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employee satisfaction & employee engagement

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  1. 1. Welcome to Presentation
  2. 2. Mohd. Rifat Been Abdul Gaffer ID # 2010-1-10-056
  3. 3. Employee Satisfaction & Employee Engagement of Telecom Industry in Bangladesh
  4. 4. What is Job Satisfaction ? Job satisfaction is how happy a person is with his or her job.
  5. 5. What is Employee Engagement? Employee engagement is an emergent property of the relationship between an organization and its employees.
  6. 6. Company Overview (Robi Axiata Ltd.)
  7. 7. 1997 to 2010 Brand name was Aktel
  8. 8. Robi is a Join Venture Company Axiata Group 91.59% NTT Docmo 8.41%
  9. 9. Logo and Visual Language Alpona :
  10. 10. Organizational Hierarchy CXOs EVP, VP GM, Manager Specialist, Officer, Assistant
  11. 11. Divisions Technology Market Operation Finance Human Resources Corporate Strategy Corporate and Regulatory Affairs EPMO Digital Services Internal Audit
  12. 12. Product & Services Robi mainly offer two types of product based on the subscription category for general subscribers: Pre-paid : Robi Club plan Shocho Plan Shasroyee Plan Shorol Plan Robi Goti Plan Post-paid: Robi offers few lucrative Post-paid Packages named Simple plans, Normal plans, and Robi corporate for corporate clients only.
  13. 13. Employment opportunities & facilities of Robi Young Talent Program Induction Flexible Working Hour Handset & Connection Safety & Security Reward & Bonus.
  14. 14. Short Review of Grameephone Started their journey 1997 It is a joint venture company The first company in Bangladesh to introduce the GSM technology
  15. 15. Short Review of Banglalink Started journey in 2005. Banglalink currently has 27 million subscribers
  16. 16. Measurement the Reliability of Data ( Employee Satisfaction) Variables Cronbachs alpha Communication 0.701 Learning 0.801 Need 0.733 Mental Satisfaction 0.821 Supervisor Evaluation 0.861
  17. 17. Job Satisfaction Analysis of Telecom Industry in Bangladesh Model Summary Model R R Square Std. Error of the Estimate 1 .850 (a) .722 .60082
  18. 18. Tests of Hypothesis Communication rejected (.099) Learning rejected (.133) Need rejected (.807) Mental Satisfaction - rejected (.052) Supervisor Evaluation accepted (.049)
  19. 19. Measurement the Reliability of Data ( Employee Engagement) Variables Cronbachs alpha Clear about the role 0.788 Inspiration 0.695 Concentration 0.788 Action Taking 0.702 Willingness 0.772 Skill 0.769 Commitment 0.721
  20. 20. Employee Engagement Analysis Model Summary Model R R Square Std. Error of the Estimate 1 .771 (a) .594 .77571
  21. 21. Tests of Hypothesis Clear about the role rejected (.665) Inspiration rejected (.168) Concentration rejected (.314) Action Taking rejected (.613) Willingness rejected (.203) Commitment rejected (.976)
  22. 22. Conclusion According to the research the employees seem quite satisfied and fulfilled in the organizations. Still it is very much difficult to work towards perfection. Therefore the organizations are all the time moving towards making the work environment the employee choice. Employees are also cooperating with their employer according to the survey. They are always engaged with their responsible work. The most important thing is the majority percentages of the employees give the best effort on their work.