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A set of exercises in English for elementary students.


<p>ELEMENTARYI. Complete the sentences using a positive, negative or question form of the verb to</p> <p>be. 0 It _s_ a very cold day today. 1 They __________ very happy at the hotel. Its lovely and cheap. 2 He __________ from Paris. He is from Warsaw. 3 __________ the shops next to the hotel? 4 We __________ in the caf between the library and the post office. 5 __________ Istanbul a big city? 6 I __________ very happy in London. Its very dirty. 7 The cars __________ cheap. They are expensive. 8 __________ Brazil in South America?II. Choose the best word, a), b), c) or d), to complete the sentences.</p> <p>There _is a party tonight. a) is b) are c) isnt d) arent 1 There _____ any cars in the street. a) is b) are c) isnt d) arent 2 _____ there a class today? a) Is b) Are c) Isnt d) Arent 3 The bank _____ opposite the post office. Its opposite the school. a) is b) are c) isnt d) arent 4 There _____ four cinemas in my town. a) is b) are c) isnt d) arent 5 _____ there any people in the museum? a) Is b) Are c) Isnt d) Arent 6 There _____ a cheap restaurant in the town. They are all expensive. a) is b) are c) isnt d) arent 7 There _____ a fountain in the park. Its very beautiful. a) is b) are c) isnt d) arent 8 There _____ any beaches in London. a) is b) are c) isnt d) arent0 III. Complete the answers to these questions. Is this your car? Yes, _it is_. Are there any mountains in England? No, _________________________. Are we at the top of the tower? Yes, _________________________. Are they at the cinema? Yes, _________________________. Am I ugly? No, _________________________. Is there a library at the university? Yes, _________________________. Is it a big canal? No, _________________________. Are you in the caf? Yes, _________________________. Is she next to Peter? Yes, _________________________.</p> <p>0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8</p> <p>IV. Complete the text with the words in the box. and between next opposite the the left in at (x2) on</p> <p>1</p> <p>The Best Place Caf Are you hungry (0)_and_ want a cheap place to eat and drink? The place for you is The Best Place! Where is it? Its (1)__________ the centre of Bristol. The Caf is (2)__________ the right of the Bristol Palace Theatre. It is (3)__________ the bookshop and the theatre. It is also (4)__________ post office. There is another Best Place Caf (5)__________ the railway station, on (6)__________ of the main hall and (7)__________ to the Tourist Information Centre. There is also a Best Place Caf (8)__________ the cinema on Market Street.V. Write the words in the box under the correct heading.</p> <p>ugly museum noisy Nouns</p> <p>city</p> <p>expensive</p> <p>peaceful</p> <p>harbour</p> <p>large</p> <p>location</p> <p>Adjectives ugly</p> <p>VI. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. 0 I _live_ (live) in Dubai. 1 They __________ (go) to the cinema every week. 2 I __________ (meet) a lot of people in my job. 3 He __________ (buy) shoes in Italy and suits in Turkey. 4 She __________ (study) at Sorbonne University in Paris. 5 The bus __________ (go) to my house. 6 I __________ (love) Polish food! 7 The two boys __________ (speak) English and Russian. 8 Andrea always __________ (sell) her things in my shop.VII. Complete the sentences with the positive or negative form of do.</p> <p>0 I _dont_ like meat. 1 _____ she work in the bank? Yes, she does. 2 What job _____ you do at the moment? 3 Peter and Jane _____ have many friends in the new town. 4 What _____ David do in his free time? 5 _____ you have a lot of clothes? Yes, I do. 6 The pilot _____ fly from London. He flies from Rome. 7 I _____ need any qualifications for this school. 8 _____ you live here? No, I dont.</p> <p>2</p> <p>0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8</p> <p>VIII. Complete the questions by looking at the answers. Q: What _information do_ you want? A: A Curriculum Vitae is OK. Q: What _________________________ does a teacher need? A: A teacher needs a degree. Q: What are the normal _________________________ hours in your country? A: Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. Q: _________________________ any other jobs? A: Im sorry. We dont have any at the moment. Q: What _________________________ does a web designer need? A: To be able to use a computer and the Internet. Q: Where _________________________ main office? A: Its next to the caf. Q: What is _________________________ of an office assistant? A: About 17,000 euros a year. Q: _________________________ to buy a car for this job? A: No, you dont. The company gives you a car. Q: _________________________ my responsibilities? A: Filing, photocopying and using the Internet.</p> <p>IX. Choose the correct answer, a), b), c) or d). 