Engage your students Web 2.0 Blinn Teach Program June, 2010.

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  • Engage your students Web 2.0Blinn Teach ProgramJune, 2010

  • Notes can be interactiveShow, don't tellWeb 2.0 brings a whole new dimension to the old adage "show, don't tell"and lets you ______ your presentations anytime, anywhere, with anyone you like.

    "But I've finally mastered PowerPoint!"Web 2.0 is all about ease of use. Whether you're presenting to students,______, or colleagues; or enabling students to create _______ presentations themselves, Web 2.0 makes it and accessible. parentssharesimple

  • Make it Web 2.0 Upload the powerpoint to your webpageUpload the powerpoint to an online collaborative siteGoogle Docs www.google.comSlide Share www.slideshare.netAsk students to collaborate & create using online presentation tools Create,Collaborate,Analyze, & Evaluate

  • Graphing can be interactive

  • www.polleverywhere.comAnimoto www.animoto.comUsing a digital camera, allow students to take photos of things around the school. Make a slide show and graph how many items of each color were found.Make it Web 2.0 Create,Collaborate,Analyze, & Evaluate

  • Pre-writing can be interactive

  • Make it Web 2.0 Podcasts Record students reading written work (PC Sound Recorder Mac Garage Band) & students can evaluate, edit, rewriteVoki.com create avatars with podcast

    Upload student podcasts to web page, podcast hosting page, & podcast directoriesPodcast hosting podbean.com, mypodcast.com, gcast.comPodcast Directory iTunes, podcastalley.com

    Create,Collaborate,Analyze, & Evaluate

  • Videos can be interactive

  • Videos can be InteractiveDownload Clips from YouTubeCnet.com PC: youtube downloader Mac: get tube Convert file PC: wmv Mac: mp4

    Insert into powerpoint

  • Make it Web 2.0 Online InteractionsYoutube Channel save videos on your own account, post a comment & ask students to respond

    Discovery Education Assignment builder: creates assignment related to educational videos Quiz builder: give online quiz, grades the quiz, & sends the results to you

    Create,Collaborate,Analyze, & Evaluate

  • Reading Response can be InteractiveHATCHET by Gary PaulsenThe title Hatchet is used to stimulate interest and identify the central theme. Each group member will choose one of the alternate titles below and explain how it relates to the theme of the book

    Outlast IslandEndurance Island Cross Over Island

  • Outlast Island Exit presentation mode, highlight this text and type your response

  • Endurance Island Exit presentation mode, highlight this text and type your response

  • Cross Over Island Exit presentation mode, highlight this text and type your response

  • Make it Web 2.0 Classroom BlogsBlogspot.com21classes.comBlogger.comWikispaces.comPBworks.comCreate,Collaborate,Analyze, & Evaluate


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