Featured in this issue: Sunday Morning & Wednesday Night ... Sunday Morning & Wednesday Night Activities

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  • Harvey Browne Memorial Presbyterian Church

    311 Browns Lane | Louisville, Kentucky 40207 | Phone: 502-896-1791 | www.hbpres.net

    September 2019

    Featured in this issue:

     Sunday Morning & Wednesday Night Activities Resume

     Memorial Garden is Completed

     Service Honoring Harvey Browne Members Age 90+

    For period September 1—30, 2019

    Mailing Date: August 29, 2019

    I grew up in a small rural Baptist church just east of Lexington. We never missed Sunday morning

    Sunday School and Worship, Sunday night Bible Study and Worship and Wednesday night Prayer

    Meeting. You planned your other activities around this schedule. When I was young I was really into

    horses and participated in horse shows almost every weekend. Some of these were on Sunday. The few

    times that my parents let me do one of these shows we would load up the trailer with two horses and

    go to Sunday School and then leave to head to the show. We didn’t stay for worship which back then

    was called “staying for preaching!”

    The motivation for this type of commitment is hard to explain but it is easy to explain from the

    perspective of a young kid like me in the 60’s. Guilt. If I didn’t make the church the number one priority

    I felt guilty. And there was always the prospect of those flames that might engulf me in the afterlife.

    Beth has a customer who buys flowers from here at the farmer’s market. He only comes a few times

    during the season but he always buys a bouquet for his daughter in law and the pays for Beth’s next

    customer to get one for free. It’s called paying it forward. A couple of weeks ago he came and did this

    and each time the person learned they were the recipient of this generosity they too would pay it

    forward. I found it interesting that there were different motivations for continuing to pay it forward.

    Most of the young women responding by enthusiastically embracing this idea. They really believed this

    was a worthy thing to do and they wanted to be a part of it. Many others, often of my generation, also

    wanted to continue it but you could tell that they were motivated more by something different. Often

    they would say. “Oh, I can’t accept that. I’ll have to do it too.” Guilt.

    As we start up our new “Program Year” you are going to be asked to make some commitments. Come

    to Sunday School and Worship each week. Participate in Wednesday night activities. Be involved in

    mission projects and other outreach ministries. Bring your children to activities planned for them. And

    come October, make a financial commitment to help continue the ministry of Harvey Browne.

    Of course I hope that you will consider getting involved in the Music Ministry. Finally, you are going to

    take the risk to come sing or play in one of our ensembles. You are going to support the children and

    youth ministries by bringing your kids on Wednesday night for all the wonderful opportunities afforded

    them for spiritual and musical growth.

    I hope you will do this out of a sense of commitment to “Making a Difference by Making Disciples” here

    at HBPres. But, as Beth found out with her flowers, guilt works too. And in the end, the goal is achieved.

    Hope to see ya this fall.

    Larry D. Brandenburg

    Minister of Music

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    We will be recognizing all our members aged 90

    and above on September 29. The invitations are

    out, individuals are responding, and we are

    excited to see everyone and celebrate these very

    special members.

    We’ll keep everyone updated and hope you

    will make plans to attend!

    These folks were born in the 1920’s (or earlier!)


     Treaty of Versailles signed, formally ending WWI (1919)

     Nineteenth Amendment passed granting women the right to

    vote in the U. S. A.(1920)

     Pablo Picasso painted Three Musicians (1921)

     Tom of Tutankhamun discovered by Howard Carter (1922)

     New York Yankees won their first World Series Title (1923)

     George Gershwin composed Rhapsody in Blue (1924)

     First working mechanical television system invented (1925)

     A. A. Milne published Winnie-the-Pooh (1926)

     Charles Lindbergh was the first to fly solo across the Atlantic

    Ocean (1927)

     Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin (1928)

     Economic boom ended by “Black Tuesday” (Oct. 29, 1929)

    leading to the Great Depression

    The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is pleased to report to the congregation that the Ministry

    Information Form (MIF) for HBPres, to be used in calling our next pastor, has been completed. It was

    subsequently approved by the HBPres Session on July 25 and then by the Mid-Kentucky Presbytery

    Commission on Ministry (COM) on August 5. The MIF is now in the process of being posted on the

    PC(USA) Church Leadership Connection (CLC) website. The PNC will then receive Personal

    Information Forms (PIF)s for consideration from qualified candidates that match our criteria and by


    We know God has a plan for HBPres and will help us as we go forward together in Christ’s name.

