Famous people of venice

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Famous people of Venice

Famous people of VeniceJeremy ChanG4JDBSPD

The DogeDoge is the Latin word of Duke.A Doge is a person with power similar to that of a king in some way.In Venice, Doges were elected for life. Doges have ruled the city of Venice for more than 1000 years.The last Doge was Ludovico Manin lost his power to France when Venice fell under Napoleon's army in 1797.

Painters and ArtistsCanaletto was born in Venice in 1697.He was an artist famous for painting landscapes and the life of people in Venice.

Famous ArchitectsAndrea Palladio is the most famous architect in VeniceHe was born in 1508.He had designed many churches, villas, urban residences includingthe Olympic theatre called Vicenza.Even the US Presidents White House in Washington is designed based on inspiration from Palladio's architecture.

Famous WritersJohn Ruskin, born in 1819, is a famous writer, poet, and historian thinker.He went to Venice in 1840 for the first time.He was fascinated by the marvelous beauties of the city.And he wrote a diary in which he described the numerous masterpieces in Venice.

Famous SingerPatty Pravo was a famous pop singer and also a song composer.She started singing at 15 and became popular at the end of 60's.She liked to appear in unconventional strange and provocative looks.