0 I take the bus to work every day. _always_ a) never b) sometimes c) always d) occasionally 1 On Mondays Piotr goes to the cinema. __________ a) daily b) weekly c) twice a week d) once a month 2 I read the newspaper six or seven times a month. __________ a) sometimes b) never c) often d) always 3 Fatma goes running five or six days a week. __________ a) occasionally b) always c) usually d) never 4 On my fathers birthday we go home. __________ a) monthly b) daily c) once a year d) twice a month 5 We eat in a restaurant three or four times a week. __________ a) sometimes b) often c) never d) always 6 Every day they buy a newspaper. __________ a) weekly b) monthly c) yearly d) daily 7 I do not go to the theatre. __________ a) never b) often c) occasionally d) sometimes 8 Yusuf meets David three times a month. __________ a) often b) usually c) never d) occasionally X. Complete the conversation with the phrases in the box. what would you like Id like why dont we does anyone have what about going lets go to in the evening its how about I dont wantA: B:</p> <p>(0)_Does anyone have_ any ideas for this weekend? (1)_________________________ going to the cinema? C: Im not sure. (2)_________________________ to play football. A: No! I (3)_________________________ to play football! Lets go to the beach. Then in the evening (4)_________________________ visit Peter?</p> <p>3</p> <p>B:</p> <p>That sounds boring. Peter always watches TV and Im busy on Saturday. C: Alright, (5)_________________________ the beach on Sunday. What about Sunday evening? (6)_________________________ to do? A: (7)_________________________ to a restaurant? B: Good idea. C: So, on Sunday its the beach and then (8)_________________________ the restaurant. A: That sounds fun. XI. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. pairs understand own answer repeat mean books 0 Open your _books_. 1 What do you __________? 2 Whats the __________ to number 5. 3 I dont __________. 4 Can you __________ that word? 5 Work in __________. Work on your __________.</p> <p>6</p> <p>XII. Complete the sentences with the best word, a), b), c) or d). 0 At what temperature does water _boil_? a) heat b) change c) float d) boil 1 __________ fly near the sea. a) Sharks b) Penguins c) Seagulls d) Tuna 2 Stones dont __________ on water. a) float b) freeze c) heat d) evaporate 3 __________ dont fly. They walk. a) Whales b) Sharks c) Icebergs d) Penguins 4 Water __________ at 0C. a) heats b) freezes c) evaporates d) floats 5 My mother makes a lot of food with __________. a) seagulls b) floats c) tuna d) dolphins 6 Peter loves to __________ into the sea. a) dive b) swim c) float d) wash 7 __________ are very big animals. a) Whales b) Penguins c) Dolphins d) Seagulls 8 Water __________ when it boils. a) washes b) evaporates c) freezes d) cooks XIII. Choose the correct answer. 0 Fiona lives in _a_ big house. a) a b) the c) (no article write ) d) an 1 There are seven _____ new people in the office. a) a b) the c) (no article write ) d) an 2 Phillip is _____ travel agent. a) a b) the c) (no article write ) d) an 3 _____ Central Post Office is at the end of the street. a) A b) The c) (no article write ) d) An 4 What does _____ David do in his free time? a) a b) the c) (no article write ) d) an</p> <p>4</p> <p>5 Look at _____ first paragraph. a) a b) the c) (no article write ) 6 Can I have _____ orange? a) a b) the c) (no article write ) 7 I want to be _____ actor. a) a b) the c) (no article write ) 8 You can find it on _____ Internet. a) a b) the c) (no article write )</p> <p>d) an d) an d) an d) an</p> <p>XIV. Complete the sentences with can, cant or nothing (write ). 0 You _can_ find a book in a library. 1 __________ you drive a car? 2 You __________ buy CDs in a restaurant. 3 He __________ loves comedies. 4 We dont __________ swim. 5 Peter loves football but he __________ play. 6 __________ you sing? 7 __________ are you happy? 8 I __________ meet you at the weekend but not in the week.</p> <p>XV. Choose the best answer, a), b) or c). 0 Esin has _three_ brothers. a) three percent b) three c) one third 1 25 is _____ of 100. a) four b) a quarter c) four percent 2 12 is _____ of 24. a) twelve percent b) twelve c) half 3 3 is _____ of 5. a) two b) one third c) sixty percent 4 _____ out of 150 is 33%. a) thirty-three percent b) fifty c) one third XVI. Complete the conversation with the words in the box. there resort tell (x2) give tennis like chalet afraid babysitter sorry inclusive cantA:</p> <p>Can I help you? B: Yes, can you (0)_give_ me some information about holidays in France? A: Of course. What would you (1)__________ to know? B: Well, we want an all-(2)__________ holiday. Do you have any? A: Im (3)__________ not. We can get you a nice (4)__________ in the South of France. B: Hmm. Is there a holiday (5)__________ near? A: Yes, (6)__________ is. It has lovely beaches B: Can you (7)__________ me about sports for my wife and I? Can I play (8)__________? A: Im afraid you (9)__________. What about doing aerobics? B: Im (10)__________ , we dont do aerobics. We want to go out at night. Can we have a (11)__________ for the children. A: Yes, of course. Can you (12)__________ me when you want to go?</p> <p>5</p> <p>B:</p> <p>We dont know yet. Thank you for your help.</p> <p>XVII. Choose the best word, a), b), c) or d), to complete the sentences. 