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  • Fairmont Evangelical Covenant Church




    We, the Fairmont Evangelical Covenant Church,

    are a Praying, Bible-Based God-Fearing,

    Christ-Centered, Spirit-Alive Congregation.

    We love the Lord Jesus Christ

    and desire to serve Him, one another,

    our community, and the world.

    In obedience to His Word, we seek to fulfill

    our calling, each sharing our spiritual gifts.

    We have been called and commissioned

    by faith in Christ to minister to and pray

    for all to know the Lord.

    To that end may God, our Father,

    be given all the glory!

    Church Phone 507-235-6407 Church E-Mail

    office@fairmontcovenant.com Church Website

    www.fairmontcovenant.com Church Address

    901 Woodland Ave. PO. Box 443

    Church Office Hours Mon. 9-1 Tues. 9-3 Wed. 9-3 Thurs. 9-3

    Office will be closed for the lunch hour

    11:45 am to 12:45 pm

    Welcome To Worship. We’re Glad You’re Here! Sunday, October 28th, 2018

    Opening Song “Open the Eyes of My Heart” Call to Worship Opening Prayer Praise Song “The Lion and the Lamb” Offering My Faith Story Jamie Kueker Praise Songs “Who You Say I Am” “Reckless Love” Scripture Matthew 28:16-17 James 1:5-8 Kids Message Morning Message “Doubting: What do I do when I have doubts” Pastor Dan Wheeler Prayer Closing Song “You Are Holy” Benediction

    Sermon Notes


    Today, Sunday, October 28 9:00 am Worship 10:30 am Sunday School for all ages 12:00 pm Church on Channel 12 6:00—8:00 pm Youth Group Monday, October 29 Tuesday, October 30 PRC Meets Wednesday, October 31 9:30 am Staff Meeting 4:00 pm Sacred Steps 5:30 pm Music 6:12 pm Hunger for Healing in the Library 7:00 pm Music

    Thursday, November 1 6:30 pm Meyer Bible Study 7:00 pm Prison Ministry 8:00 pm Abuse Support Group

    Friday, November 2 Saturday, November 3

    Next Sunday, November 4 9:00 am Communion 10:30 am Sunday School for all ages 12:00 pm Church on Channel 12 6:30-8:00 pm Youth Group

    FOR YOUR PRAYERS Our Community

    Real Life Covenant Church—Waseca St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

    Options Pregnancy Center—Fmt

    Serving Our World Francisco & Stephanie Ramos Daron & Kristen Jagodzinske

    (Kitsap County, WA) Jeff & Angie Martin (UPBC Mission's) Jim & Gloria Senenfelder Mourning

    Glory’s Ministry Rachel Hart—Linwood Covenant Church

    Kyle & Matilda Tromanhauser—Converge Munich Germany

    Say Special Prayers for those Serving Our Country

    Parker Hahn (Bob & Kathy Lake’s son-law)

    Nathan Lake (Bob & Kathy Lake’s son) David Hoppe

    (Roger & Gretchen Hoppe’s grandson) Mark Knobel (Jan Olson’s grandson)

    Our Vision Statement

    We aspire to be a spirit-alive, multigenerational church family that embraces and nurtures authentic,

    Christ-centered relationships and shares the unconditional, life-changing love of Christ with our

    community and the world

    Prayer Requests Many, many prayers have been answered through our prayer chain. We care and are waiting to help you! Please call Dorothy Deguise at 238-1371 to get prayer chain start- ed. On the weekend please call pastor Dan at home 399- 2134.

    On-line giving to the church is now available on our church website fair- montcovenant.com. Or by scanning on the QR Code.

    GIVING REPORT General Budget 2018 Weekly Need $4190.16 Received October 21st $6547.25

    Happy Birthday

    Autumn Rogge Oct. 28 Blake Rogge Oct. 28 Preston Rogge Oct. 28 Laura Moeller Oct. 30 David Hoppe Nov. 3 Autumn Smart Nov. 3

    Happy Anniversary Dick & Harriet Tromanhauser Oct. 23 Steve & Becky Meyer Nov. 16


    Our Goal $ 5772.00 Gifts Received $ 5659.73 Loan Balance $ 30934.00.

    COUNT DOWN TO ZERO! During Sept. we received $5659.73 on our count down to Zero!!! We had a great meeting this week and our putting together ideas for the grand finale. First we went before the council for permission to have a final fundraiser and received approval! We could not have done what has been accomplished without each and every one of you and the Grace of God. We need your help as we are looking for pictures of any kind concerning the construction and painting process or ground breaking party we had. Also let Brad, John or Doug know if you would be available to help with a few things.

    Operation Christmas Child needs:

    Need 10-15 Coloring Books

    31 Notebooks

    31 Wash cloths

    31 Bars of soap

    35-40 Pens

    Filler gifts for boys and girls




    Stay for lunch after the packing party

    NEXT SUNDAY On Commun-

    ion Sundays along with the normal offering the children

    will be taking a “Noisy Offer- ing”. So next Sunday please bring your loose change with

    you to make a noise in your offering. This Noisy Offering will be included in

    our Sunday School offerings.

    Our Food Shelf is in need of the following

    items; soups, boxed meals, can meat, pasta

    sauce, applesauce, crackers, pancake mix

    and syrup.

    Words of Thanks– Many thanks for your

    prayers, cards, good wishes, and visits. My new address is

    620 Summit, Dr. #207. My current phone # is 952-237-

    7383. Blessing to all!!

    Bettie Striemer

    It's Never to Early to Make Plans

    The Church Christmas

    Banquet will be held on Sunday, Dec. 2nd.

    Starting with a Social Time at 5:00 pm fol-

    lowed by a all you can eat Buffet, Christ-

    mas Carols and a Movie. Tickets sales will begin Sunday, Nov. 4th. $10 per per-


    Church Family

    Potluck Sunday, Nov. 11th

    11:30 am Bring a dish or two The Evergreen’s will once

    again host their



    Thursday, Nov.1st

    11:00 am

    All are welcome to attend!

  • Prayer Requests This can be used to share with the body a prayer request, a word from the Lord, a word of en- couragement, or other news you would like the congregation to be praying about. (births, deaths, celebrations) Fill out this sheet and place it in the offering. Half sheets available from ushers or can be found in back of the church ________________________________________________________________________________






    Senior Pastor Dan Wheeler

    399-2134 Church Secretary

    Barb Smith Bookkeeper

    Harriet Troman- hauser

    Church Chair Curt Howard Vice Chair

    Larry Peterson Council Secretary

    Sheila Zuehlke Financial Secretary

    Roger Bloomgren Worship Chair

    Jayne Tonn Christian Ed. Chair

    Jenni Diegnau Fellowship Chair Cathy Gladfelter

    Evangelism Chair Debra Engman

    Stewardship Chair Georgie Pfaffinger Properties Chair Kyle Koerselman

    Elders Bob Engman Craig Diegnau

    Kurt Hines Janet Malo

    Prayer Chain Coordinator

    Dorothy Deguise 238-1371

    Barb Smith Church Custodian Dick Tromanhauser

    Advocacy for Victims of Abuse Georgie Pfaffinger


    Have you ever asked the question:

    “How can I pray effectively for missionaries?’

    1. Pray for peace with other believers (Acts 13:13).

    Satan attacks from all angles, both inside and outside. Pray for

    peace within families, in marriages, with children, and with

    companions and ministry partners.

    2. Pray for favor with unbelievers (Acts 13:14-15).

    Non believers are blind to the gospel, and