Effective Use of Laboratory Equipment and Facilities in Pure & Applied Chemistry

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Effective Use of Laboratory Equipment and Facilities in Pure & Applied Chemistry. The Project and the history behind it. The Department had been bequeathed a sum of money and consecutively the University also donated a substantial sum for new instrumentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Effective Use of Laboratory Equipment and Facilities in Pure & Applied ChemistryThe Department had been bequeathed a sum of money and consecutively the University also donated a substantial sum for new instrumentationA decision was made to enhance our already existing analytical services by the purchase of new Mass Spectrometers and an ICP-MS and consolidate existing equipmentBut where to put them

The Project and the history behind itOld Microanalysis Laboratory circa 1962

Old Microanalysis Laboratory circa 1962

Old Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

The University was keen to make better use of space and wished to reduce overall space by 40% and Departments were encouraged to do so.The original space occupied by the two existing labs, prep areas and offices amounted to 250m2, so the hunt was on for a space around 150m2We wanted it to be as energy efficient as possibleWhat criteria did we have to meet

An under utilised area was identifiedIt was 165m2, roughly 35% reductionBut it was in need of some major TLC

We prepared a Statement of Need asking for funds to complete the refurbishment500,000 granted and a Design Team appointedEstablished a team, within PAC to evaluate new instrumentationConsisted of Prof Jonathan Percy, Ms Pat Keating & Ms Denise GilmourPrepared a brief for our laboratory requirementsIt had to be temperature controlled, bright, user friendly, adaptable and have lots of storageSo how did we achieve thisWhat challenges did we faceWe had many instruments, pumps and a Nitrogen generator all giving out heat to accommodate.We would also be installing new instrumentation We required a fumecupboardWe required the laboratory to be at a constant temperature 24/7The laboratory was West facingWe needed to look at the gas cylinder usage and reduce this risk and design a flexible fit for purpose system

Evaluated all possibilities and gave information back to Mechanical consultantsPositioning of fumecupboards was importantWe didnt want it to compete with the temperature controlled environment of the main laboratoryWindows had been replaced very recently, so didnt want to replace theseSolar reflective film was used on the windowsAn evaluation and risk analysis was carried out, halved the number of cylinders in use and created a very bespoke but flexible system

Energy usageAnd turned it into this

Office AreaFumecupboard RoomPrepAreasAs existing

The existing fumecupboards were re-used, one within the new lab and the other to replace two much older cupboardsThe existing slate balance bench was re-usedAn existing double distillation unit was replaced by a new unit, which was less energy hungry

Efficiencies deployed

Innovations utilisedVery specific LEVSeparate plant area for large Nitrogen generatorSeparate Fumecupboard roomEasy access to instruments

Who uses this areaUndergraduates, PhD students, Staff all from ChemistryBut as part of WESTChem, its used by Researchers from GU as well.Its also used by staff & students from within the Faculty of Science & other Faculties within the University And we have contracts with other Universities and external agenciesBut, it doesnt come free, we charge them Shared FacilitiesThe Trace Analysis is not the only Facility we share with the rest of the world.We have an NMR unit and an X-ray Crystallography unit.All three offer a hands on experience or offer a service where the sample is analysed on your behalfYoull see all three on the tour

Other PAC FacilitiesDont take my word for itThe gas manifold and gases coming in on the gantry above the instrumentation has allowed us to future proof any instrument positioning. Initial plans had contained the footprint of every instrument we had or would potentially purchase. The lab is airy and spacious and has a lot of natural light adding to the general working experience. New users may not appreciate the work that went into the design of the lab but having worked in the department for 32 years I applaud the fact that the end users were consulted and, more importantly, listened to at almost every stage of construction. Pat Keating (Senior Technician)

Is it a successMany Thanks for Listening


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