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  • 1. Collin McCoy and Amanda Glass

2. Salon dAutomne: 1905Room 7Donatelloamid the wildbeasts! 3. Fauvism and its OriginsImpressionism Often nature andlandscapes Natural colors butintensified Thick, direct-to-canvasapplication of paint (VanGogh) Use color contrast to createillusions of shading PerspectiveFauvism Often nature and landscapes Unnatural colors Thick, direct-to-canvasapplication of paint Use color contrast to intensifyfeelings No perspective 4. Seurats Pointillism 5. Seurats impact on Derain 6. Defining Characteristics COLOR: unnatural colors that express emotion,rather than imitate reality SIMPLICITY: no details. Mostly geometric shapes (butnot to the point of Cubism). EXPRESSIVENESS: this was the beginning ofexpressionism! Emotions are conveyed through theuse of color! EVERYDAY SUBJECTS: often landscapes, but alsoportraits and the occasional still life. Things that youwould see everyday, but in an obscure way. 7. Henri Matisse Born in Le Chateau in1869 Originally planned tostudy law Taught by Moreau atthe Ecole des Beaux-Arts Went on to papier colle Died in 1954 8. Maurice de Vlaminck Born in Paris in 1876 Moved to Chatou at the age of16 and by the time he was 18he had a wife and a daughter Was against art school Saw an exhibit of Van Goghsart and was inspired by thethick, direct-to-canvas painting Went on to duller, blue, whiteand grey landscapes and laterhis own expressionist stylewith dark colors Died in 1958 9. Andr Derain Born in Chatou in 1880 Went to the CarriereAcademy with Matisse Met de Vlaminck in 1901due to a train derailment.They lived in the sametown. The bridge between deVlaminck and Matisse Reverted to Realism Died in Chambourg at theage of 74 10. Georges Rouault Born in Paris in 1871 Went to Ecole desBeaux-Arts with Matisse Died in 1958 11. Influences Cubism DADAism Futurism Minimalism Expressionism Papier Colle(collage) 12. Your turn!