normal business.

    The activity of insurance as a financial service can never be under-

    emphasized. Insurance companies play an important role in the financial system all

    over the world. Insurance companies hold substantial amount of assets and are

    capable of transferring funds quickly from one sector of the economy to another. In

    India, apart from being perceived as a typical insurer for covering risk of loss,

    insurance is seen as a viable and safe investment alternative. Adequate tax breaks

    are also provided for the cause of furthering the attitude of saving throughinsurance in the general public.

    Life insurance has been in existence in India since 1818, but it was only in1956 that all 245 insurance companies were merged and nationalized to form the

    Life lnsurance Corporation of India. Some companies that offered general

    insurance as their main business were merged to form the General Insurance

    Corporation of India in 1972. General Insurance Corporation and four subsidiaries

    viz., National Insurance Company Ltd., New India Assurance Ltd., Oriental

    Insurance Company Ltd and United India Insurance Company., offered general

    insurance business in India. These four subsidiaries were later delinked from GIC

    and started functioning as independent general insurance companies. The GIC was

    converted into an into an exclusive reinsurance company. The Insurance

    Regulatory Authority was set up in 1992 as a regulator of insurance companies inIndia taking over from the ministry of finance. This authority is intended to

    oversee smooth entry of private operators into the insurance industry and regulate

    the insurance schemes floated by the players. Private players, most ofthem having

    tie ups with foreign insurance giants are actively entering the market both in the

    life and general insurance sectors.

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    Insurance in India started as life insurance back in 1818, when it was introduced

    for English Widows. Even till the end of the nineteenth century, Insurance

    Companies in India were mainly the overseas companies investing in the insurance

    works in India. An interesting fact here was that higher premiums were charged for

    Indian lives, as they were considered riskier for insurance cover.

    The Indian Government took various steps for the regulation of insurance in

    India by passing various insurance laws and acts. These include:

    Life Insurance Companies Act, 1912

    Provident Fund Act 1912

    Insurance Act of 1938Life Insurance Corporation Act, 1956

    General Insurance Business (nationalization) Act, 1972

    Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) Act, 1999

    In 1972, the General Insurance Company was nationalized with four main

    subsidiaries National Insurance Company, New India Insurance Company,

    Oriental Insurance Company and United India Insurance Company.

    Today Insurance Companies in India have grown manifold. The insurance sector in

    India has shown immense growth potential. Even today a giant share of Indianpopulation nearly 80% is not under life insurance coverage, let alone health and

    non-life insurance policies. This clearly indicates the potential for insurancecompanies to grow their market in India.

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    This includes automobile, truck, motorcycle, aircraft, boat, or any other form

    of motorized transportation. It is perhaps the most common type of

    insurance, and is required by law in many countries.

    Motor insurance covers the insured party against financial loss that he may

    incur to repair his vehicle or a third partys in the event of an accident. In

    return for annual or semi-annual premiums, the insurance company is bound

    to pay any losses as described in the policy. Such a policy may include

    property, liability or third party, and medical coverage.

    Property coverage insures damage to or theft of a vehicle; liability covers

    bodily injury or property damage that may occur as a result of the insureds

    actions, and medical coverage pays any fees necessary for bodily injuries,

    rehabilitation and in some cases foregone wages and funeral costs.

    In many countries, all of these types of automobile insurance are required of

    vehicle owners. In some countries, or states, only third party is required.

    However, in the case of new vehicles, any banks which may be financing the

    vehicle may require full insurance as a condition of financing.

    If you have a larger vehicle, take a look at Autonet Van Insurance.


    Most developed nations have government-funded health care which means

    that most or all citizens have access to medical facilities and treatment, as

    well as health insurance.

