Electives. Yearlong Trimester *Offered electives change every year -Music -Theatre Production -Art -Video Production -Drama -Oceanography *Some electives

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Text of Electives. Yearlong Trimester *Offered electives change every year -Music -Theatre Production -Art...

  • Electives

  • ElectivesYearlongTrimester*Offered electives change every year-Music-Theatre Production-Art-Video Production-Drama-Oceanography*Some electives are by grade level-Advanced Art (8th only)-Advanced Video Production (8th only)-Spanish (8th only)-Keyboarding

  • MusicIntermediate BandJazz Band String OrchestraAdvanced Band*No experience required*Award-winning*Concerts*Field Tripsrobbinsd@svusd.org*Yearlong

  • Theatre Production - Yearlong- Must audition 4/13, 4/20, or 4/27 contact dohertyd@svusd.org- Learn acting skills- 2 major performances (musical & melodrama)- After school rehearsals- Nighttime performances

  • Trimester Elective WheelTri 1Tri 2Tri 3-12 weeks / elective- Purpose is to give the opportunity to explore areas they might not have considered- Students are randomly assigned an elective-3 electives / year- Electives vary from year-to-year

  • Fundamentals of Art-Trimester-Beginners welcome - Drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, cartooning, & more-Career studies- Art History- Art exploration - Creation of original artwork

  • Video Production-Trimester-Beginners welcome - Storytelling through video-Pre-production activities such as script writing- Production activities such as acting, directing, taping and editing

  • Intro to Drama- Trimester- Beginners welcome - Exploring theatre- No big productions - No after school rehearsals - Fundamentals of performing

  • Digital Photography-Trimester-Beginners welcome - Learn to take photos- Create graphic design projects, slide shows, iMovies, iDVDs & video podcasting-Responsible & respectful students

  • Keyboarding-Trimester-Beginners welcome - Learn to keyboard by touch- PowerPoint & Word fundamentals - Goal: 25 wpm with 97% accuracy- Computer vocabulary

  • Music: Mr. Robbins robbinsd@svusd.orgVideo Production: Mr. Erikson eriksond@svusd.orgArt: Mrs. Baca bacaj@svusd.orgDrama/Theatre: Mrs. Doherty dohertyd@svusd.org