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ENGLISH LITERATURE The Dawn of English Literature


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ENGLISH LITERATURE. The Dawn of English Literature. The Ancient Britons and Their Language. We find Celtic in geographical names : dun/ dum = down, dune (the towns of Dunscore , Dunedin, Dumbarton) avon = river (Stratford-on-Avon) kil =wood ( Kilbrook ). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • ENGLISH LITERATURE The Dawn of English Literature

  • The Ancient Britons and Their LanguageWe find Celtic in geographical names:dun/dum = down, dune (the towns of Dunscore, Dunedin, Dumbarton)avon=river (Stratford-on-Avon)kil=wood (Kilbrook)

  • The Roman Invasion 55 B.C.: the Roman(Latin) till 407 A.D. Julius Caesar - the first Roman castra=camp (Lancaster, Manchester, Worcester)

  • The Invasion by Germanic Tribes410: Angles, Saxons, JutesWest Germanic languageThey were pagans, believed in many gods:Tuesco (god of darkness) Tuesday

  • Beowulfthe first page ofBeowulfin Cotton Vitellius A. xv. Remounted page,British LibraryCotton Vitellius A.XV

  • An illustration of Grendel by J.R. Skelton fromStories of Beowulf. Grendel is described as "Very terrible to look upon." An illustration of Grendel's mother by J.R. Skelton fromStories of Beowulf(1908) described as a "water witch" trying to stab Beowulf.

  • A 1908 depiction of Beowulf fighting the dragon by J. R. Skelton. Beowulf is challenged by a Danish coast guard, Evelyn Paul (1911).

  • Anglo-Saxon literature (the 7th-11th Centuries)Caedmon (poet) - the 7th century - wrote in Anglo-Saxon The Paraphrase Bede - the father of English history The History of the English ChurchAlfred the Great (849 901) Anglo-Saxon Chronicle the first prose in English literature

  • TheNormanconquest TheBayeux Tapestrydepicts theBattle of Hastingsand the events leading to it. William the Conquerorand Haroldat the Battle ofHastings

  • King HaroldKern Normanarcher Normanknightsriding

  • Model ofthe Anglo-Norman castle

  • William ofNormandygo ashorein England, Frenchdrawing from1883. William BastardeninvadesEngland.Illustrationof Frenchmanuscript from1400-1410

  • MerlinkidnapsbabyArthur.(N.K.Wyatt, 1922) King Arthurby CharlesErnestButler (1903) King Arthur

  • Mark Twain."A Connecticut Yankee inKing Arthur's Court" (1889) Lady of the LakepresentingExcalibur

  • Culhwchentering Arthur's Court in the Welsh taleCulhwch and Olwen, 1881

  • The Round Table experience a vision of the Holy Grail.From a 15th century French manuscript.

  • The combat of Arthur and Mordred, illustrated byN.C. Wyeth forThe Boy's King Arthur, 1922 Mordred, Arthur's final foe according to Geoffrey of Monmouth, illustrated byH. J. Ford forAndrew Lang'sKing Arthur: The Tales of the Round Table, 1902

  • The Canterbury Talesis a collection of stories written inMiddle EnglishbyGeoffrey Chaucerat the end of the 14th century. The Canterbury Tales

  • GeoffreyChaucer,1380,NewCatholicEncyclopedia. Thefirst page of theHengwrtChaucermanuscriptwith the beginning oftheGeneral Prologue.

  • Then said the first of them when this was done:Now for a drink. Sit down and lets be merryHe took a bottle full of poison upAnd drank; and his companion, nothing loth,Drank from it also, and they perished both,Thus the two murderers received their due,So did the treacherous young prisoner too

  • Woodcut fromWilliamCaxton's secondedition ofThe CanterburyTales,ca 1484. Chauceras a pilgrimfromthe EllesmereChaucermanuscript in theHuntington Libraryin SanMarino, California.

  • A story fromIlDecameronbyJohn WilliamWaterhouse. The EnglishPeasantRevoltof 1381ismentionedinThe CanterburyTales.

  • The dilemma ofBors- herescues agirlinstead of hisbrotherLionel. Themurder of ThomasBecket. EzraWinter,Canterbury Talesmural(1939),Library of CongressJohn AdamsBuilding,Washington, DC

  • The Wars of the Roses (1455-1485)TheWhite Roseof theHouse of York TheRed Roseof theHouse of Lancaster

  • TheTudorRose, createdat the end ofthe Civil War,joining the twoemblems.

  • Robin HOODThe title page of Howard Pyle's 1883 novel, The Merry Adventures of Robin HoodRobin Hood statue in Nottingham

  • "Robin shoots with Sir Guy" by Louis Rhead Douglas Fairbanksas Robin Hood; the sword he is depicted with was common in the oldestballads

  • Robin Hood andMaid Marian(Robin Hood wife)

  • When was England called Britain?in the 7th century B.C.about 25 centuries agoin the 4th century A.D.What Christmas tradition originated from the Druids?to go to the darkest parts of the woodsto hang mistletoe in the housesto eat the leaves of an oak-tree

  • How long did the Roman occupation last?from 55 B.C. to 704 A.D.more than 40 yearsmore than 400 yearsWhat interesting remains of Roman times can you still find in England?some ruins of public baths and tiled floors of Roman villasthe highways have been built on the military roads made by the Romansa large number of English words come from the Latin language

  • What dialects did Angles, Saxons and Jutes speak?of the Latin languageof the English languageof the West Germanic languageWhat traces of the Germanic tribes language can we see in the modern English?the names of many peoplethe names of the week-daysthe names of fruit

  • Find the odd one:The Roman invasion, the Danes invasion, the Norman invasion, the French invasionCeltic, Latin, West Germanic, Roman