    For example, the National health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom pays for citizens medical needs. However, in the US, there is no

    government-funded health policy - whether for insurance or treatment. As a

    result, US citizens and residents must be insured or risk facing astronomical

    medical bills, garnishing of wages, and bankruptcy. Often, medical

    insurance (both health and dental) is included in employee benefit packages

    in the US and other countries. Nevertheless, the issue of affordable health

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    insurance and treatment in the US is one of the most controversial and

    heated topics, as many cannot afford either. If you live in a country without

    comprehensive national health care, then low cost health insurance is a vital



    This form of insurance protects workers from injuries and illnesses which

    prevent them from doing their jobs. It can pay for existing commitments the

    policyholders may have such as outstanding bills, mortgages, utilities, and


    Workers compensation is common in the US, and pays a worker his wagesand medical expenses in the event of an injury on the job.

    Permanent disability which prevents a worker from ever working again is

    covered by total permanent disability insurance. This provides the disabled

    employee with benefits for the rest of his or her life, or according to the

    terms specified in the policy. Companies can purchase a similar type of

    insurance, called, disability overhead insurance. This pays for ongoing

    overhead costs of a business while the owners are not able to work.

    A Catastrophic Health Insurance plan, also known as a high deductiblehealth plan, is good to have for those who prefer to pay lower monthly

    premiums. If your plan is eligible for a Health Savings Account, you can use

    those funds to pay the deductible and out-of-pocket expenses which saves

    you money in the long run.


    This type of insurance typically covers things like homes, machinery, crops,

    valuable goods, shipped cargo, rented property (homes or apartments), andmore. It can cover damages as a result of various activities including acts of

    God (earthquakes, floods, storms, hurricanes, etc), vandalism, terrorism,

    fraud, and more.

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    LIABILITY INSURANCEThis covers negligent acts of an insured party with reference to a vehicle or a

    home. It protects the insured against legal claims and indemnification.

    There are various types of liability insurance such as professional indemnity

    insurance Environmental liability insurance and Prize indemnity insurance.

    Professional indemnity insurance protects employees from malpractice suits

    (as in the medical profession), errors and omissions (by appraisers, home

    inspectors, realtors, insurance agents, notaries, and others), and other acts of

    unintentional workplace negligence.


    This is taken by lenders who need coverage against the people that have

    credit with them (borrow money). In the event of their inability to pay it

    back (usually due to unemployment, disability, or death), this insurance

    protects the lender.

    There are many other kinds of insurance, and even each of the major

    categories mentioned above has dozens of variations and types. They differ

    depending on the markets, the understanding of risk and availability of

    historical data, government regulation and law, cultural perceptions and

    expectations, and more.


    Travel insurance covers financial losses caused by trips abroad. Depending

    on the policy in question, in may cover lost luggage, theft of personal

    possessions, medical costs and delayed flights. The internet has become an

    extremely popular means to find cheap holiday insurance.

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    Health insurance is an agreement made between a person and an insurance

    company. The person, or the insured, must pay a regular fee (called a premium) to

    the insurance company. In return, the insurance company will pay all or (usually)

    some medical expenses needed when the insured becomes injured, ill, or otherwise


    Health insurance is critical, especially to those living in areas where the costs of

    hospitalization are high. Most developed nations offer government subsidized

    medical care, which makes it less critical to have health insurance.

    In the US, however, medical care is exteremly expensive, and is not paid for by the

    government. Therefore, it is wise for all Americans living in the US to have good

    health insurance policies.

    Health insurance can be bought on an individual basis or on a group basis. Health

    insurance bought on a group structure usually is through an employer, as many

    employers provide health insurance coverage to their employees. And this is now

    becoming a big problem for Americans, with unemployment running so high; if

    you lose your job, not only do you lose your income - you are often also left

    without health coverage as well.

    Double Trouble : Losing Your Job and Health Insurance

    Losing your job and becoming unemployed in any economy is never easy. For

    many people, in fact for most people, losing your job also means losing your health

    insurance coverage. The effect on the family can be devastating. Not only has an

    income been lost, but replacing the health insurance coverage for the family

    without an income as a double negative effect. As job losses continue to mount, the

    number of people who find themselves in this situation is staggering.

