Extra-curricular Activities in Twghs SCGaw Memorial College

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Text of Extra-curricular Activities in Twghs SCGaw Memorial College

Extra-curricular Activities in Twghs SCGaw Memorial College

Twghs S C Gaw Memorial CollegeLead an energetic school life with extra-curricular activitiesECA


Maintain a Balanced Healthy LifeAims of ECAExtra-curricular Activities in Our School


English Club Putonghua Club Chinese Culture ClubHistory Club Economics and Commerce Club

Academic Computer Club Chinese History and National Education Club Mathematics Club Geography Club Chemistry Club Biology Club Liberal Studies Club

InterestChess Club Bridge Club Photography Digital Video ClubFirst Aid Club

InterestJapanese Culture ClubGreen ClubMagic ClubMusic ClubDesign and Technology ClubVisual Arts ClubHome Economics Club Scrabble Club

Gifted EducationGifted Mathematics Club Gifted Science Club Chinese Verse Speaking ClubPutonghua Verse Speaking Club

English Drama ClubDrama Club English Verse Speaking ClubDebating Club

Religion Christian Association

ServiceJunior Police Call

Sports & HealthSport ClubHealthy School Club


11Notes on club enrolment (2012-2013)

There are 40 clubs in our school, and they are classified into 3 subgroups: academic groups, cultural groups, and service groups.

Notes on club enrolment (2012-2013)

All students must be the member(s) of at least one clubs in the 1st term and the 2nd term respectively. They should participate in the activities of the chosen club during activity period.

Notes on club enrolment (2012-2013)

. The club registration day will be held on 19 Sept 2013 after school . All students must go to the club registration counters to finish the club membership application for both terms.

Notes on club enrolment (2012-2013)

The quota of each club is limited. Generally, the distribution of the quotas are based on first-come-first-serve basis.

The teacher responsible of some clubs (e.g. enrichment mathematics club, enrichment science club, drama, english drama etc.) own the final right to decide the membership of a student, with reference to the ability and suitability.

Notes on club enrolment (2012-2013)For club membership conversion, students need adequate reasons as the support for the decision of changing club membership. They also need to obtain approvals from the teachers responsible of the relevant clubs and the coordinator of ECA department.No eating and drinking is allowed during activity periods.Enrolment Date: Mid - September 2012

No. of Clubs: Enrol in 2 clubs

17Houses 2012-2013

Inter-House Competition2012-2013

Swimming GalaSport DayDebate Chess Ball Games Drama

School Teams & Uniform Groups 2012-2013

Sports & Aesthetic TeamsBasketball Team Badminton Team Chinese Dance Group Chinese Martial Art Team Debating Team Drama Group English Drama Group Fencing Team

Sports & Aesthetic Football Team Latin Dance Group Rugby Team School Choir Swimming Team Track & Field Team Table Tennis VolleyBall Team

Uniform Groups

Boy Scout Girl Guides Road Safety Patrol Marching Band & Flag Corp St. John Ambulance Brigade


24Enrolment Date: Mid - September 2012

No. of Groups: Enrol in 1-2 School Sports & Aesthetic Teams, Uniform Groups

25Social Service Group

Junior Police Call School Service Team Community Youth Club Reading Ambassador Group English Ambassadors

Important Note:Your ECA performance will be recorded in yourAcademic Report Card


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