    Please help by keeping us in your prayers. Thank you.

    PNC Members:

    Frank Anderson | Sarah Nash Bumpas | Linda Garrett | Marianne Humphries | Jim Rissler | Jonathan Sutphin | Adam Zuber

    On Wednesday, September 11, the church will again offer a monthly service for healing and wholeness. This brief service, held at 5:00 PM just before Wednesday supper, includes hymns, readings of scrip- ture, and times of silence. Participants may also come forward for personal prayer with one of the pastors.

    Join us weekly on Wednesdays to have a meal together and partake in activities for all ages!

     Meal begins at 5:30 PM in Emory Hall  Kids’ music for grades 1-5 at 6:00 PM  Bible Study with Bill at 6:30 PM in Room 206  Chancel Hand Bells practice at 6:30 PM  Chancel Choir practice at 7:30 PM  Child care available in the nursery

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    Sanctuary 10:30 AM

    September 1

    Paul Huh

    September 8

    Bill Williamson

    September 15

    Bill Williamson

    September 22

    Dee Wade

    September 29

    Bill Williamson

    September 1

    Lia Krausen

    September 8

    Lia Krausen

    September 15


    September 22


    September 29


    September 1

    Laura Krausen

    September 8

    Bill Percival

    September 15

    Brad Zuber

    September 22

    Scott Doelling

    September 29

    Lynn Cole

    September 1

    Keegan Henderson

    Dave Doehnert

    September 8

    Paul Sutphin

    Sarah Nash Bumpas

    September 15

    Sarah Nash Bumpas

    Keegan Henderson

    September 22

    Paul Sutphin

    Tom Hughes

    September 29

    Hayden Krausen

    Keegan Henderson

    September 1 & 8 Kelly Burke (Head Usher Aug. 4) Fred Bennett (Head Usher Aug. 11) Debi Ballard Pris Becker Dick Blayney Bill & Pam Bliven Jim & Kitty Boswell Greeters Jim & Kitty Boswell

    September 15 & 22

    Kelly Burke (Head Usher)

    Joni Burke

    Sarah Nash Bumpas

    Linda Brantley

    Bob Brown

    Sherri Cargal

    Jackie Cusick

    Peter & Mary Esch


    Peter & Mary Esch

    September 29

    Anne Hughes (Head Usher)

    Donna Jones

    Cherry Kelly

    Leslie Koenig

    Frank Kosnik

    Marcia Lewis

    Karen Overpeck

    Bruce & Margaret Lindsey


    Bruce & Margaret Lindsey

    September 1, 2019

    Jim Boswell

    Kitty Boswell

    Heather Drake

    Fred Bennett

    Ann Burge

    Billl Campbell

    Peggy Campbell

    Sherri Cargal

    Carol Christell

    Lance Christell

    Lynn Cole

    Dawn Cundiff

    Marty Cundiff

    Darrell Darby

    Kathy Darby

    October 6, 2019

    April Davenport

    Jane Doehnert

    Heather Drake

    Peggy Campbell

    Bill Campbell

    Becky Evans

    Nathan Evans

    Jim Frentz

    Betsy Frentz

    Cynthia Frentz

    Tom Frentz

    Kathy Gardner

    Linda Garrett

    Pam Glaze

    Dudley Haines

    Bill Harrod

  • 4

    Barbara Arnette

    John Ballard

    Taylor Ballard

    Jessica Barrick

    Pris Becker

    Dick Blayney

    Sharon Blayney

    Bev Brown

    Bob Carter

    Don Chasteen

    Maggie Chilton

    Suzanne Crawford

    Bettye Cruse

    Jane Doehnert

    Laura Garrett

    Rylee Gordon

    Jim Hickey

    Lauren Hofstetter

    Linda LaFrance

    Ray Lyle

    Greta Marcum

    Ben McKernan

    Bud Mitchell

    Margarette Perkins

    Louise Pumpelly

    Bob Sawyer

    Don Schalk

    Michael Schmied

    Janie Scott

    Susan Simpson

    Rich Sodano

    Barbara Stephens

    Katie Stewart

    Clare Ston