    While the debate on healthcare reform continues to rage on, relief for those

    affected and who fall victim to the health care crisis, won't be coming anytime

    soon. People who are affected by this crisis need to be proactive about securinghealth insurance for themselves and for their families. There are some short-term

    strategies that you can apply if you find yourself in this situation.

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    The ideal situation if indeed you lost your health insurance, would be to be added

    to your spouses, health insurance policy. That being said, this option is not

    available to everyone. Your second option would be to enroll in COBRA.


    The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act is a federal law that was

    passed in 1986 to require companies with 20 or more employees to continue

    offering health insurance at group rates to former employees and their family

    members. The coverage can be extended to 18 months from the time you leave

    your job. If the company that you were employed by goes out of business, they are

    not required to provide COBRA coverage. Finally your third option is to search for

    an insurance policy on your own.

    For many people the cost of continuing coverage through COBRA is prohibitive.Employers generally pay a percentage of the cost of family health coverage for

    their employees. If you lose your job, you are on the hook for the full amount.

    Since you just lost your job and your income being able to afford COBRA, isn't

    really an option.

    Even the most disciplined of persons, who saved money for the rainy day that they

    are now experiencing, this is difficult. Health insurance premiums can quickly

    wipe out an emergency fund long before you either find another job or the 18

    months that you can qualify for COBRA expires.

    One of the benefits of COBRA is that you can be rejected because of your health.

    So for those with pre-existing medical conditions COBRA becomes the best

    option, because affordable health insurance coverage is generally not readily

    available for pre-existing conditions. The key is affordable health insurance

    coverage. There are many insurance companies who will cover pre-existing

    conditions if you are willing to pay exorbitant premiums and accept exclusions in

    your policy.

    As for the second option of being added to a spouses health insurance plan, this is agreat way to deal with the loss of your health coverage. However, not everyone is

    fortunate enough to have an option of choosing between two health insurance

    policies. However, if you do have an option like this, you would do well to take


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    The third option of shopping for individual policy on your own is the scenario

    most people have to deal with. Affordable health insurance coverage is as difficult

    to find as any insurance coverage on the market. Again you are dealing with no

    income and potentially creating another family budget expense. The key to finding

    affordable coverage is diligence in your shopping.

    If you are healthy and young you should not have any trouble finding health

    coverage. If you are older and have pre-existing conditions, you may be forced to

    reduce coverage in order to afford the premium. If you are rejected by private

    insurers most states offer high-risk pools. Again, the premiums for such coverage

    will not be inexpensive.

    Choose from a list of health insurance companies that provide coverage in your

    area. Decide whether you want to shop for the coverage on your own or to employ

    the services of an insurance broker. An insurance broker generally representsseveral companies and knows the markets and what is available in the way of

    insurance coverage. Insurance brokers are very helpful in this regard. Essentially

    you can let the insurance broker do all the work and all that would be left for you is

    to choose a company based on your needs.

    Shopping for health insurance coverage online has made it somewhat easier for

    individuals to compare and choose the best policies for their families. She gets a

    health insurance coverage that you are trying to buy is a stopgap type coverage

    until you get another job, you may consider getting health coverage that will pay

    for catastrophic illnesses. The more expenses that you are able to pay for out-of-pocket, the less premium you can expect to pay for health coverage.

    As you can see the victims of job loss sometimes suffer double trouble, losing their

    health insurance coverage as well. These will be most stressful times for you and

    your family. In the United States it is estimated that 25 million people are without

    health insurance coverage. That number is more or less depending on whom you

    obtain your data from. The remedy for seems to be sometime in the future. Until

    then, individuals will have to be diligent, frugal, and creative to find affordable

    health insurance quotes or coverage for themselves and their families.

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    Apollo DKV Insurance Company Ltd.

    Aviva Life Insurance

    Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.