0 I want to fly a _plane_. a) lorry b) taxi c) plane d) tram 1 I travel by _____ everyday. It is good exercise. a) car b) ship c) bike d) train 2 People drive a _____ to carry things from one place to another. a) ship b) lorry c) tram d) motorbike 3 Every day my father drives a __________ around the town. Its his job. a) bike b) plane c) boat d) bus 4 Peter rides on a _____ through Manchester every day. a) tram b) taxi c) ship d) car 5 I prefer to drive my _____ to work. a) tram b) train c) car d) bike XVIII. Complete the sentences with the comparative form of the adjective in brackets. 0 A car is _smaller_ (small) than a lorry. 1 The River Amazon is __________ (long) than the River Thames. 2 The beach is __________ (relaxing) than the disco. 3 Evenings are __________ (busy) than mornings. 4 The Renault Clio is __________ (cheap) than the Opel Astra. 5 Is David __________ (good) at tennis than Ewa? 6 Which is __________ (big), the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building? 7 The weather is __________ (bad) than yesterday. 8 Ali is __________ (noisy) than Karl. XIX. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the adjective in brackets. 0 I think the car is _more expensive_ (expensive) than the train. 1 Hes terrible. Hes the __________ (bad) footballer in the team. 2 Shes not young. Shes __________ (old). 3 I think it is the __________ (safe) way to travel. 4 This test is __________ (easy) than the test last week. 5 Its a very __________ (modern) house. 6 Aleyna has the __________ (nice) dress. 7 The post office is the __________ (large) building in the city. 8 Is the motorbike __________ (fast) than the car? XX. Complete the conversation with the words and phrases in the box. business class aisle often in-flight would you departures return ticket airline when doesA:</p> <p>Good afternoon. I dont (0) often_ travel by plane but I need to be in New York by (1)__________ the next flight leave? B: At six oclock. Do you want a (2)__________? A: Yes please, in (3)__________. How long does the flight take? B: About five hours.</p> <p>tonight.</p> <p>6</p> <p>A: B: A: B: A: B:</p> <p>Thank you. Is it a good (4)__________? Yes. They have very good flight attendants and good (5)__________ service. Fine. Can I have an (6)__________ seat please? No problem. How (7)__________ like to pay? By credit card. Fine. Check the (8)__________ board for your flight. XXI. Write the words in the box under the correct heading. pasta tomato ice-cream crisp biscuit oil chocolate rice carrot Countable __________ __________ __________ Uncountable __________ __________ __________ Countable and uncountable ___________ __________ __________</p> <p>0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8</p> <p>XXII. Rewrite these sentences correctly. There isnt any potatoes. I have get a new car. Can I have bananas? There isnt many milk left. I want a lot friends to come to my party. There arent some carrots in the fridge. Can I buy a medicine? He havent got much time. Strawberries have any vitamins but not a lot.XXIII. Complete the sentences with much, many, lot, some or any.</p> <p>0 Have you got _any_ ice-cream? 1 We havent got __________ onions but we have got __________ garlic. 2 David has a __________ of money. Hes very rich. 3 There isnt __________ time before the plane leaves. Weve got just fifteen minutes. 4 A ________ of people live in the town centre (about 15,000) but not __________ people live by the sea. 5 Im sorry, I dont have __________ news about the exam results. 6 There arent __________ tickets for the concert. Just one or two tickets are left. XXIV. Put the words in the right order to make requests, offers and replies. problem thats sure , no . like cheese some you would ? I like please coffee , some would . any Im got havent afraid we . could me a call taxi , you please . ticket have I can return a ? like small Id please a coffee , .</p> <p>0 1 2 3 4 5 6</p> <p>7</p> <p>XXV. Complete the sentences with the words and phrases from the box. hypermarket spends try it on discount pay (x2) customers online shopping price 0 Can you ____ for it? 1 Is there a __________ on this coat? 2 I want to __________ before I buy it. 3 I dont like shops so I do __________. 4 Its bigger than a supermarket, its a __________. 5 George __________ 100 a week on magazines. 6 How would you like to __________ for the ticket? 7 Can you tell me the __________ of this jacket? 8 How many __________ do you have every day. XXVI. Put the words in the right order to make sentences. going to are we the park . this is at happening school what week ? Germany president visiting today the is . studying much not at am moment I the . at staying hotel is a Maria ? lorry to shop driving is the he the . it raining today not is . not am car this the using week I . much money you making are how ?</p> <p>0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8</p> <p>XXVII. Complete these sentences in the present tense or present continuous tense. 0 The train leave now. _The train is leaving now?_ 1 He can not play tennis. _________________________ 2 What you do this week? _________________________ 3 What time the train leave on Saturdays?_________________________ 4 The bus arrive now. ________...</p>


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