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Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (FOPIDS) · PDF file FOPIDS systems are intrusion detection sensor system developed for the advanced perimeter security. Optical fiber

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Text of Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (FOPIDS) · PDF file FOPIDS systems are...

  • Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System



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  • Perimeter surveillance is necessary for protection of outdoor properties where chances of intrusion, smuggling, and burglary exist. Well protected and vast areas like country borders,

    airports, banks, oil and gas pipelines and many more such crucial assets should be continuously

    monitored from intrusion and protected from intruders. Currently existing surveillance

    techniques such as CCTV surveillance, electric fence and many more has certain demerits which

    introduces the new thought of Surveillance’s solution using optical fiber sensor.

    FOPIDS systems are intrusion detection sensor system developed for the advanced perimeter security. Optical fiber advantages like passive nature, immune to EMI, easy to repair

    makes FOPIDS systems increased demand in security and surveillance industry. Reliable and field

    tested distributed sensor for both underground and over ground deployments give it more area of

    applications. FOPIDS deployment follows a Zone based deployment which makes monitoring after

    intrusion easier and effective. FOPIDS is designed, developed and manufactured by Fiber Optic

    Sensing Solutions Pvt Ltd.

    How it Works?

    A modern surveillance technology where optical fiber is the sensor element giving it a distributed sensing nature which makes the deployment all over the surveillance area with optical

    fiber lengths similar to utilized in telecommunication fiber deployment .The FOPIDS main device

    sends optical signals and receives it back with changes introduced into it due to the surrounding

    intrusion signals. These signals are processed using intelligent algorithms and intrusion alarms

    and warning are generated alerting the concerned authorities regarding the intrusion occurred

    in the surveillance area.

    Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (FOPIDS)

    Zone 2

    Zo ne

    4 Zone 3 Zone 1

  • FOPIDS Features

    Perimeter Intrusion Detection

    Perimeter or boundaries of assets to be protected are trespassed by intruders or smugglers avoiding the human surveillance eyes. To protect from these intrusions FOPIDS is a

    smart solution which monitors and captures all kind of physical activity going on near the

    boundaries by capturing vibration signals.

    Passive Sensor

    Full passive components are the design that requires no outdoor processors and electrical power to the outdoor components. In this case, the system is immune to

    electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), and lightning.

    Zone Based System

    A perimeter is segregated into different detection zones deployed with several sets of

    sensing fiber and FOPIDS system can accept Individual zone settings for finer monitoring


    Distributed Acoustic sensing

    Optical Fiber is used as the sensing element which can be deployed all over the perimeter and all over the length active as a sensor which can detect vibrations from any points where sensor

    is deployed making the sensor distributed in nature.

    Real Time Alert and Warning

    Fast and immediate sensing capability and alert and warning systems in hardware and software like alarm sound, light indicators, Indication of alert in zone map

    Overground and Underground deployment

    Deployment of FOPIDS can be done in overground boundaries like different kind of fences, walls which are already a physical barrier and underground deployment over the length of

    perimeters or along the walls in the ground and similar areas where visibility of the FOPIDS senor

    fiber is not preferred.

    Intelligent software control of device and zones

    Management software control for the device operation, zone management, alarm indication and warning system which has intelligence facility to tune itself for fluctuating

    environmental and surrounding situations

  • FOPIDS Devices and Management Software

    FOPIDS System can support two protecting zones together. It is majorly implemented in applications

    where the length of perimeter to be monitored is less and preferring over

    ground deployments like fence and walls or indoor applications with small

    perimeters. The module itself has options for fiber routing and power

    supply making it preferable for small scale deployments. The sensing cable

    will be leading out directly from the module which is ABS plastic box


    2. FOPIDS002

    FOPIDS002 is the main control device in the FOPIDS system which can control up to 16 zones using a

    single device. It has rack mountable design suitable for a control room facility where all the monitoring

    facilities can be integrated like alarm unit, management

    unit and any other security layer necessary to be

    integrated with the system. A plug in card system is

    used in the device providing easy maintenance and

    redundancy feature.

    3. FOS001/002/003

    These are the modules which handles the passive part of

    the FOPIDS system. They have fiber routing facility and manage to split or combine fiber optic signals

    for the sensor. They have IP65 ABS packaging making it suitable for both over ground

    and underground applications.

    4. FOPIDS Sensing Fiber

    Optical Fiber Cable is used as the sensing element in FOPIDS

    system .Industry grade Single Mode optical fiber used in

    telecommunication industry is used for the deployments. Optical

    signals are transmitted and received through the optical fibers. Usage

    optical cable protect the fiber from weather and environmental changes,

    corrosion, UV exposure etc.

    5. FOPIDS Management software

    FOPIDS Manager System management software realizes the real-time

    online monitoring, mapping, analysis of intrusion detection, alarm records, statistics report, system

    configuration and joint-action management.

    Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (FOPIDS)

  • FOPIDS Manager main attributes:

    FOPIDS Deployment

    1. Overground 2.Underground

    1. Over ground

    Overground installations are concentrated majorly

    on already available physical barriers like fences and

    walls. Fences like iron wire net, metal wire net,

    barbed designs are chosen for over ground fence

    applications. For walls deployment is done on the

    surface and top of the walls for better intrusion


    Intrusion behaviors detected:

    2. Underground

    In a buried underground application, vibration and pressure

    changes are the primary modes of stimuli. However, when

    the sensor cable is buried in sand or soft soils, vibration is

    rapidly dampened and thus negligible. I

    Intrusion behaviors detected:

    · Digging and tunneling activities

    · Running and fast walking

    · Vehicle passing

    · Tree cutting

    No Intrusion

    Intrusion Alarm

    Fiber Break alarm

    Tamper Alarm

    Power Off Alarm

    Joint action Alarm

    Zone Deployment

    Alarm Record

    Alarm Processing

    Zone Identification

    Joint Action Alarms

    Statistics Report

    Alerts/warnings Administrator functions

    Climbing the fence or wall

    Climbing the post of the fence or climbing wall

    Climbing the fence/wall by stepladder

    Tearing down and lifting the fence

    Digging tunnel beneath the fence/wall

    Dissembling the fence

    Dissembling the alarm host

    Cutting the Fiber

    Cutting the fence

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