    Birla Sun Life Insurance E-Meditek Solutions Limited

    Family Health Plan Limited

    Health India-Bhaichand Amoluk Insurance Services Pvt. Ltd.

    HSBC Health Insurance

    ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd.

    Life Insurance Corporation Of India

    Max New York Life Insurance

    Med Assist India Ltd. MetLife India Assurance Company

    National Insurance Company

    Paramound Health Group Reliance HealthRoyal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited

    Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited

    Tata AIG

    The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.

    United Healthcare

    United India Insurance



    The simplest form of health insurance is the Individual Mediclaim policy. It

    covers the hospitalization expenses for an individual for up to the sum

    assured limit. The insurance premium is dependent on the sum assured

    value. Example: If you have 3 family members you can get an individual

    cover of Rs 2 lacs each . In this case each of you are covered for 2 lacs , if 3

    members face a need for hospitalization , all 3 of them can get expenses

    recovered upto Rs 2 lacs . All the 3 policies are independent .


    Family Floater Policies are enhanced version of the mediclaim policy. The

    sum assured value floats among the family members. i.e. each opted family

    member comes under the policy, and it covers expenses for the entire family

  • 8/8/2019 Final Health Insurance - Ankit


    up to the sum assured limit. The premium for family floater plans is

    typically less than that for separate insurance cover for each family member.

    Example: In this case if suppose there are 3 family members, you can take a

    Family floater policy for Rs 6 lacs in total . Now anyone can claim up to 6

    lacs in expenses, but then the cover will go down by that much amount for

    that year. So if one of the family member is hospitalized and the expenses

    are 4.5 lacs . It will be paid and then the cover will be reduced to 1.5 lacs for

    that particular year . Next year again it will start from fresh 6 lacs. Family

    floater makes sense for a family because that way each one in family gets a

    big cover and probability of more than 1 getting hospitalized in same year is

    too low until and unless whole family is travelling together most of the times

    in a year .

    Unit Linked Health Plans

    Taking the ULIP route, health insurance companies too have introduced Unit

    Linked Health Plans. Such plans combine health insurance with investment

    and pay back an amount at the end of the insurance term. The returns of

    course are dependent on market performance. These plans are very new and

    still in development phase . This is only recommended for people who can

    handle market linked products like ULIP and ULPP. Clients that should buy

    ULIPs .

    For a number of reasons, it is advisable to steer clear of unit linked health

    plans. The best way is to treat insurance purely as an expense. So if you are

    single, opt for an Individual Mediclaim policy and if you have family, opt

    for a Family Floater policy. The amount paid (by cheque or debit/ credit

    card) for health insurance premium provide tax exemption under section

    80D for a maximum of Rs.15,000.


    Today, health care cost is higher than other individual expenses and it iscontinuously rising up. Therefore, it is very important to insure by health insurance

    policy. There are greater chance of having high health care cost for upcoming

    years and it is depends on illness, injury, hospitalization and other cost of treatment

    in such condition.

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    Health insurance is very crucial in the current days to procure future health

    insurance strategy. It pays for medical necessities like regular health check up,

    urgent circumstances and operation cost. Other hand, unexpected hospital visits or

    hospitalization can not be avoided and paying for such a bills with no delay, it

    could finish saving.

    Health insurance coverage is wide sometimes and covers almost all scenarios.

    Company estimate cost of health insurance by medical history, average cost, age,

    gender and health care inflation.

    Health insurance is money save product and can be useful when any unexpected

    situation takes place.


    As mentioned earlier, the cost of Health Insurance depends on the sum assured ,

    age, current health condition and your previous medical history. Higher the sum

    assured, higher the premium. So what is the ideal health insurance cover

    requirement? There is no standard answer or thumb rule for this. If we agree that

    health insurance is important, one has to look at his/ her own lifestyle, health

    condition, age/ life stage, family history of illnesses and affordability. Keep in

    mind that most insurance companies limit the sum assured to a maximum of 5

    lakhs. Also note that many health insurance policies provide additional benefits

    such as daily allowance, ambulance charges, etc. for hospitalization. Not only are

    such benefits superfluous, they tend to drive the premiums higher. So it is best toavoid such plans and stick to something basic and simple.


