Epidemiology & Animal Health Management and Food Safety ... ... Epidemiology & Animal Health Management

Epidemiology & Animal Health Management and Food Safety ... ... Epidemiology & Animal Health Management

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Text of Epidemiology & Animal Health Management and Food Safety ... ... Epidemiology & Animal Health...

  • Epidemiology & Animal Health Management and Food Safety, Animal Welfare & Biosecurity Programme

    Wednesday 22 May Thursday 23 May

    Location Room APW, Level 1, TSB Arena Room APW, Level 1, TSB Arena

    6.30am Industry Branch 5km fun run/walk

    7am Registration open

    8am AMR: defining the problem Helen Crabb Clinical impact of Mycoplasma bovis in New Zealand Carolyn Hamill

    8.30am AMU: how vets contribute to the problem James Gilkerson Overview and performance of national milk surveillance for Mycoplasma bovis in New Zealand Amy Burroughs

    9am AMS: how vets become part of the solution James Gilkerson Epidemiological overview: Mycoplasma bovis programme Mary van Andel

    9.30am A brief overview of current antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance in New Zealand Mark Bryan

    Modelling the within-herd transmission dynamics of Mycoplasma bovis infections in pastoral cattle production systems Arata Hidano

    10am Morning tea

    10.30am The use of genomics in AMR Nigel French Furry whānau wellbeing: Working with communities for positive pet outcomes Rachel Forrest

    11am One Health Joanna McKenzie One Welfare – a human lens for improving animal welfare Natalie Welfare

    11.30am Disease and treatment across the species barrier David Hammer Applying animal welfare regulations and engaging industry Richard Wild

    12pm Yersiniosis in New Zealand: concerning, cryptic and costly Jackie Benschop AGM

    12.30pm Lunch

    1.30pm Ebola virus emergence modeling – taking a One Health perspective David Hayman

    Leptospirosis session:

    1.30pm: Working together/effect on farming families Fiona Gower

    1.55pm: Flown under the radar for too long: Leptospira from wildlife Marie Moinet

    2.20pm: Long-term changes of human exposure to Leptospira in New Zealand Cord Heuer

    2.45pm: Preliminary findings on risk factors for hospitalisation of human leptospirosis in New Zealand 1999-2016 Maryna Sokolova

    3.10pm: Worker’s compensation for leptospirosis in New Zealand: taonga or taniwha? Jackie Benschop

    2pm Descriptive epidemiological analysis of rabies in humans and animals in Thailand from 2013- 2018 Thanidtha Te-Chaniyom

    2.30pm Beyond linear models: linking epidemiology with social science to effect critical change Mark Bryan

    3pm Microplastics in food Jeane Nicolas

    3.30pm Afternoon tea

    4pm One Health Joanna McKenzie Building the business case for BVD eradication in New Zealand: updates Carolyn Gates

    4.30pm Effective biosecurity response to an incursion of canine influenza Andy McFadden Transmission of FMD through livestock movements Masako wada

    5pm Infectious bursal disease virus serotype 2 (IBDV-2) in New Zealand poultry and waterfowl Tom Rawdon

    Post vaccination monitoring of FMD vaccination campaigns in Southern Lao PDR and Central Myanmar Art Subharat

    5.30pm Happy hour

    7pm Dinner - venue to be confirmed

    Other streams include: Companion Animal; Equine; Sheep, Beef & Deer; Veterinary Business. See conference website for more details.