Eustace Mullins - The Great Betrayal; The General Welfare Clause of the Constitution (1991)

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  • 8/8/2019 Eustace Mullins - The Great Betrayal; The General Welfare Clause of the Constitution (1991)


  • 8/8/2019 Eustace Mullins - The Great Betrayal; The General Welfare Clause of the Constitution (1991)



    The GeneralWelfareClauseof the Constitution



    ConstitutionalCommi sionThe National Commissionor JudicialReform

  • 8/8/2019 Eustace Mullins - The Great Betrayal; The General Welfare Clause of the Constitution (1991)



    TIM GREAT BETRAYALTheGeneralWelfareClauseof tle ConstitutionPnblishedby theNationalCommissionor JudicialReformP.O.Box 1105Staunton, irginia2M0l

    First &litionCopyright1991EustaceMullins

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  • 8/8/2019 Eustace Mullins - The Great Betrayal; The General Welfare Clause of the Constitution (1991)


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  • 8/8/2019 Eustace Mullins - The Great Betrayal; The General Welfare Clause of the Constitution (1991)



    This is the story of the Great Behayal. During the twentiethcentur5/,Americans increasingly havebecome nured, evendesensi-tized, to the continuousaccusations, estimony,and public hearingswhich have detailed the many betrayalsof our Republic. Why havethere been so many betrayals, rather than one calamitous act oftreason?The history of this century has borne out the strengthof theadmirable edifice which was rearedupby our Founding Fathers.Theyincluded in it so many safeguards, omany far-sighted defenses, omany shields or the security of the succeedinggenerations, hat nosingle act of conspiracycould bring t down.No BenedictArnold, noFranklin Delano Roosevelt,acting alone, no matter how seasonedthey might be n the affairs of treason, ouldweaken his greatedificeto the extent that the ever-waiting barbarians, he Thuggeesof old,could pour into thebreachand akepossession f our culturewithouta fight. For that reason, the processof betrayal hasbeen an ongoingone, continuing over a period of many years.In tracing and reconstructing the operationsof this process, hepresentwriter has devotedsome ifty years o investigation, assidu-ously trying to locate the missing key, a GoldenKey of Destruction,that single instrument which had the deadly ability to plunge ournation into its present abysmal state.Our Colossusof Liberty, soartfully constructed,could fend off the snarlingdogs and the multi-tudinous abbleof our enemiesor aconsiderableime,but nevitably,at somedark moment, herecame hepoignant nstant when he bladewas thrust into the heart of the nation. During those decades, hiswriter, like alatterday SherlockHolmes,busiedhimself with obtainingthe evidence,seekingpiecemeal hehiddenproofsand hernost initedocumentationof thecrimesof the enemyagainstus.Therewas morethanenoughsuch estimony o keepme occupied or manyyears,but,with each new piece of evidence, addedanother and even morcmeaningful piece to the puzzle,and thus came another step towardscompleting the entire picture. Even as my assemblageof evidencegrew more mountainous, their patternbecameever more simplified,until, at last, I realized that I was on the verge of revealing the final

    apostasyof thosewho haddedicated heir lives to bringing down theAmerican Republic. I found this last, and most damningproof, not insome obscure protocol of the conspirators, hidden in some dustyrecess,but in the imposing building of our National Archives. Thesecretwasound nthe languageof ourmostsacred ext, he Constitutionof the United Statesof America.Did this discovery mean hat, deepwithin the provisions of theConstitution, the Founding Fathershad ignorantly, or perhaps,evenby design, ncluded sometrick phrase which would later become theAchilles Heel of our country? Not at all. If the Founding Fathershaderred,twas onthesideofzeal,becausetheywenttouchgreateffortsto make certain that no door was left open, no possible avenue ofbetrayal inadvertently left unguarded, which might give aid andcomfort to those vipers who, working from within or from abroad,would overlook no opportunity to end his Republic,and hus deliverthe coupde grace o mankind'smostnobleexperiment n freedom. nthe entire Constitution, there are few phrases which, despite thefrenetic efforts of demagoguesand renegades, ould lend themselvesto suchgrossmisrepresentation.However,I did find, in onephraseofthis greatdocument, words which reflected the highestaspirations ofthe Founding Fathers, a phrasewhich occurs in the Preamble to theConstitution, andwhich appearsagain n Article I, SectionEight. Thisphrase s "the general welfare". It would be difficult to read into thisphraseany ambiguity, or any opportunity for demagoguery,and yetsuchpurposewas found. In this book, we have a dual purpose, irst,to explainhow ruthlessmenadopted his phrase o further their greatconspiracyagainstAmerica, and second, he techniqueswhich theyemployed to incorporate this phrase as the very keystone of theirWelfare State,a creationwhich they intendedas he replacement orthe reeRepublic of the United States.From thepowersderived fromthatoverthrow, they confidently anticipate that theywill now initiatewhat they fondly refer to as"the New World Ordet''.