    Many employers provide health cover for their employees. Isnt that sufficient?

    Three aspects need to be considered in such a case Is that cover sufficient? Is the

    insurer good enough? What happens if you change your job? Health insurance is

    provided as a perk to the employees. So it is important to understand the policy a

    bit more in detail and to check for coverage. The best way is to ask the HR

    Department for policy details. Get into details, what is covered, what is notcovered ? Many times Employees just think that they have health Insurance and are

    just relaxed only to find later that it does not cover X and covers Y only up to a

    limit . That can be a painful situation.

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    Till a few years back, health insurance companies were reluctant to provide cover

    for the aged. But nowadays there are a lot of insurance companies providing

    policies for the senior citizens. Insurance cover paid for a person of age 65 years

    and above, can provide additional tax exemption of up to Rs.20,000. But keep in

    mind that the premium rates are higher for senior citizens. For the employed,

    another option is to approach the employer to negotiate with the official insurer to

    provide an option for additional cover to parents. Since the volumes are high, the

    insurer can provide such added cover at attractive premium rates.

    Tax Exemption from Health Insurance Premiums

    Sec 80D covers Health Insurance. You can get exemptions of

    y Up to Rs. 15,000 paid for self + spouse + children.y Up to Rs 15,000 paid for Parents (Rs 20,000 if parents are senior citizens)

    So in total if you pay your health insurance and your parents health Insurance

    premium, you can save up to maximum of 35,000.

    Note: If you take Health Insurance riders with term Insurance like Critical Illness

    cover, the extra premium paid for that will be actually be covered under Sec 80D,not sec 80C . See tax rules


    TPA stands for Third Party Administrator. TPA is a middleman between Insurer

    and the Customer. Customer can directly deal with TPA at the time of claim and

    TPA will help with all the process of claim settlement. A TPA is a specialized

    health service provider rendering variety of services like networking with

    hospitals, arranging for hospitalization and claim processing and settlement. The

    concept of TPA has been introduced by the IRDA (Insurance Regulatory andDevelopment Authority of India) for the benefit of both the insured and the insurer.

    While the insured is benefited by quicker & better health service, insurers are

    benefited by reduction in their administrative costs, fraudulent claims and

    ultimately bringing down the claim ratios. An insurance company can have more

    than one TPA and a TPA can serve more than one insurance company. Some of the

    services TPA provides are

  • 8/8/2019 Final Health Insurance - Ankit


    y Maintain database of policyholdersy Issue of identity card to all policyholdersy Provide ambulance servicey Provide information to policyholders about hospitals.y Check various investigationsy Provide Cashless servicey Process claims


    A bit on how health insurance claims processing works. In most cases, the

    Insurance companies appoint a third part administrator (TPA) for claims

    processing. That means once the health insurance policy is sold, the insurer passeson the baton to the TPA. In case of a claim, the insured has to get in touch with the

    TPA for all versification and formalities.

    There are 2 ways by which health insurance claims are settled:


    For availing cashless treatment (only at authorized network hospitals), the TPA

    has to be notified in advance (for planned hospitalization) or within the stipulated

    time limits (for emergencies). The insurance desk at hospitals usually helps with allpaper work. The claim amount need to be approved by the TPA, and the hospital

    settles the amount with the TPA/ Insurer. Typically there will be exclusions and

    such amount will have to be settled directly at the hospital.


    Reimbursement facility can be availed at both the network and non-network

    hospitals. Here the insured avails the treatment and settles the hospital bills directly

    at the hospital. The insured can claim reimbursement for hospitalization by

    submitting relevant bills/ documents for the claimed amount to the TPA.

