Federation of European Publishers Frankfurt Book Fair, 20 October 2005 J. Hernandez-Ros, European Commission i2010: digital libraries.

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Federation of European Publishers Frankfurt Book Fair, 20 October 2005 J. Hernandez-Ros, European Commission i2010: digital libraries Slide 2 The context i2010: Commission strategy for the Information society Technological change Flagship initiative on digital libraries Letter of 6 Heads of State and Government of 28 April 2005 Commitment of 19 European libraries Major digitisation initiatives in the US Slide 3 Communication i2010: digital libraries Describes the vision of the initiative Describes main building blocks Online consultation (2005) Proposal for a recommendation (2006) Digital libraries based on scientific information (2006) Input to relevant initiatives (2006-2007) Deals with cultural heritage as a first building block Slide 4 Digital libraries, cultural heritage Different types of material and organisations Not one single database: what matters is integrated access and search Three main strands Digitisation Online accessibility Digital preservation Slide 5 Digitisation Why digitise? Wider access and use Preservation Cultural and economic aspects Fragmented efforts throughout Europe Challenges Economic, organisational, technical, legal Slide 6 Intellectual property rights Public domain material Towards a 20 th century black hole? Publishers digital libraries Different categories of access Structured and quality description of the content Integrated access Online accessibility Slide 7 Digital preservation Different reasons for loss of digital content Digitisation without digital preservation may become a wasted investment Relevance beyond digital libraries No policies in place Challenges Economic, organisational, technical, legal Slide 8 Initiatives under way Co-ordination at European level Lund-principles and action-plan, NRG Parliament and Council recommendation on cinematographic heritage Co-funded projects TEL PRESTOSPACE Few projects on digital preservation Funding digitisation primarily responsibility of the MS Slide 9 New or reinforced initiatives: Co-ordination and dialogue Strategic discussion with stakeholders Online consultation (deadline 20 Jan. 2006) High level group on digital libraries Update Lund action plan Stimulate and catalyse co-operation between stakeholders Proposal for a recommendation (2006) Slide 10 New or reinforced initiatives: Co-funding 36 MEUR in call 5 FP6 closed Sept. 05 60 MEUR in eContentplus (2005-2008) First call closes 24 Nov. 2005 Increased research efforts on digitisation, digital preservation and access to cultural content in FP7 Centres of competence on digitisation and preservation in FP7 Slide 11 Conclusion Potential of information technologies to increase access to cultural heritage Common effort is necessary + common reply to the challenges Publishers contribution Turn the vision of European digital libraries into reality </p>


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