  • 8/8/2019 Eustace Mullins - The Great Betrayal; The General Welfare Clause of the Constitution (1991)


    ABOUTTIIE AUTHOR INTRODUCTIONForalmosthalfacentury,EustacMulli$ hasbeetlsechhg This molographwas ciginally deliveredas a Lcgal Opinion,and writing about mattels of pressing atiooal ittepst. To elch 'Mullias on theGeneralWelfare Clauseof theConstitutio! of thesubject,he bdngs a uDiquepeNtsonaloint of view which is rcye( UDitedStates"atthe Observance ffre EightietbADdvelsaryoftheswayedby anypolitical or financid influence.A nativeVirginian, he SecretWriting of the FederalRe,sf,vecl itr the Jeky[ Isl.nd Club,is 8 directdescndant f WillismMullins, asignerofthe Mayflower Jekylllslad, Georgia-twas givenbyEustaceMullinsintheFederal

    Compacl tte first codeofgoveNrEert Foducd tr the New Wodd. ReserveRoom 8t the meeting of the awlence Patte$on FinansialHe sefved bity-ight months n tbeUaitcd Slate8ArDy Air Fo(ce ShategyOrganizationunder he auspices f "Crimi[al Politics", onduring World War tr. He was educ.ted at Washirgtm and Ire February1,1991,University,Ohio StateUniversity, he Uniyetsity of North Dakot4New YGk University, Escuelades Bellas ArGs, Satr Miguel deAltrende, nd he hstitute ofcontemponry Arts.His giver larne, Eustace,meatrs lustice" in Aramaic, thelanguage po&eNry JesusChrist A frlrther bguistic defirdtionofthisname E"God's equalustice asprorrised or all".Theseunny decades finvestigative wort weremadepossibleby EustaceMullirs being aunched poo hir caleeras heprotcgofthepoetEzraPoun4 four of whosstudenb,William Butler Yeats,James oyce,BrhestHemitgwat 8trdT. S. Eliot, werEsubsquentlyswardedhe NobelPdze or Literature.He slsob8meheprotegeof GeorgeStimpnou,founderofheNationalPre,ssClubitWashitrgtotr,D,C., who wasknown as he most espectedjoumalistinWashington;andof HJ-.Hunt,a businessman ho evinceda ifelotg concemwithgoodgovernme . As a memorial o the workofEzra Pound,BustaceMullins fourdedthe Ezra Pound nstitutc of Civili zfioi n ln2, inorder to cotrtinuePound'sgroud-brcaking work itr literan[e andeconomics.

  • 8/8/2019 Eustace Mullins - The Great Betrayal; The General Welfare Clause of the Constitution (1991)


    ChapterOneChapter woChapterThreeChapterFour


    ContentsJefferson nd"/or amilton.. .......1TheWelfare tate.......,. .............8TheConstitution ......................14The Welfare StateasCriminalSyndicalism ..............20ThisHonorable ourt ..............28TheFuture f America ............36


    Duringthepastfiftyyears,Ihavefoundarecurringleitmotifthroughout th" "nid"o"" *hich I haveamasseddetailing subterraneaninlluences which have been working to wreck our nation' Thisleitmotif is to be found againandagain n the history of the Americanpeople. It is the record of the opposition of the ideals of two rnen,tno*u, Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, who epitomizedthroughout their political careers wo divergent strainsof thought, theirreconcilable andstill unresolvedconflict berween hosewho believein the peopleof theunited States,asdid ThomasJefferson,and hosewho believe only in the unrestrained machinations of a hiddenoligarchy, asdid-Alexander Hamilton. In my first published work,tntouinson heFederalReserve,Idiscussedheopposing orceswhichthese wo menrepresentedhroughout their lives, and he nfluence ofthose forces opon th" subsequenthistory of this nation. Those unre-solvedconflictswerepreseni andbecameapparent, uring theactualwriting of the Constitution n Philadelphia n1787 -Article I, SectionEight,treatsmanyofthepointsonwhichJeffersonandHamiltonremained n contention,oneof themost mportantbeing heprovisionthat'"The Congtessshall have power"' to coin money' regulate hevaluethereof,andof foreign coin,andfixthe Standardofweights andMeasures."This crucial matter soonbecameonewhich wasbrought out intothe open,after the adoption of the Constitution by the states,whenAlexander Hamilton soughta govemment charter or a new centralbank, the Bank of the united States.ThomasJefferson, n abrilliantdisquisition,publishedt}reprincipalandmostcohesivea