    The TPA mode of claims settling has its own problems. The TPA is incentivized to

    limit insurance claims and they are not the ones who sells the policy. There are

    many cases where the insured had a tough time to claim for his hospital expenses.

    So before taking health insurance it would be useful to check who the TPA is and

    how good are they when it comes to claims processing. Internet search and a

  • 8/8/2019 Final Health Insurance - Ankit


    friendly chat with the hospital staff can give you good insight on the insurer/ TPA.

    There are also some health insurance providers who do not employ TPAs and does

    claims settlement directly (this is called In-house TPA) .




    The term Medical insurance is commonly used to explain a appearance of cover

    that pays for medical operating expense. It is occasionally used more largely to

    include indemnity covering disability or long-term treatment or custodial care

    wants. It possibly will be provided throughout a government-sponsored public

    insurance program, or from private insurance company. It may be acquire on a

    group basis or acquisition by human being clients. In each case, the enclosedfaction or folks pay premiums or taxes to help shelter themselves from high or

    unanticipated healthcare operating cost. Similar remuneration paying for medical

    expenses may also be present through communal wellbeing programs sponsor by

    the administration.

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    A Medical insurance policy is an agreement between an indemnity company and a

    human being. The agreement can be renewable yearly or monthly. The type and

    total of Medical care costs that will be enclosed by the physical condition plan are

    specific in proceed, in the member contract or confirmation of treatment brochure.

    The individual policy-holder's payment responsibility may take several forms.


    The Mediclaim policy offers you a chance to get your medical expenses covered

    under a policy. Thus it takes care of the hospitalization fees. It protects the person

    or family (in case of family plan) for hospitalization expenses as a result of any

    specific injury or illness which has taken place during the period of insurance and

    on the advice of a doctor requires hospitalization. Pre hospitalization expenses for

    the person or the insurer and also to go with it Post-Hospitalization Expenses:Post

    Hospitalization expenses are medical expenses incurred during a period up to a

    specific number of days after hospitalization for the particular ailment disease or

    injury is over but still needs expenditures in order to completely become normal.

    If you have a health insurance policy that supports cashless mediclaim, it means

    that you can get medical treatment just by displaying your insurance card without

    paying any cash to the hospital. Most health insurance companies offer this benefit.

    Sometimes the benefits may be applicable only to a certain number of hospitals or

    medical centers.


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    One of the most commonly known Mediclaim policies for the students is Vidyarthi

    by National Insurance Company Limited. This policy has been designed

    specifically for the students and is the purpose of this mediclaim policy is to

    provide financial protection and health security to the students all across the


    Mediclaim policy for students can be used by the students who are studying in any

    of the registered educational institutions in the country. This policy helps the

    students by providing them financial security incase of emergency situations

    dealing with the health of the students or the death or the disablement of the

    parents of the guardian of the students.

    The educational institutes are also authorized to take a group mediclaim policy

    covering the names of all the students enrolled with the institute in order to enable

    the students to get the mediclaim cover for a lesser and a much affordable rate. The

    discounts offered to a group can vary depending on the number of people in thegroup and they mainly range from 10% to 30%.

    The Mediclaim policy for students has various features which cover the accident of

    the student, accident, total disablement or the death or the guardian or the parent as

    well as the hospitalization expenses of the student. The maximum cover that is

    offered to an individual is Rs 4 Lakh usually where as the minimum is 50,000

    rupees. The students guardian will also be eligible to get his or her income tax

    deduction. Once the student turns 25, he or she will be out side the purview of the

    policy. He or she will be able to take all the benefits of the policy if there is no

    break in the continuity.


    Day-care Treatment-

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    The Medical disbursement through serious technologically advanced day-

    care surgeries with no 24 hour hospitalisation is required.

    Ambulance ChargesThese charges are used for shifting the insured patient from home to hospitalare been covered up to the limits mentioned in the mediclaim policy.

