Event Marketing- Gaining Visibility via the iReach Product

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  • 1. Event Marketing--Gaining Visibility Through Social News The iReach Product LaunchMichael Crumley, Senior Manager, PR NewswireAmanda Eldridge, Director, Strategic Channels, PR NewswireSuzanne Carawan, Vice President, Global Marketing, etouches
  • 2. Planner Challenge Planners asked to do more and more More competition exists for prospective attendee and attendees attention and share of wallet Most planners are on their own to figure out how to use social and content tools
  • 3. Content Challenge Many point solutions for content Freemium has taken over the world Little understanding of SEO and SEM Few planners are adding banner ad and social media paid placement into their promotion budgets
  • 4. Marketing Challenge Little segmentation and messaging Few events have seen content as a new form of revenue generation Few events have seen content as one of the new value-adds and benefits of coming to the event Missing an opportunity to bundle together content and networking/education opportunities
  • 5. Example: Tradeshow Event organizer uses content distribution to announce highlights, dates, central attractions & speakers Event organizer sells package to exhibitors to better distribute their product launch announcements and provides them with a value-add fee-based package: News release distribution Exhibitor directory listing and page with content Exhibitor appointments Exhibitor-sponsored roundtables, lounges, etc
  • 6. Drive web site traffic and enhance online visibility of your event PR Newswire and eTouches Michael Crumley, Sr. Manager, SME Program PR Newswire
  • 7. Who is PR Newswire?PR Newswire pioneered the commercial news distribution industry nearly 60years ago and continues to be the leader in innovative communications andmarketing services. We connect you with your audiences everywhere.
  • 8. PR Newswire THE GLOBAL LEADERRanked #1 in online visibilityRanked #1 in reach and trafficRanked #1 in social media interaction
  • 9. etouches Extends its Event Marketing Communications Capabilities with PR NewswireThe PR Newswire-powered product will extendetouches event platform and allow event marketersand organizers to: Bolster search engine rankings Gain visibility for their events speakers, exhibitors,and content program Drive registration and potential media coverageThrough PR Newswires iReach platform, whichseamlessly integrates with etouches platform, eventorganizers, marketers and exhibitors are able todisseminate important event-related information toover 1,500 web sites and social media sites, achievehigher search engine rankings, increase eventawareness and drive traffic to the event website.
  • 10. The Lifecycle of a Piece of ContentFrom submission to transmissionAmanda Eldridge, Director, Strategic ChannelsPR Newswire
  • 11. Submission Content is submitted though the iReach/etouches platform. Distribution level selected is WebReach with SocialPost. An image is also included with the content.
  • 12. Transmission Content is delivered to the Editorial team who then begins to process the text and image. Content is tagged in an XHTML editor and coded for applicable trades. The Multimedia Desk is working on the image at the same time. Both content and image are then transmitted to online databases. Ten minutes after the initial transmission the first tweet is sent. The second tweet is sent two hours later. The final tweet is sent four hours later.
  • 13. Distribution Placement and ReportingAfter transmission, content is readily available Visibility can then be measured via PR through search engines. Newswires ReleaseWatch Reporting.
  • 14. What is Content Marketing? If youre not contentContent marketing is a marketing marketing, youre nottechnique of creating and distributing marketing.relevant and valuable content to attract,acquire, and engage a clearly defined - Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Instituteand understood target audience - with theobjective of driving profitable customeraction.-Joe Pulizzi Content Marketing Institute and Founder of Junta42
  • 15. What is iReach? iReach is the budget friendly, content distribution platform. An affordable, easy solution for sharing your news with your key audiences and potential customers online. Choose from several online news release distributions Write release via integrated wizard (simple form page) Pay via credit card Submit Your release will be distributed within 24-hours, or you can choose your distribution date and time.https://ireach.prnewswire.com/etouches/
  • 16. WebReach online distribution network Product Options of 1,500+ websites, databases and consists online services.iReach product options to meet your needs:
  • 17. Reporting - ReleaseWatchReleaseWatchReleaseWatch is a report thatsgenerated every time a Web Reach orWeb ReachPLUS product is sentthrough iReach. It is sent via email, andincludes links to where the full text of arelease appears on some of the over1,500+ sites we sample for the report.ReleaseWatch contains: Links to websites that display the full text of your release on their site An average of almost 200 links per report
  • 18. Your Storys Potential Reach Traditional media Social media Your Release Web coverage
  • 19. Social Media ToolsTurn your press release into a hub forsocial media sharing.Readers can share your news throughpopular sites, such as: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google + and more!
  • 20. Get Lasting Visibility with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Increase visibility Higher search results ranking Extend message life
  • 21. So how do I get started? COMPLETE FREE REGISTRATION athttps://ireach.prnewswire.com/etouches/ Terms and Conditions eMail verification
  • 22. Submit an order https://ireach.prnewswire.com/etouches/1 Select the product
  • 23. Getting Started is as easy as 1-2-3https://ireach.prnewswire.com/etouches/2 Complete the order page Contact Information Copy for press release Timing of distribution Etc. Submit
  • 24. Getting Start