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  • EZINE | January 2015

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    AEOLIAN ISLANDSAn experience between sea and sky

    2014: one of the projects of this year

    2015: we are working on...


    ANDALUSIAA movie day

    Whats new at Mine?

  • EZINE | January 2015

    They came back in France with hearts and eyes still amazed.Mine took eight entrepreneurs on a guided tour in the Aeolian Islands, make them experienced an unique luxury tailor-made adventure. Our guests started the way to Milazzo - Vulca-no with an exciting helicopter ight (meanwhile a ve stars private boat was promptly provided by the company for the couple who arrived late, in order to not miss a single precious moment of their Aeolian stay). After a night's rest in an extra luxury hotel, our "heroes" have been involved in a series of acti-vities related to the knowledge and apprecia-tion of our archipelago.

    Denitely they won't forget the Gulet cruise towards Panarea and the helicopter excursion in Stromboli, to see the spectacular views from above. And yet ... between sea and sky, a quad ride on the black volcanic sand beach. All the positive comments, gratitude, and espe-cially the satised expressions on the faces of our guests, made us realize that our work hit the mark this time again ; not to mention the sixteen sincere and warm hugs that tightened us before leaving; the best reward for an event that required months of preparation and took dedicated individuals that gave all their talent to make it a success.

    2014: one of the projects of this year

    aeolian islands, an experience between sea and sky

  • If you ever decide to visit them, leave home at dawn and come back at night, walk all day from end to end, without stopping.Spend a night out. And above all change island over and over again, move as long as you can.Because the Aeolian Islands are seven. And to hear their complete story you have to visit them all and back and come back again even where you have already been.(From Mare di Pietra Laterza Publisher)

  • 2015: we are working on...

  • The 200 km of Almeria shores will be the fasci-nating location that in May will host the staff of a big international insurance company.With the planned activities, Mine wants guests will have fun and, why not, be surprised. The rst day the group, divided in teams, will build a boat by using recyclable materials. Once built, the boats will do a real race.The highlight of the experience will be on the following day: the marine engineers will become actors and will perform a typical spaghetti-western movie. The set will be the village built for the shooting of Fistful of Dol-lars, the famous movie directed by Sergio Leone and lmed among these cliffs.Thanks to this activity the participants will change their approach to the movie world in a

    fun and unusual way. They will be supported by a staff of professionals in the eld such as set designers, make-up artists, costume designers and others. Among them there will be also a director and a cameraman who will immortali-ze the nal product and the backstage scenes on a dvd that will be given to the participants.Before leaving, the group will also take part to an activity, at the same time fun and cultural. It consists in an interactive treasure hunt (even the treasure map now is on I-Pad!) twisting and turning through the most representative places of the area. We are working to make our project a real blockbuster!

    EZINE | January 2015

  • EZINE | January 2015


    If every year, like every day, in everyones life, is never the same as the previous one because of the experiences, the encounters, the unique opportunities it brings... for Mine, 2014 really was a crucible worthy of that of the god Vulcan.Projects that seemed impossible became dream events and ideas that were just sketched became reality. We refer not only to the events we organized around the world but also to the newborn line of products signed by Mine. The rst sam-ples of a family aimed at become bigger and up to date are products conceived for travel but even for work. They are technical and fun and on them you can nd our logo. Tablet and smartphone covers, pens, business cards holders and courtesy-sets are some examples but you can nd also others products that have become essential for those who stays away from home every day.

  • New is also the look we gave to our website to make it more charming and intuitive. We worked on it a lot of months following sugge-stions and needs of those, like you, visited our pages for business, interest or just for curiosity.Please continue doing it. We like talking about ourselves, about what we do, always with the enthusiasm and the sincere intimacy that you reserve to a friend shares with you experiences and emotions.If you want you can follow us also on facebook, twitter, istagram, linkedin.

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    EZINE | January 2015

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