    Ayurvedic / HomeopathicThis system of medicine are covered to the extent of 25% of Sum Insured

    provided the treatment is taken in the Government Hospital.

    Pre-existing diseasesThese are covered only after 4 continuous and claim free renewals with theinsurance company.


    MediclaimPremium is based on age of the proposer and geographical area of



    Discount in premium for family cover. Loyalty Discount. Good Health Discount. Cumulative Bonus. Cost of Health Check up. Income Tax Benefit under Section 80D of IT Act


    MEDICLAIM POLICY is must for everyone; it protects the insured person against

    the expenses of hospitalization for injury, illness and domiciliary treatment. Now a

    days medical expenses are so high so it never comes in cheap.Even just a small

    treatment or appointment with a doctor demands high charges.

    It is suitable for children to old aged people.

  • 8/8/2019 Final Health Insurance - Ankit


    It includes hospital room charges, operation theater charges, medicine cost and

    charges for diagnostic test. This insurance is suitable for children to old aged


    Generally there are three different types of Mediclaim Policies.

    1. General Health Insurance PlansGenerally this plan provides cover for hospital room charges, diagnostic

    test, doctors fees, medicine and other expenses.

    2. Specific Health Plans:These plans provide cover for major diseases such as heart attack, cancer,

    diabetes etc. There may be including features by disease management

    programs which are specific to condition covered.

    3. Critical Illness Plan: In this plans, policy holder receives a amount withina few days of diagnosing a critical illness. It covers critical illness such as

    heart attack, organ transplant, stroke, etc. This plan covers mainly higher

    medical expenses.

    Before applying for such a insurance it is important to consider their benefits and

    quality service that suits your need.



    INDIVIDUAL 25 yrs Min - 2,00,000

    INDIVIDUAL 35 yrs Min 2,00,000

    INDIVIDUAL 45 yrs Min 2,00,000

  • 8/8/2019 Final Health Insurance - Ankit


    Mediclaim Policy Premium Charges for Different

    Age Group




    company name

    Product Offers



    25 yrs




    45 yrs





    MEDICLAIM Y 1850 2947 3746 1 YEAR



    MEDICLAIM Y 2178 2859 3847 1 YEAR


    MEDICLAIM Y 2178 2723 3255 1 YEAR

    4. APOLLO


    MEDICLAIM Y 2537 2537 4632 1 YEAR


    MEDICLAIM Y 2544 2972 3794 1 YEAR

    6. BAJAJ


    MEDICLAIM Y 2579 - - 1 YEAR


    MEDICLAIM Y 2644 2644 3312 1 YEAR


    MEDICLAIM Y 2722 2722 3255 1 YEAR

    9. NEW INDIA


    MEDICLAIM Y 2863 2863 4043 1 YEAR


    MEDICLAIM Y 3127 3127 3482 1 YEAR

    As the above table shows the description of various companies providing

    mediclaim according to the age preferences as considered by me i.e. 25 years-45

    years. This analysis shows that if an individual falls under 25 years of age he need

    to pay a premium of Rs 1,850 provided by Royal Sundaram which the lowest

    among the companies providing mediclaim. As in the case, of 35 years of age an

    individual needs to pay Rs 2,537 provided by Apollo Munich which the lowestamong the existing companies. As in the case of 45 years of age an individual has

    to pay Rs. 3,255 which is lowest and provided by United India and Oriental

    Insurance among other companies. It depends upon the individual perception

    which company he would consider for his insurance.

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    NOTES :

    Though Insurance companies try to keep their Premium Rate up to date,there is a possibility of slight discrepancy in Policy Premium quoted above.Actual price on policy may vary.

    Premium Quoted above is inclusive of service tax. Most of the Insurance plans don't cover pre-existing conditions in first few

    years. Please read the Plan benefits carefully.

    Renewal Premium quoted above is for reference purpose only. InsuranceCompany can revise the rates and add additional loading at the time of